Season 5 Episode 6


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 30, 2007 on CBS

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  • A fun one.

    Another "I don't give a rats ass about your secrets and who finds out about them, all that matters is what I find and right in records that practically anyone can access".

    Good episode though, honestly thought the guy at the start was fair enough in asking for no photos and giving them rules. It's his ass if ncis does something wrong, which they naturally do.. and they never get in trouble for it.

    Annoyance? Ziva 'sensing' another human. There's instincts and then there's just too far.

    Fun episode though, interesting plot. I want to love this episode but it's just slightly over the top. You find a guy hiding who is OBVIOUSLY acting not himself yet you keep pushing him around and screaming at him? God calm down, he's obviously either sick or just freaking out. I'd be freaking out if I thought I was abandoned on a ship. And yeah, you CAN work somewhere for a while and not know what's going on. It's called people keeping their mouths shut like they're supposed too!

    They just left their suspect on the ship?

    Good episode, definitely different!
  • Great ep

    One of the few episodes I will rewatch again and again. What a great story line full of twists, turns, danger and mystery. Very compelling and well written.
  • Loved it!

    A great team episode! Love the comedy. Much more worthy of a milestone episode than the horrible 200th in season 9!
  • "NCIS" Marks Its 100th Episode With The Team Travelling To A Top-Secret Naval Research Ship To Investigate A Murder. They Discover That The Ship Is Abandoned.

    "Chimera" is one of the best episodes to date in the series. After watching this episode, I can safely say that "NCIS" is definitely one of the best shows on television today. I enjoyed this milestone episode because it had a great, engaging, and very compelling story. I liked the idea of an abandoned ship as it reminded of horror themed episodes. This episode was perfect and very entertaining from start to finish. Steven Culp played the role of Navy commander William Skinner. He was fantastic. There really aren't any words to describe this amazing milestone episode. It is one of the show's top-ten episodes! Don't miss it!!
  • Possibly my favorite episode of NCIS.... ever!

    Chimera was absolutely amazing from start to finish. I loved that this was an episode where you had to pay attention for every minute of it in order to know what was going on. If you missed even a second you'd be lost. The plot was amazing it could have been its own stand alone film.

    Because of the awesomeness of this episode it's hard to choose a few favorite moments but mine would have to be:

    -Tony's "Bah bah blacksheep.... top secret government clearance song."

    -Tony's rat friend and Jeopardy allusion when the power went out.

    -The team stealing the Russian boat.

    -McGee's short summary of everything that happened.


    -The Chimera being nuked at the end even though the Navy (or whoever it was) had no idea that NCIS wasn't on the ship.

    Overall, a standup episode here's to hoping we get a few more like this in season's 10 and on.

  • Definitely in my Top Ten of all time!

    Perhaps one of the best episodes of the show, I thought that this one was simply incredible. The storyline was unique and imaginative and it was thoroughly entertaining and contained a lot of memorable moments.

    There were also quite a few funny moments from the episode and it was extremely suspenseful for the most part.

    I also loved the scene with the dead rat, which was just sensational to see!

    I loved the ending too, and that was really well done, especially with the explosion that could've killed them.

    I recommend this episode over just about every episode so far, except maybe SWAK and Honor Code. In one word; stellar!
  • i loved this episode, good episode, good plot, good twist. only one word to say 100

    the reason i like this episode is what i said above in the summary. I first saw this episode when it aired in australia, when season 5 came out on dvd i went out to buy it on dvd straight away. Ever since i brought the dvd i have watched this episode atleast twenty five times ( basicially when ever i can ). This episode is deffinetly one of the best of season, i think third after judgment say part one and two which are awesome. overall this episode is in my top ten favourite ncis episodes of all time.
  • Very well done episode!

