Season 7 Episode 5

Code of Conduct

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 20, 2009 on CBS

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  • Twist endings not so twisty... (SPOILER)

    Don't get me wrong, this was a great episode: Ziva as a Probie and getting the treatment from Tony, lots of Palmer, plenty of great dialogue; and I loves me a Halloween episode :)
    Problem was, the SHOCKING TWIST you could see a mile off! The moment it was revealed that neither 2 were the girls biological parents, it had to be her. True, I thought it was either going to be because of daddy issues (killing stepdaddy cos you ain't my real daddy, or setting up stepmommy cos you made my real daddy go away) but in the end they went with the good old fashioned cash grab.
    Also, no Halloween costume for Abby!!! I was seriously disappointed :(
  • Halloween, liquid nitrogen, what more could they possible squeeze into an episode of NCIS!

    In the past, Hallowween episodes have been truly stellar for NCIS. And while 'Code of Conduct' was not nearly as good as, say, 'Chimera' or 'Murder 2.0e', it definitely was a very interesting episode.

    I thought that the storyline was quite unusual, what with the liquid nitrogen playing a role in the mna's death, but the storyline was so interesting, and I did not guess the culprti or the motives right until it was revealed to us at the end, which is something I love to see!

    Would definitely have to recommend this episode! I was thoroughly impressed, and I hope NCIS is able to continue this long tradition of epic Halloween episodes!
  • Code of Conduct

    After the season started with some very serious and melodramatic episodes, we got a nice light-hearted one here. Tony DiNozzo was back on top of his game, and in a great recurring gag he called Ziva by that special name he usually refers to McGee by. We also had a few pranks, and in poetic justice, Tony ended up being the last one to suffer.

    The case was easy to follow, and again featured someone you did not see coming (as opposed to the wife, like Tony claims it always is.) Very good NCIS in what has been a very good season thus far.
  • A Lance Corporal Marine is found dead in his car the night before Halloween and even the death circumstances are spooky for this time of year. He was obviously murdered and there are a whole hosts of suspects and it's up to the team to figure it out.

    An entertaining an well written episode on NCIS. This episode leads you through a list of possible suspects that range from the mans wife or step-daughter, to the Marines that served in his unit to his immediate supervisor, his Sergeant.

    The method of the killing was gruesome enough that even though I found it interesting I would still doubt the final outcome of something like this. One would have to consider a number of things such as the position of the body in the car and why the seat was so far forward, where did the person come up with the method, and why there had been so many attempts to harm this individual in the past. So many coincidences and so many suspects.

    I did not find the wife to be a viable suspect so I was pretty sure it wasn't her. The most viable was one of the other Marines from his unit.

    ***** Spoiler *****

    I think it was sort of a cop out at the end to introduce all the new information to the viewers about the trust and her relationship with her parents as other than the supposed introduction earlier as the step-daughter (like that has some negative connotation) there was no reason to suspect her in the least. From a viability standpoint she did make a good suspect as she could have had opportunity to perpetrate the crime. Based on some of my earlier statements though I still don't see this as a clear cut case. Was the man sitting in the car with seat that far forward when he drank from the thermos? Did she kill him, move the car into the driveway, and then put him in the car? No way that was happening! Anyways, overall a great story and I give a 9.5 to episode dropping half a point based on how they revealed who the murderer was and the questions that went unanswered. It was still very entertaining and the characters a joy to watch. Especially the blue teeth at the end! Thanks for reading...
  • A good episode where we see Palmer in action again and Ziva an official Agent, but for all the perks, this episode lost some points with me

    If an episode lacks character growth in lieu of doing a good episode that is fun, lighthearted and has a good case then I am all for it and will sit back and enjoy; however, when it, in it's efforts to seem back to normal, contradicts previous character development, I get a little annoyed. For example, Tony and Ziva harassing each other – great, all for it. Loved Ziva getting in Tony's space and taking over the reading of the report Gibbs handed him – classic. And it really annoyed Tony – perfect. But having Ziva harass Tony on a topic as sensitive as him perusing a suspect based on his gut was not the best move in my opinion. Had this taken place last year, then I would have no issue with it, but it didn't. It took place early on in the season that began with Ziva telling Tony she was wrong not to trust his instincts and confirming that they were good instincts. Then two episodes later a giant reversal!? That just doesn't fly with me. It may have been in fun, but the timing couldn't have been worse. That "gut instinct" is why she is standing there free from a terrorist camp. I think that to use this topic as one for harassment was ill chosen on the writers' part – there is plenty to choose from when it comes to these two and this choice was just bad.

