Season 5 Episode 6


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 30, 2007 on CBS
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While investigating a mysterious death on a top-secret naval research ship at sea, the NCIS team finds it abandoned and containing a deadly secret that may cost them their lives.

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  • A fun one.

    Another "I don't give a rats ass about your secrets and who finds out about them, all that matters is what I find and right in records that practically anyone can access".

    Good episode though, honestly thought the guy at the start was fair enough in asking for no photos and giving them rules. It's his ass if ncis does something wrong, which they naturally do.. and they never get in trouble for it.

    Annoyance? Ziva 'sensing' another human. There's instincts and then there's just too far.

    Fun episode though, interesting plot. I want to love this episode but it's just slightly over the top. You find a guy hiding who is OBVIOUSLY acting not himself yet you keep pushing him around and screaming at him? God calm down, he's obviously either sick or just freaking out. I'd be freaking out if I thought I was abandoned on a ship. And yeah, you CAN work somewhere for a while and not know what's going on. It's called people keeping their mouths shut like they're supposed too!

    They just left their suspect on the ship?

    Good episode, definitely different!moreless
  • Great ep

    One of the few episodes I will rewatch again and again. What a great story line full of twists, turns, danger and mystery. Very compelling and well written.
  • Loved it!

    A great team episode! Love the comedy. Much more worthy of a milestone episode than the horrible 200th in season 9!
  • "NCIS" Marks Its 100th Episode With The Team Travelling To A Top-Secret Naval Research Ship To Investigate A Murder. They Discover That The Ship Is Abandoned.

    "Chimera" is one of the best episodes to date in the series. After watching this episode, I can safely say that "NCIS" is definitely one of the best shows on television today. I enjoyed this milestone episode because it had a great, engaging, and very compelling story. I liked the idea of an abandoned ship as it reminded of horror themed episodes. This episode was perfect and very entertaining from start to finish. Steven Culp played the role of Navy commander William Skinner. He was fantastic. There really aren't any words to describe this amazing milestone episode. It is one of the show's top-ten episodes! Don't miss it!!moreless
  • Possibly my favorite episode of NCIS.... ever!

    Chimera was absolutely amazing from start to finish. I loved that this was an episode where you had to pay attention for every minute of it in order to know what was going on. If you missed even a second you'd be lost. The plot was amazing it could have been its own stand alone film.

    Because of the awesomeness of this episode it's hard to choose a few favorite moments but mine would have to be:

    -Tony's "Bah bah blacksheep.... top secret government clearance song."

    -Tony's rat friend and Jeopardy allusion when the power went out.

    -The team stealing the Russian boat.

    -McGee's short summary of everything that happened.


    -The Chimera being nuked at the end even though the Navy (or whoever it was) had no idea that NCIS wasn't on the ship.

    Overall, a standup episode here's to hoping we get a few more like this in season's 10 and on.

Michael Weatherly

Michael Weatherly

Special Agent Tony DiNozzo

Cote de Pablo

Cote de Pablo

Mossad Agent Ziva David

Pauley Perrette

Pauley Perrette

Forensics Specialist Abby Sciuto

Sean Murray (I)

Sean Murray (I)

Special Agent Tim McGee

Lauren Holly

Lauren Holly

Director Jenny Shepard

David McCallum

David McCallum

Chief M.E. Ducky Mallard

Steven Culp

Steven Culp

Navy Cmdr. William Skinner

Guest Star

Bill Heck

Bill Heck

Cory Mitas

Guest Star

James O'Shea

James O'Shea

Navy Lt. Sean Ferris

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • GOOF: The iPod that is still playing, has a tracklist of 1 song and the repeat function isn't turned on. Which mean that the iPod would have had to been turned on 29 seconds before Tony picks it up, and couldn't have been playing since the crew left the ship.

    • GOOF: As the team is speeding away from the Chimera in the assault boat, McGee mispronounces the word "nuclear" as "Nukular". It is highly unlikely that someone as technically precise as McGee would make this mistake, unless he is intentionally being humorous, maybe mimicking a certain president.

    • TRIVIA: Steven Culp had previously appeared on many episodes of JAG as CIA agent Clayton Webb. NCIS is a spin-off from JAG, also created by Donald P. Bellisario. Several other actors have crossed over the two series, but in different roles. It would appear that despite starting in the same universe the two shows have gone their separate ways.

  • QUOTES (36)

    • Tony: If you want, Ziva, I can check you for spots.
      Ziva: No, thanks.
      Tony: I'm sure you've got hot spots and warm spots...

    • Cmdr Skinner: (referring to the Chimera's mission) We're just trying to get our hands on the next generation of biological weaponry before our enemies do.
      Jenny: Do you file that under 'deception' or 'hypocrisy'?

