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Please put down your weapons and remember that I am only the messenger, okay? NCIS has found its new Ziva David—not that anyone could ever really replace Cote de Pablo's idiom-bungling, Tony-loving, ex-Mossad agent in our (and DiNozzo's) hearts, but you know what I mean.

Emily Wickersham—who is currently recurring on FX's The Bridge as Kate, Charlotte's bitchy step-daughter—has landed the role, according to TV Line. Her character, Bishop, is described as athletic, attractive, educated, focused, and analytically brilliant. It's just too bad she's so socially awkward—*record scratch* Why was that even in the character description? Why do casting directors think that every character must have a flaw like this? And why are beautiful women always saddled with the most ridiculous of flaws? They're either clumsy or socially awkward or something along those lines, and it's kind of old at this point. 

Man, that rant came out of nowhere, sorry. 

Anyway, Wickersham is currently booked for a three-episode arc, but her deal has a series regular option, which is what makes her a potential Ziva successor. Her first appearance is scheduled for November sweeps, which means there'll be a few weeks between Ziva's departure early in the season and Bishop's entrance. During that time, NCIS will be rotating people in and out, kind of like what Bones did with the interns.

Are you happy with this casting news? Or do you just want to grab Cote de Pablo and shake her until she agrees to stay?



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