Season 7 Episode 9

Child's Play

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 24, 2009 on CBS

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  • With Thanksgiving approaching Ducky is giving out invites when everyone is disrupted by a new case. A Marine Lance Corporal found in a corn field dead. This leads to an institute that studies young peoples minds for different ways of thinking.

    A sentimental episode for Thanksgiving with the team all getting together despite their many agendas and plans.

    The focal point of this story is a twelve year old girl who must think at a genius level or on a different wave length than most people because of her capabilities. As they discussed in the show, children see the world in a special way that adults don't and sometimes from a spacial or cognitive way they just take in information and crunch it differently. For example her explanation of the deaths in combat and how they should have been avoided. She saw the scenario differently in sort of a spacial way versus a direct action.

    Gibbs and team discover that this girl seems to be at the center of whatever is going on and they must protect her from whomever is trying to get to her. Also she seems to have a secret she is afraid to reveal.

    Overall a well played script with everyone getting into the games. Ducky gets a little more involved then usually and it is a welcome site. Gotta love Abby though and her interesting insights. Breaking the code on the art was brilliant.

    An enjoyable episode that kept you thinking and even though it was not a surprising finish it was well worth watching to see how it ends. Thanks for reading...
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