    I just saw this episode on USA on Wednesday, June 18, and it was great! It was clearly an homage to the X-Files, specifically the episode titled "Piper Maru," when the French salvage ship pulls something from the bottom of the ocean. In the case of NCIS it was a warhead. In the X-Files it was the alien black oil. Another coincidence: on NICS, Steven Culp plays Commander William Skinner. In the X-Files, the Mulder and Scully's boss was named Walter Skinner. The episode was very well done. The writing on this show is fantastic. As a latecomer, I have become something of an NCIS fanatic.
  • oooo... suspenseful!!!!

    This is a very fine example of NCIS. It was spooky and very suspenseful, and had a great story plot of a ghost ship. I thought it was funny that Ziva was afraid of a monster and kept insisting that she saw one. Tony's fear of rats made it interesting. It was kind of like each of the characters faced their fears. The way they got past the mercenaries was very clever and shows some of NCIS's ingenuity. Tony made really good jokes. I enjoyed the secrecy behind the ship and its project. It was a good example of the good in NCIS.
  • Another great episode added to the NCIS list. Wasn't my favourite storyline and nothing much seemed to happen but was wondering what was going to happen all the way through. Was very well written. Was a FANTASTIC installment!

    The lead up to the end was very intense, and after all the build up, I think may have let the whole episode down. You don't get very many NCIS episodes where you really don't know what's going to happen and you're thinking about it all the way through, but this episode was really different. There was more of a scary feel to it and it was really well written. Loved the jokes especially the 'brain matter' gag running all way through. Overall, I love all the episodes and the actors/actresses plus the really fantastic plot line and writing saves the whole thing.
  • Dark and witty

    In my opinion is "Chimera" the best episode in season five so far. I loved the running gag in the beginning witht the team trying to find reasons to not go to the "Brain Matter" concert with Abby and how relieved they were, when they were told they had to spend the night out of town.
    All in all, what really pulled me into this episode was the witty humor. There were many scenes, especially with Tony, when I actually laughed out loud, my favorite being the Jeopardy line when the lights suddenly went out.
    Additionally, the episode had a really dark and scary touch, which was nice to watch for a change.
  • The team's lives are in danger

    This episode opens on a Navy ship out in the middle of nowhere. All the crew on board are having lunch and suddenly one of them collapses on the floor and dies. NCIS are called in to investigate, but when they arrive on the ship, there is no one there to meet them. What has happened to the crew?
    When they get inside the ship they see that there is no one on board. They find a lab on the ship and se that even the rats they were using are now missing. Ziva hears noises and believes that someone or something is still on the ship with them. We also learn in this episode that Tony is afraid of rats.
    The team discover the body in the freezer. We also learn that Ziva has a phobia of ghosts. Ducky learns that he died due to a fever which they have all been exposed too. If he is correct then they will all be dad by the morning. Tony believes he has sympathies of the fever. Ziva believes that she saw someone running. But no one else saw it and no one believes her. Gibbs & Ziva head off and then hear footsteps but its only Tony. They soon discover another person on the ship, but happens to be the cook. They then spot another person on board and set off in pursuit. The Director and the man in charge of the ship, see that another ship is approaching the one which the team are on. They believe that it is filled with Pirates. The team spot the assault craft and start preparing themselves. They have less than five minutes until they reach them. We then see the pirates heading onto the ship. Ziva takes out of the men and then when they return to the deck of the ship they discover that their boat is gone. The team are on it and have escaped. We then see that they weren't pirates but are actually part of the Russian Navy. It is then that we see the ship which they have just left explodes.
  • A great adventure

    This episode is a good example of what makes this show great. Suspense, humour, red herrings - it had them all. This episode was so well-written, it had me guessing until the very end.

    You could really get a sense of the terror each character felt as well as the frustration of trying to conduct an investigation when you are being stonewalled by the higher-ups. I was sorry not to see too much of Abby - her spunkyness and enthusiasm add so much depth to each episode. Additionally, I would have loved to see her react on a "ghost ship" given her propensity for things that are eerie.

