Season 6 Episode 7

Collateral Damage

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 11, 2008 on CBS

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  • Song?

    What was the closing song wile Gibbs was in the Bar alone???
  • Not as good as the last one, but still sensational!

    This episode was quite unique and quite diffeerent to what has been attempted in the past. The storyline was original, as I don't remember NCIS dealing with too many bank robberies in the psat.

    The case was indeed very interesting, and they developed it quite nicely. I enjoyed the whole episode, and there were several great moments.

    I highly enjoyed the 'probie' assigned to Giibbs' team, and I thought that added another great element to this episode, which I highly enjoyed.

    I also found the last scene at the funeral to be very well producesd and very interesting to watch.

    Overall, an episode that develops very nicely. It's not as great as the one before this, but still sensational for me to watch! Keep it up!
  • This season just gets better and better!

    This season just gets better and better! This episode was centered around Gibbs and his gut feelings. It was fantastic to see that his gut has returned! After the first episode of the season with Agent Lee being revealed as the traitor it was obvious that Gibbs did not suspect anything. This episode was written really well and led to the conclusion that Gibbs finally suspects something. This was symbolically shown by Gibbs putting Agent Langer's photo up on the wall of people who have fallen in NCIS while serving their country. The effect of that action was made even more special for me when Agent Cassidy's photo is shown on the wall. The way the team interacted with the rookie really shows who they are and made the show even more interesting. I love how he blocks the van in by pretending to get his grandma. That bit was a great touch and by the look on Gibb's face showed that Gibb's gut was right all along about him.
  • I scratched myself in the line of duty Boss... I'll live!

    Gibbs's team is facing a weird bank robbery in Quantico, a security guard is killed with apparentely no reason and the cash is lost. in the meantime Director Vance decides to assign a rookie to help Gibbs and the team.
    Agent Dwayne Wilson reveals himself as an unusual smart rookie who actually help solving the case. Much to the rest of the team surprise.
    Great plot, beyond amazing character interaction; this time we also managed to see an "insecure Gibbs" looknig for advice to Ducky, that is kind of odd, but it all makes sense as in the end Gibbs manages to trust his gut again and clear his mind on Agent Langer.
    The next episodes will surely bring to a cloncusion this storyline.
  • good episode

    The director assigns a rookie to work with Gibbs and the team after a bank is robbed at Quantico. I love watching new characters and seeing how the main cast reacts to them. The case in this episode wasn't that interesting, but it wasn't the focus. The character development was what made this episode great. Gibbs questioning his gut and his conversation with Ducky and then finally trusting his gut at the end of the episode. He knows he was right about Langer and definitely suspects Lee. I can't wait to see Gibbs take Lee down. Anyways, the new guy was interesting and I would like to see him again. Overall, solid character episode.
  • The bank at Quantico is robbed, but all is not what it appears. When they start looking they find it is actually a murder staged to look like Collateral Damage.

    This one made you think, is Gibbs doubting himself. Is he over the hill, no, it all starts to click in his mind who the real spy is and the looks with Lisa Lapari show he knows what happened and I think so does she.
    How they will bring her back into a compromising position and let Gibbs take her down is for another episode.
    Just when you think you have seen it all we get an episode like this, not the running and shooting kind but one that you are always one step behind until the end.
    Very well done, kept me interested all the way.
  • Lee is closer to being outed as the mole from 6.1

    What an episode Gibbs is given a recruit (former marine) to analyze and evaluate for the director, tries to hand it off to Ducky and winds up with a pysch evaluation on himself to basiccally get over the bad recommendation from 6.1 episode. The newbie works well on his own and evantually proves himself in the end. Tony, Ziva and McGee offer him advice for the training Academy and Gibbs finally breaks down from his usual self indugent mood and wishes him luck. Well written and acted by the whole cast. Could agenty Leee be outed soon, this episode sure shows that its coming.
  • Secrets Begin to Surface.

    I really enjoyed this episode. Not necessarily for the case that's involved. Although the case was interesting and puzzling within it's self, I thought the outside events affecting the team where even better. Vance giving Gibbs a newbie and expecting an evaluation of his capabilities was a great twist. It brings to the surface that Gibbs questions his own instincts. He's not sure if he can trust them. But as we have learned, Gibbs is rarely wrong and in the end it's going to show that he wasn't. His instincts have kicked back in full force and the ones on the wrong side better look out, cause Jethro is pissed.
  • love it

    how can anyone not love this episode, we finally see what Gibbs thinks of new rookies, and i think its really funny. I mean how else would they have figured out what really happened. Oh and when Dinozzos like i know every inche of my workplace, and he hits the venting machine and a chocolate bar comes out, that is just classic Dinozzo. I also love how McGee doesn't feel like the probie any more in this episode. I mean seriously how cute is he when he thinks like he is all grown up into a proper special agent awww its just sooo cute.
  • A bank robbery turns nasty

    In this episode of NCIS the following happens. We open with a bank robbery and the security guard being shot dead. The team are called in to investigate, when they learn that the robbery took place on a Navy base. The team then learn that the getaway car never made it off of the base; instead it was set on fire. A new recruit Dwayne is assigned to the team as he used to work on the base where the robbery happened. When Abby runs tests she learns that all of the money which was stolen from the bank was burnt in the car fire. The team soon realise that the robbers were not after the money, but were in fact doing a hit on the security guard. They soon realise that their case may be related to a diamond robbery which took place a few months before. We soon learn that the son of the security guard has a record, and hasn't been seen or heard from in six months. They believe that the robbery has to lure the man's son out of hiding and they also believe that he has the missing diamonds. When they get to the funeral, they see the son of the security guard being forced into a car. At the end of the episode it becomes obvious that Gibbs no believes that the mole within the unit may be agent Lee after all. We then see Gibbs in a bar and standing by a wall of fallen police officers and he adds the ID card of the former FBI agent who Agent Lee killed.
  • great

    i thought that this episode of NCIS was a very well put together example of the show. it has almost everything that you would expect out of a great crime show. the charachters had a very strong sense of there charcter and the episode was put together very well. i loved that they brought in a new recruite for just one episode to help, it made things more interedsting, it made me smile how he made tony search for his words in somepart and i think ziva and mcGee were very impressed, i thought gibbs would warm up to him right from the start, and it turns out he sort of did. overall, it was great:)
  • Gibbs' gut returns

    Looks like Gibbs is being put on notice. Vance didn't tell him about the new recruit first, which was subtly undercutting him.

    It looks like McGee is NCIS's ideal agent. It also looks like Vance/McGee are set up as being alike and DiNozzo/Gibbs. I wonder if this will put some conflict between McGee/DiNozzo and Gibbs/Vance in the future.

    The Gibbs/Ducky talk was very sweet. I think Ducky is the only man who could get away with analyzing Gibbs like he did.

    Looks like Gibb's gut is telling himself about the Langer situation. It looks like agent Lee should be a little afraid.

    It was nice to see a picture of Paula's picture but it would have been nice to see Paula's
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