Season 2 Episode 19

Conspiracy Theory

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 12, 2005 on CBS

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  • Enjoyable episode despite some flaws

    Typically good NCIS episode due to the humor and rapport of the characters including Fornell. Noteworthy are Tony's threatening to reveal the Spring-break wet T-shirt picture of Kate, and Abby calling Gibbs "my silver-haired fox."

    Some critical observations:
    (1) NCIS, the government agency, seems to waste a lot of time and money in that it can devote all its resources to a single unlikely case. Here a delusional petty officer, whose fiancée had died in Iraq, develops a sick mental state which caused her to be hospitalized, then is an out-patient, and then claims monsters are breaking into her home (same delusion as in hospital), but there is no sign of a break-in, so she is being returned to the military hospital -- but know-it-all Gibbs still treats it as a major criminal case!

    (2) Gibbs (and Ducky) berates and insults the woman's psych doctor at every turn no matter what he does. It initially looks like the woman committed suicide at the hospital. It isn't enough that a corpsman is always on duty, checking on her regularly in a ward of only 7 patients, and she has no history of being a suicide risk. But Gibbs and Ducky assert she should have been on a 24-hour suicide watch. Turns out it was murder, not suicide! So much for Gibbs and Ducky's rant!

    (3) Only the woman and her CO knew where the kickback money was stored: in the CO's gym locker. So when she is admitted to a psych ward for a month and he refuses to return the woman's phone calls, don't you think he would change the hiding place of the loot? No!
  • Paranoid or not?

    A young marine woman thinks there are voices and monsters after her and noone looks to take him seriously but Gibbs does and he is right as she is killed soon after.

    So it is a chase after a murderer who managed to get into the ward, kill her and make it look accident.. but to do that, they had to be powerful and know much.. so.. it is even more shocking when the truth comes out.. out of all of those possible suspects.. I, at least, was not considering them.. And to make this episode even more dynamic, the whole Kate vs Tony thing.. It was quite interesting to see Kate in that kind of situation and have to do everything Tony said.
  • Excellent episode.

    Witten sets off alarms from the first – Jessica freaks the moment she sees him and very interesting that the first thing he does is switch off the radio. Jessica swears someone broke into her house then she gets murdered? That tends to make you believe she wasn't just imagining things. Listening to the radio's programmed phrases – those were freaky, imagine waking up and hearing those in the middle of the night – who wouldn't have a breakdown?

    Good cop, scary cop – Love Gibbs and Fornell together, they have great chemistry and it's such fun to listen to their give and take.

    McGee does very well with Witten, he doesn't back down.

    Love the actress that plays Catherine, she often plays the psycho and she does it so well.
  • This episode was pure comedy gold!

    Another very interesting episode of NCIS, this one starts off very, very weird. It shows a woman who is hearing voices, which NCIS later figues out is from a speaker placed in her room.

    The case was not overly interesting, but it was still an interesting one for me to watch, although, the episode was extremely brilliant because of the battle between Kate and Tony, when Kate reveals Tony's old nickname, and Tony threatens to show everyone a picture of Kate on Spring Break.

    The episode was ridiculously great because it was so funny. If you enjoy the laughs, this is the episode for you, and I highly recommend it. The ending is sensational, as the climax to the battle between Kate and Tony escalates to a new level!

    A great episode! Keep up the great work, NCIS!
  • A Petty Officer Commits Suicide, The Team Believes It's Because Of A Nervous Breakdown But Ducky Says She Was Murdered. Tony & Kate Blackmail Each Other Throughout The Episode With Hilarious Consequences.

    A Woman Commits Suicide And The Team Think It's Because Of A Nervous Breakdown But Ducky Points Them To Murder.
    Gibbs & The Team Investigate Her Death With The Help Of FBI Agent Fornell. The Investigation Reveals She Was Involved In A Love Triangle With Her C.O. Who Is Being Investigated After Taking Kickbacks From Navy Contractors.
    As For Kate & Tony, The Blackmail Begins When Tony Saw A Picture Of Kate In A Wet T-Shirt Competition, He Was Going To Keep Quiet About It But Kate Called Him By His College Nickname. Kate Gets Abby To Make A Picture Of Tony.
    In The End, They Decide To Delete Both Of The Pictures But Accidentally Sends The Pics To Gibbs.
    This Is One Of The Best Episodes Of 'NCIS' Ever!
  • The case was good and the amount of LoLz high =)

    This episode was a great example of a good episode of NCIS. The case was really interesting and actually kept one guessing what exactly was going on and who was involved. The solution actually surprised me, because I didn't quite see that coming. it was also nice to have Fornell in the episode. I actually like the FBI man =) Also great were basically all scenes between Abby and Gibbs. They were so unbelievably cute together and I couldn't help but squee when Gibbs kissed Abbys finger. If he ever kisses her on the nose I will die of cuteness overkill. Tony and Kate were wonderful in this episode. Like two bickering siblings and the end of the episode really made me laugh tears. Those two pictures noz being deleted but actually sent to Gibbs ...oh boy. That was wonderful. An interesting case, great interaction between all members of the teen and lots of humour. NCIS ...this is why I love you.
  • Another good one