    I was enthralled watching this episode and I truly hope they continue to write such well-developed shows.
  • excellent

    A mystery illness kills a crew member aboard a top secret naval vessel. An NCIS team is ordered to investigate aboard the ship. Once they arrive there, the boat appears abandoned. There is no sign of any of the crew. That's until they find a dead crew member hidden inside a storage area. Ducky figures out that the dead crewman that they found died of an infectious disease. Ducky suspects that all of them might be dead by sunrise. The writers made a really great episode. This episode elevates the series to a higher level. There's action and adventure in this episode, I wish there's going to be more episodes just like this one.
  • NCIS celebrates its 100th episode.

    Gibbs and the team, including Ducky, is sent on a Navy Top secret research ship after the entire crew misteriously disappear.
    The team search through the ship looking for answers, and when they found the body of a crewman Ducky realizes that there could be a deadly virus onboard.
    The spooky vessel is also the main topic of a series of discussions between the team's members, everyone tries to deal with their hidden phobias.
    In the end Gibbs and the team solve the mistery and avoid an assault by a group of Russians escaping from the ship right before it is blown up by a missile.
    A great episode, and the best way to celebrate the 100th episode of the series.
  • What an anniversary!

    it started as a b-rated horror movie but the conclusion was pretty unimpressive yet totally plausible. the first half of the show was filled with a lot of references to ghost ship stories and then it all started to make sense - a little more at least. all the characters were at their best here so the episode was filled with the usual banter and teasing and inuendos and glaring. but I was missing Abby a little. on the other hand we got a lot of Duckie. and a hard-ass Jenny. and Tony almost didnt stop talking during the whole episode which was adorable and totally driving Gibbs crazy. McGee and his see-sickness were cute and nobody believeing Zivas instincts was just another nod to the aforementioned stories. all in all a really memorable episode.

    alot of people didnt think ncis would make this far, the second i saw it, i became hooked! you can ask anyone around, im ncis' number 1 fan!!! this episode, was definitly full of suspence, and very exciting! abby wasnt in it as much as the others but, at least she was in it. tony was sooo funny, him being his weird self. sadly jen was in it, and she was a good girl by trying not to kill GIBBS' team. the halloween episode for ncis' is aways exciting, for everyone. ncis' is the best show ever, and if you have a probelm with that, thats just to bad for you, and youll just have to get over it!
  • NCIS turns 100.

    With their 100th episode, NCIS tried something a little different. It wasn't bad and I really like it. Gibbs and team head to a ship where a Navy researcher died and the ship is part of a classified research misssion. The beginning of the episode where the sailor dies was very good. They get to the ship and it has been completely abandoned. The lacking element in this episode was that Abby wasn't on the mission with them and the director was involved. Sorry her character still hasn't grown on me yet. I would have loved to see Abby on a supposed ghost ship.

    I loved how Tony was having to deal with his previous bout with the plaque. His sympathy symptons were great and McGee being seasick was classic. I loved Ducky and how commanding he was when they were trying to analyze the sailor's blood in the lab. Ziva and Gibbs seemed to be the only ones in control of the senses. Ziva just knew something or someone else was on aboard and went after it. Highlight of the episode: Ziva kicking a guy's butt. I wish they would let her do more of that.
  • Something a little different?

    I like this episode as it was a bit different, it was spooky but usually spurred on by their theories, you may not have been on edge of your seat for the whole time but were definately paying attention! You knew sumet was up when Commander 'charming' (not) wouldn't tell them anything, but you know Gibbs will get to the truth! Felt sorry for McGee and couldn't stop laughing when Tony went on about films whenever he got scared about dying! lol I love that Jenny's in episodes more she certainly stood her ground for her agents, you could tell she had already worked out the kind of man the commander was after their first talk! They haven't had a on a ship epi for while it was a nice change! But i did miss Abs!
  • Pretty good job on the 100th episode and the Halloween theme. I like the way they didn't focus on the scary aspect of a Halloween episode but chose to touch on those themes and make the episode their own. All the aspects of a typical NCIS