    • Tony: So you think they named this ship the Chimera because there's a monster on board?
      Ziva: They did not name it the Puppy!

    • Tony: I'm dying, McGee.
      McGee: (rolling his eyes) You know, the last time you were dying of a horrible disease, you were a little bit more stoic about the whole thing.
      Tony: I was younger then. Carefree.
      McGee: It was two years ago.
      Tony: Last time I almost died, someone blew up my car! So I've almost died twice and this is the third time. Bad stuff happen in threes and I'm out of 'almosts'! (McGee turns to face him) I'm telling you man, this time I'm dying. I know it!
      McGee: Okay, but, until you are actually dead, can you please help me fix this thing?!

    • Abby: You guys okay?
      McGee: Oh yeah, yeah, we're peachy. I am dealing with my boat phobia, Tony is dealing with his rat phobia, and Ziva is dealing with her ghost phobia.
      Abby: So, what's Gibbs dealing with?
      (Gibbs pushes McGee aside)
      Gibbs: Them!

    • (as the lights go out throughout the ship)
      Tony: Oh goody, double jeopardy.
      McGee: Oh jeez.
      Ducky: Oh dear.
      Jenny: Oh crap.

    • (Tony hits Ziva with a spitball)
      Ziva: Don't you have paperwork, DiNozzo?
      Tony: What do you think I'm doing? I take the paper, and I make it work.

    • Tony: Just the cook? Yeah that's what Steven Seagal said in Under Siege, and look at the havoc he wreaked. Huh? What about the Hunt for Red October? The saboteur was the cook. (Gibbs looks at him) I'm sorry boss. I'm just saying that, you know, just because he says he's the cook doesn't mean he's less potentially guilty. He could have slipped poison into Takada's food.

    • McGee: Abby. Abby. Abby.
      Abby: McGee, you shouldn't sneak up on people like that.
      McGee: What the hell is that noise?
      Abby: Brain Matter.
      McGee: I love them.

    • Tony: (singing) Baa Baa black ship have you any wool? Yes sir. Yes sir, but in order to see it you're going to need top secret government clearance.

    • (after finding a room full of scientific equipment)
      Tony: Hmm. I guess you can't judge a black ship by its wool.

    • Gibbs: The ship was abandoned.
      Ducky: In a hurry it would seem.
      Gibbs: Too much of a hurry to send a mayday?
      Ducky: Now, now Jethro. No questions above your pay level.

    • Ziva: So this is the highly sophisticated top secret ship.
      Tony: Looks more like an old tramp steamer. I suppose they were trying to look inconspicuous, hoping to be left alone.
      McGee: Can it get any more alone than this?

    • Tony: Oh, I get it boss. It's a black ship.
      Ziva: Black sheep?
      Tony: No. They don't exist.
      Ziva: Oh, I've seen black sheep.
      Tony: No. I said black ship not sheep. Clearly the U.S. Navy is still intent on pulling the wool over the eyes of the American people.

    • McGee: Every room is empty.
      Ziva: It's like the entire crew disappeared.
      Tony: Welcome aboard the U.S. N.S. Houdini.

    • Jenny: Can we get any closer?
      Skinner: I'm sure we can.

    • Jenny: (to Cmdr. Skinner) You can cut the charm. Higher-ranking, richer, and definitely better-looking men have tried and failed.

    • Tony: You ever see Run Silent, Run Deep?
      Gibbs: The run silent part sounds good.

    • (Tony is describing how he'd hoped to meet his demise the way one of several movie characters met theirs)
      Gibbs: Or like Charlie Chaplin in The Gold Rush.
      Tony: How'd he die?
      Gibbs: Silently.

    • (The team hears a noise above them.)
      McGee: Could be a rat.
      Ziva: Would have to be an awfully big one.
      Tony: Or a ghost.
      Gibbs: Are you done?
      Tony: Done... searching the ship? We could always search it again.

    • Ducky: Where's my blood analysis, DiNozzo?
      Tony: I'm working on it, Ducky. It may be the last thing I do.
      Ducky: Let's hope not.

    • Abby: Of course, blood that's passed through so much GI tract has very a particular smell. (Tony takes a big whiff) But since this guy may have died from a highly contagious virus, whatever you do, don't inhale it.
      Tony: We're not good.
      Gibbs: Hey, you okay, DiNozzo?
      Tony: Not for long.

    • Tony: Abby, where's the gas chromata-thinga?
      Abby: It's the box looking thing, with the circular door-like thing on the front.

    • Ziva: We've been through almost every room on this ship.
      Gibbs: Almost only counts in hand grenades and horseshoes.

    • McGee: Please don't say that again.
      Tony: What... tossed?
      McGee: No... creamed corn.

