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I was wondering if NCIS ever broadcast a marathon of some of the more "romantically" driven storylines or episodes with scenes where sexual sparks were flying? Of course I first think of Tony and Ziva but there have been other couples, even if they were short lived. Now that's a marathon I could spend a cold winter's day watching! It seems like episodes on the marathons are shuffled randomly, only occasionally following story threads or themes. I am fairly new to the series, though I am collecting quite a DVD collection; has my idea of an ideal marathon been done? And what are the odds?
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Feb 11, 2014
Surely USA has had every conceivable theme for an NCIS marathon. I don't remember one like this, but they've probably done it. It would definitly include the early Ziva episode when she and Tony were undercover as married spies. Very spicy. Also the one where they were trapped in the shipping container. There are a few where McGee had an almost girlfriend that could be included. Also Ducky's daliance with the character played by Cheryl Ladd. And of course Jimmy's affair with Agent Lee, and when we first met his future wife. There are plenty of episodes for a marathon.
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