    Pretty good job on the 100th episode and the Halloween theme. I like the way they didn't focus on the scary aspect of a Halloween episode but chose to touch on those themes and make the episode their own. All the aspects of a typical NCIS episode were there we had a military conspiracy with the mystery ship and then the full on attack by the Russian military and the Navy killing them and the ship! Nice how Gibbs pointed out that the Navy could've cared less if the team got off before the bombing. The director scored points with the fans standing up to the Navy officer and his lewd advances. Really good what they did with the show this week and avoiding making the typical holiday episode.
  • A ship with thousands of secrets!

    Really good show despite it not being my favorite episode. Still, though, it was the show's 100th episode. As the team are on a ship that is you can say "classified" and that the Navy ship doesn't want them to gather their secrets as a missing dead body is reported. Loved it when Jenny stood up to the Captain on board. Steve Culp is an underrated character actor. Tony calls it the USS Harry Houdini on here and there is a good reason why it is called that. You know that Gibbs will get through any kind of red tape to get to the truth. Though it may cost him and the team's their lives. Still, they have a job to do and they pull it off with class.
  • The team goes to a "secret ghost ship" to find a dead body.

    I watched part of this episode in a surgery waiting room at the hospital. Either it was slow, or I was tired, but I only got to see 1/2 of the EP, and it's not why I love NCIS! How long does it take to search a ship? I wasn't believing that Ziva was afraid of ghosts. Gibbs needed to bring the Lieutenant down a few notches. Where is tough, in-your-face Gibbs these days?

    BUT, the next episode! WOW! I have believed for a very long time that Kelly and Shannon are still alive and in some sort of witness protection program. The woman Gibbs is holding hands with is his daughter. (Wouldn't that be a storyline.) How would the Colonel react?
  • Not one of their best episodes, but entertaining anyway.

    While an outdated concept of Russian Nuclear warheads, it is still a reality as if they are out there, they could bring a lot of cold hard cash to the less than honorable people who might find them and sell them.
    I sort of agree that Zeva and Tony seemed out of character, but then we all have days under stress or unusual circumstance that we do not act quite the same.
    I think that Tony thinking he was going to die and having two brushes with it might just be a little off, and Zeva might be a little off her game being on a ship, with rats, dead people and a missing crew.
    Not one of the best but good. The preview for next week is interesting, will both Gibbs and Zeva downed, not going to happen.
  • Tony and (to a leeser extent) Ziva seemed out of character in this one, and plotline of the Russian nuke as the object of the Navy's search seemed a little dated.

    I guess I expect more from the show's writers and how I want the the characters to act, based on their past experiences.The overall plot on this was one was OK (investigating mysterious ghost ship), but I wasn't crazy about the way the writers were having Tony react. The way he acted in this EP was how you would have expected the germophobe agent from last week's EP to act in that situation, not a trained experienced agent who's faced death on three or four occasions (as he mentions in the show). I think they're doing things for cheap laughs with the characters which ruin the serious aspect of the characters' personality. To a lesser extent, Ziva was acting a little too nervous for an agent who is supposed to be so experienced and cool under fire. Other than the seasickness (which, if it was a calm sea as shown when they were approaching the ship, he wouldn't have experienced anyway) McGee was more reliable in this EP than either Tony or Ziva.

    The other issue was the Russian nuke - I don't think in the real world, at this point, we'd be that interested in recovering a Russian nuke warhead for spying purposes. When the Soviet Union was collapsing we probably could have bribed some guards to get us whatever we wanted (if any of you recall, there was genuine concern terrorists were going to do just that). Second, to Gibb's remark that the Navy didn't know NCIS had left the ship - they showed the Navy had an observation plane watching the ship, so the Navy should have seen them leave. Also, why did the Navy need to destroy the ship - to stop the Russians from recovering their own nuke? Finally, how would the Navy know the explosion of the ship wouldn't trigger the nuke? And while the Russian nuke may have been constructed so that the actual nuclear explosion wouldn't have been triggered (I believe ours are built in this manner), the explosion would still have spread the nuclear material over the ocean (like a "dirty bomb")!