    • Ducky: You were right, Ziva. There is someone on board.
      Ziva: Not him. There's someone alive. I can feel it.
      Tony: A lion-headed dragon goat?
      Ziva: Maybe.

    • McGee: Scared much, DiNozzo?
      Tony: Stuff it, McBarfbag.

    • Gibbs: Where's McGee?
      Tony: (standing outside the head) Calling Earl... shouting groceries... making street pizza... technicolor yawn...

    • Ziva: Deck lights are on.
      Gibbs: Nobody's home.

    • Ziva: How did they know that we were off the ship?
      Gibbs: I don't think they did.

    • Tony: Well, this moment's perfect, all we need now is a storm (Ship suddenly lurches).

    • McGee: And, ah, I, I've got...
      Abby: (Shows McGee her bracelet) Some people wear these spikey things just for show. I don't.
      McGee: I've got nothing better to do than, than, to see...
      Gibbs: A dead body McGee?
      McGee: You read my mind boss.
      Tony: It's a quick read.

    • McGee: (to Abby) Take a brain check? Sorry.

    • Tony: Yes Alex, I'll take horror films that take place on ships for five hundred. (Lights go out) Oh goody, double jeopardy.

    • Tony: Steady probie.
      McGee: Tell that to my stomach.
      (Tony bends down to height of McGee's stomach)
      Tony: Steady probie's stomach.

    • (McGee has just thrown up)
      McGee: Found something.
      Tony: Lost something too.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Denmark: January 8, 2008 on TV3
      Germany: April 6, 2008 on SAT 1
      The Netherlands: April 16, 2008 on Veronica
      Sweden: April 20, 2008 on TV3
      Australia: April 29, 2008 on Ten
      United Kingdom: June 22, 2008 on FX UK
      Italy: October 5, 2008 on RAI 2
      Spain: October 24, 2008 on La Sexta
      The Middle East: November 26, 2008 on MBC action
      Hungary: February 2, 2009 on TV2
      Finland: May 5, 2009 on Nelonen
      Slovakia: August 6, 2009 on Markiza
      Czech Republic: February 8, 2010 on TV Nova

  • ALLUSIONS (11)

    • Tony: Baa baa black ship, have you any wool?

      Baa Baa Black Sheep is also the title of a TV series for which NCIS creator Donald P. Bellisario was a writer. It was later renamed to Black Sheep Squadron.

    • Tony: It's just me, boss, and Ben.

      This could be an allusion to the Michael Jackson song "Ben." Ben was Michael Jackson's very special rat.

    • Tony: This is the third time and bad stuff happens in threes and I'm out of almosts. I'm telling you man, this time I'm dying. I know it.

      There are two other times that Tony almost dies that he alludes to in this quote. The first time was when he contracted pnuemonic plague in episode 2x22 "SWAK." The second time was in episode 5x01 "Bury Your Dead" when his car blew up and the team thought he was in it. The exploding car, however, could be referring to episode 2x23, "Twilight," where he's caught in an explosion from a car shortly after recovering from the plague.

    • Run Silent Run Deep, from 1958, stars Clark Gable and Burt Lancaster in an epic fight between two submarines and their crews.

    • Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, from 1969, is a movie about two bank/train robbers that flee to Bolivia to escape the law. Paul Newman stars as Butch Cassidy and Robert Redford stars as the Sundance Kid.

    • The Hunt for Red October, from 1990, stars Sean Connery as Captain Ramius, a Russian who tries to defect to the USA with a nuclear submarine in an attempt to prevent a nuclear war on the USA.

    • Under Siege, from 1992, is a movie staring Steven Seagal as a former SEAL, turned cook, who is the only one who can stop a group of terrorists when they take control of a US Navy battleship.

    • Tony: I always figured I go out like Cagney in White Heat, a firey explosion...

      White Heat, from 1949, is a movie starring James Cagney as Cody Jarrett, a psychopathic criminal with a mommy complex who escapes from jail.

    • Tony: Yes Alex: I'll take horror films that take place on ships for five hundred. Thank you. (the lights turn off) Oh Goody! Double Jeopardy!

      Jeopardy is a game show where you are given the answer and you have to come up with the question. Alex Trebek is the host of the television game show. It was created by Merv Griffin.

    • Tony: I used to love rats, before the plague. I was a regular Willard.
      When Tony mentions the plague he is referencing NCIS episode 2x22 "SWAK" where Tony gets the plague after opening an envelope. The second reference is to the character Willard Stiles from the movie Willard. Willard (1971, 2003) was about a social misfit who used his connection with rats to take revenge on the people who made fun of him.

    • Tony: Welcome aboard the U.S. N.S. Houdini.
      This is a reference to Harry Houdini (1874-1926), one of the most famous magicians. The reference most likely refers to Houdini's vanishing elephant trick. Houdini starred in movies, and has had countless biographies written about him.