    Other than that the episode was another good one. I loved the exaggerated use of the "AGENT David" that we got from Gibbs and Ducky. I loved that Gibbs picked up on Tony's "mobile campfire" and that it was Gibbs that walked out of the men's restroom when Ziva was ranting.

    The ending was superb! How could Tony NOT suspect that Ziva was up to something? But he didn't and she pulled of a great piece of revenge. This ranks up there with the binoculars, but the binoculars is still #1.

    I like what is being done with the final "phoof" in the show so as to not "give it all away." The "phoof" at the beginning of the last segment was Ziva smiling big, the actual last "phoof" was the reason she was smiling, the subject of her prank/revenge – Tony with blue teeth.

    "So Mister Rogers, did you kill your neighbor?"
  • That's a cool way to go...

    Being the original prankster and a Marine could cause you some problems, especially if you tend to blur the lines between those activities. The team is tracking down the killer of a Marine known for his practical jokes, and the search is never a simple one. Strange things happen on Halloween; you sure won't get bored.
    Nice episode, kind of the usual NCIS episode but still manages to surprise you. Good to see the usual banter between the team members and most of all the scenes with Ziva were great. It's good to see her back to almost "normal", and finally some funny scenes after the angsty episodes of this season.
  • A dead Marine, pranks and a good laugh.

    A good episode! Season seven is looking good so far. Loved how they all (Ducky and Gibbs) really focused on calling Ziva AGENT David in the beginning, and how Tony now had a "Probie Sandwich". I was expecting him to stop calling McGee Probie, but was pleased to find that it's still there. :D

    The part in Abby's lab, with all decorations, was very funny. And Gibbs look hilarious moving slowly. And I would have loved to see McGee as a Jonas Brothers. Tight jeans! Something I noticed, and that I would like to know more about, is when Ziva and Tony were at, I think it was the neighbor', house (him with the sweater). When Ziva knocked, she flexed her hand, like she was in pain or something. that caught my attention.

    And of cause I want to know more about the missing necklace. But I'm being patient, or I'm trying to :P And of cause the ending! Loved the looks exchanged. Loved the pranks. And loved the blue smile at the end! Looking forward to the next episode.
  • Happy Halloween. This is why pranks are stupid, only the idiot doing the prank thinks its funny while everyone else wants him dead. I say leave the stupid stuff for April 1'st and Halloween otherwise you'll end up on Ducky's table

    Not my most favorite Halloween episode but it was good, better than the crap season 7 dished out. gotta say best episode I seen so far.

    My favorite thing about the show is Abs lab especially now with the motion censored stuff was hilarious

    I am bummed no one dressed up, Abby as Marilyn Monroe was awesome and McGee's cute elf costume was adorable Honestly though, who else wished to see Timmy as a JoBro when I heard that I cracked up

    I am really hoping we stay like this now, the team is getting its groove back on and I'm loving it
  • Let's hear it for the "Probie Sandwich"!

    Another really good episode that was as much about the fun as it was about the case.

    As for the case, its funny, I kind of got an inkling about the "step-disaster" during the initial interview. I don't know; she just had a look in her eye and a hesitancy in her loving support of what a great, happy guy daddy dearest was...

    Still, the Gibbs Brigade and their antics stole the show for me and maybe because it's the Hallowe'en episode, but I have to say that I have a new and abiding respect for Ziva...and I'm just wild about Tony with blue teeth...! When she wins, she really wins!

    She's still gonna be half of the Probie Sandwich for the rest of the year though, that's a given.
  • Welcome back AGENT David:)

    Well, its that time of ear again! Happy Halloween:) sorta.... Thought this was a pretty good episode, it was good it didnt cycle around Zivas new position the whole time (even thought i love Ziva). I liked the plot, very NCISish. I didnt get why Gibbs brought in apple cider... but it was sorta a good chip in. Maybe showing he may be changing just a tad? Or maybe something the writers put in there just for fun. One thing i did noticed is when Ziva and Tony were walking up to Mr. Rogers (hehehe wearing a sweater)that they didnt walk up next to each other like they normally did. But a few steps between one another? That sorta caught my attention. But anyways good overall episode. Kinda dissapointed that there were no sneak peaks for the next upcoming one though :/
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