    Oh, and as to the fate of the cook, I recall seeing some guy sitting in the back of the escape boat and thinking "who's that?" - I guess it was the cook.
  • NCIS hits 100 episodes.

    Chimera is NCIS' 100th episode!

    The only thing this episode needed was more Abby time; though, there was a cute scene between the team and her in the beginning.

    This episode had some character building aspects. McGee still gets seasick. I would be strangely disappointed if they had overlooked this fact.

    Tony was funny. He thought he was going to die. He is starting to believe in omens. Perhaps, too much time around Abby.

    It's nice to know MOSSAD trains Ziva in the possiblity of monsters existing. I'm not sure if that is time well spent.

    Well I'm glad the team made into the "pirates" boat before the Navy blew up the Chimera. This is the second time the navy has blown up a boat to hide secrets. I think they need a new plan. At any rate, it shows the disregard the fictional navy has for their men and women.
  • Dead guy on a boat. Rats, Black outs, pirates ... Bltheep.

    This episode didn't do too much for me, although there was some funny "Tony" dialogue.(the only reason I rated it a 6) "Okay, until you're actually dead, could you just please help me?" He is such a little kid ... sticking his nose and fingers were they don't belong and then thinking he's sick when he's not! Ohh, gotta love him. As for the rest of the show, yeah, I left to do my laundry at a point where the team was searching the ship. I was gone, oh, 15 minutes ... when I came back the team was still searching the ship!!! Apparently I didn't miss much other than the whole Skinner/Director MTAC thing. Did they ever actually find the dead guy that they were sent out there to investigate? And what happened to the sailors that evacuated? About the only exciting thing that happened was the peek-a-boo we got for next week, which makes me wish it was Tuesday already.
  • NCIS tries horror....

    Well, so NCIS did a Halloween special and it was pretty creepy, but not really. I don't think they were really going for scary anyways. The team go on a ship called the Chimera that is top secret. In the end, the Russians showed up and then the ship blew up....interesting. It turned out the Russians wanted to recover a Russian nuke that the Americans got...something like that. The story was pretty good and it was nice to return to ships again in the show. Tony is halarious when he thinks he's going to die and McGee is funny on a ship. Gibbs got pissed a lot and Ducky was his normal self. It was interesting to see all of the character's reactions to a possible death by virus. Overall, good episode.
  • This was a pretty AWESOME episode...

    Ok. So this episode was Flippin' AWESOME. I loved it although for the 100th episode it could have been a little better. I really liked all the bickering between Tony, McGee and Ziva. They were funny. I thought that the Commander(Web in JAG) was alot like his character in JAG. The whole everything is top secret and I cant tell you anything was just like Web. This was a very good Halloween episode. I dont have much else to say about the episode, but since you have to have a 100 word minimum then I guess I will talk about the promo for the next episode and I only got 3 words.....OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!! I cant wait for it. It had me crying.But I know that in the end they cant kill off Tony or Gibbs so besides that Im happy. But I still love everyone else, and I hope no one gets killed...except maybe for the Director.
  • Okay so I love NCIS, I love every character that is shown on my screen and how they function as an ensemble cast. However......

    ... when I tune in to watch NCIS its to see the ensemble cast functioning together. Not seeing the other core characters, (i.e. Abby or Jimmy esp Abby) who have been there longer than the Director who I saw way too much of this episode made this the official worst of the season. I love these characters together as a team., I don't find it entertaining watching the director being sexually harrassed by a Lieutenant who could've killed my team. That's no way to have a 100th episode. For the 100th episode, this just fell flat. However, the promo for next week already had me tearing up and I haven't even seen it!