    This episode opens with a woman in bed who starts to hear whisperers. She then sees a man appear from nowhere in her bedroom, with a knife in his hand. When NCIS turn up on the scene, they learn from the onsite officer, t5hat he doesn't believe that she was attacked. Then her psychologist turns up and informs the team that it is believed that she is having a breakdown due to her fiancé's death in Iraq last month. When the NCIS team dig deeper, they learn that the FBI are looking into her. Gibbs receives a phone call from Jessica Smith and so he goes to see her in the middle of the night. As they enter her room they find her hanging from her bed. Back at the lab, Abby discovers how Jessica was hanged. Ducky discovers that she was smothered first. Abby tells the team that only one person killed her and hanged her up. When Kate and Gibbs go to Jessica's house they are suddenly attacked by gun fire. As they race inside to find the shooter, he manages to escape and drive off. When they search her house they find out that the voice she was hearing was not in her head but actually from a box what was hidden in her bedroom. When Abby looks further she sees that there is blood on the inside of the voice box. When Abby runs the blood it comes back a petty officer Simons. As the team follow her, its then that they see an inmate from the psych ward, Catherine. As Catherine pulls a gun on the petty officer, Tony & Kate show up and save the day.
  • A super funny episode.

    There are so many lines in this episode, that can just crack me up and they do. One of my favorite scenes has to be the one where McGee has to interview Catherine, that was is just so funny. Catherine: Are you a virgin?
    McGee: No.
    Catherine: Are you sure?

    Hilarious. And oh there were so much more of this funny scenes in this episode.

    The case and the storyline of this episode, was also very good and certainly well written. To be honest I did not see the ending coming, like at all. I was thinking something entirely different, but that's what I love in an episode. When I don't know what's coming.
  • Hilarious!

    \'Conspiracy Theory\' is one of those episodes that while there may not be anything major going on, it\'s one of the best episodes ever. I\'d already heard a million quotes from this episode but I laughed hysterically at each one. ESPECIALLY the Tony/Kate \'Wet T-shirt\' contest stuff. Loving the TATE.

    Abby was fantastic in her bit of the episode. But then again, when is Abby ever bad? NEVER.

    And even though it was the humour that made the episode, the actual plotline was fantastic. Very creepy too. I mean, who wouldn\'t be freaked out when they hear voices calling their name over and over?!

    But honestly, I am a great lover of TATE, and this episode had lots of it. Fabulous!
  • quite possibly the funniest NCIS episode ever made!

    What a brilliant episode! i would consider this to be one of my favourite episodes of NCIS ever made. it combines a clever story line - full of twists and turns, the usual brilliant cast as awesome as they always are or better and a huge dose of humour.

    The NCIS team is sent out to investigate a death and is soon confused with the different clues they are getting. The staff watching over the victim say it was suicide however Ducky soon points them towards murder. As usual, the team gets there just in time and the murderer is someone that no one would have ever guessed it to be.

    The sub plot of this particular episode is the funniest one ever. While on "Spring Break" (end of Pop Life) Tony discovers a picture of Kate after she won a wet t-shirt contest during her college days. At first he decides to keep quiet about it until she openly teases him about his college nickname of "sex machine". Then the blackmail starts of and continues throughout the entire episode, providing more laughs than ever thought possible. The dilema is solved at the end of the episode when Kate reveals a picture which Abby's helped her to form which basically features tony photoshoped into an embarassing background. The episode then ends after instead of deleting the pictures they both accidentally send it to Gibbs, then the two of them rush out of the office as quickly as possible while Gibbs opens the emails and has a good laugh at his agent's expense.

    Brilliant episode!


    "Conspiracy Theory" -- The NCIS team investigates the attepted abduction of a Petty Officer in her home. This Petty Officer commits suicide after being institutionalized for a nervous breakdown.

    Gibbs and the team continue to investigate her death and are stunned when Ducky tells them that the Petty Officer, who claimed to have a stalker, was in fact murdered and did not commit suicide.

    With the help of FBI Agent Fornell (guest star Joe Spano), the team’s investigation reveals the Petty Officer was a victim of a twisted love triangle involving her C.O., who was being investigated by the FBI for kickbacks received from Navy contractors.

    There are some very funny moment in this episode between Kate and Tony relating to their college years. I love watching the sexual innuendos and playful banter between these two.
  • a petty officer is made to look like she killed herself in a psyche ward, but she was murdered.

    This show was pretty clever in how they wrote it. The poor petty officer's fiance died in Iraq and she appears to have lost her mind. She was hearing voices. Then she is taken to the psyche ward. She calls NCIS for help. But she is murdered first. She looks like she committed suicide, but Ducky finds she was smothered first. Two other female psych patients are involved with her. But they appear innocent. The crew of NCIS suspect the corpsman and doctor of hiding something. One is having an affair with a patient. It turns out that the PO wanted to give a message to her old CO. But he denys any affair with her. But one of the patients tells NCIS that she had an affair with the CO. Some how money is involved- probably black mail money because of the CO/PO affair. And a sound device is found in the PO's home. She was made to hear voices through the radio device. She was being driven crazy. NCIS figures out that one of the patients will steal the money and run off with it. They assume it is with the doctor. But then the 2nd female patient gets into the car, but NCIS catches them. Meanwhile Tony has a photo of Kate from a wet Tshirt contest. He taunts her with it. So Abby makes a fake photo of Tony in a dog collar, etc.. Now Kate has leverage. They agree to delete the photos at the same time. But in actuality they mail them to Gibbs! He is very amused.