Season 5 Episode 10

Corporal Punishment

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 27, 2007 on CBS

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  • Another very interesting storyline!

    Although I wouldn't recommend it as highly as the previous episode, this is still another sensational one, and another classic.

    The start scene was done very well, and I thought it was quite scary indeed! The storyline developed well from there, in my opinion.

    I loved the start, especially the "you were drinking with Abby" quotation by Ziva. In that sense, I thought that this was another one of the very funny episodes, and I enjoyed every minute of that!

    The fight between Ziva and Werth was well done and the whole episode was good, in my opinion. I would highly recommend this one, and it is very interesting! Great job by NCIS!
  • A Marine escapes from an institute.

    This episode opens with a marine escaping from a mental institute. NCIS are called in; the patient had PTSD (Post trauma stress syndrome). When Gibbs asks where the driver of the car we took is, no one seems to know. We learn that the missing marine is actually a hero. The team track down the car and discover the driver in the boot. The team track down Corporal Worth, at a rehab centre for his fallen sailors. He turns up and attacks the team. The team all suffer injuries: - Tony has a broken nose, McGee has a dislocated shoulder and Ziva has a nasty bruise on her face. When Ducky runs tests on him they discover that he has steroids in his system. After further investigation (and after going through all of suspects), it is learnt that the marine was doing it to himself. He was given himself the extra strength steroids.
  • great episode

    A delusional marine who recently came home from iraq bursts out of a mental facility after escaping his cell. The NCIS team investigate the case hoping to get to the bottom of it. But there job gets a lot more complicated when they learn that the delusional marine is in fact about to receive a medal from a senator. They look at an angle that says that he maybe a victim of an experiment. It's a really exciting episode, the writers came up with a really cool episode. I can't wait for the next one. this is a great episode. i can't wait for the next one.
  • A patient breaks out of a Navy hospital. It turns out it's a Marine recently returned from Iraq, suffering w/ PTS. There's more to this Marine as it seems that he has taken steroids to help him enter the Corps, and this has turned him into a super marine.

    This was a great episode for Ziva. Its one of the very few times that we get to see her softer side. There's always a guy involved when she's like this. Paul Telfer aka "The Super Marine" is hooooooooot! I'd give anything to be thrown against a wall by him. This has to be a fantasy of someone other than myself, I mean what girl doesn't want to be pushed against the wall by a hot guy.

    I felt sad for Ziva when she was trying to defend "The Super Marine" and Abby attacked her emotionally. This incident knocked Abby down a couple of notches. But, she quickly gained brownie points by apologizing to Ziva for being so narrow minded.
  • The team is injured when dealing with a suspect.

    From the pre show Buzz I was excepting more carnage and team angst then there actually was. After reviewing the episode again I really liked it.

    I wish they had concentrated on the team's injuries a little more, but I did get some great reaction to their injuries from Abby. I loved the Abby/McGee hug, and the tension between Ziva and Abby early on.

    What I don't understand is Gibbs reaction to his team being hurt. He seemed more upset over the treatment of the marine who hurt his team that he did his team. I know Gibbs was a marine, but I thought he identified with the marine too much; after all, the marine was responsible for his own downfall.
  • Average episode but still fun to watch **contains spoilers**

    The interaction among the team was very funny with the exception of Abby whom I found to be unusually annoying this episode. I usually really like Abby, her comments and behaviour are usually very entertainig but for some reason this time she was just over the top in a negative manner.

    The plot in my opinion was not all that interesting, but you know what, it really didn't matter cause I still enjoyed the show. Gibbs was just great. I loved the last scene where he leaves his medal with the soldier – it was very touching. I also thought Ziva was very funny when she beat up the guys that attacked them and, Tony with his quote from The Fugitive and Tim's reaction was just great. As usual, a fun show.
  • good. funny. but average.

    Yeah I loved gibbs's one liners, but the actual plot? not much to my taste. it was Ok. But why did Gibbs give away his silver star? it was honnoring him and all, but the star was gibb's, he just gave it away to the first guy he thought really deserved a medal? anywho. I do love the constant interaction between the character! it's always so funny. espessially tony/ziva and tony/mcgee. And Gibbs. What happened to his girlfriend? haven't seen her in a while. Did they break up? I hope not becasue they were funny and cute together. Speaking of relationships, does anyone else think Tony and Ziva should get together? They would be perfect!
  • Really good show about PTSD!

    Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or aka PTSD is real and that it happens to those that come back from war. In the case of a solider who comes back and thinks he is still in Iraq but he was being a guinea pig for something. As the team tries to track him down and help him rather than arrest him over anything. Good to see Gibbs show more emotions as he has been over the past few weeks. Funny when Ziva was challenged by Tony to punch him in the stomach. Which she did despite Tony's tough-guy thing. McGee you have to love as he really seems to be naive and funny. But is catching on.
  • Manhunt for a super-Marine.

    A good episode even if we all expected something more judging from the trailer.
    Clever plot and some good "character development" moments, for example when Ziva shows her feelings about Corporal Worth, which are a mix between admiration and respect for someone stronger that her; or when Gibbs shows his feelings about the Marine and the Marine Corps. They can be explained by these two quotes: "there is no such thing as an ex-Marine" (Marines have a saying: Marine once, Marine forever); and the conversation between Gibbs and Vincent: "You don't support the war?" "I support the men fighting it".
    It's also interesting the way Abby initially argue with Ziva accusing her to be emotionless; she will eventually understands that everyone has his/her own way to show his/her feelings, and Ziva isn't emotionless: she just hide them inside.
    We also discover that painkillers have a strange effect on Tony's behaviour.
  • Pretty fun episode for me with the super marine and how he affected the group. Gibbs displayed much emotion when he thought a fellow marine was being treated like a lab rat. also liked the fact that he wasn't innocent kudos to the

    Pretty fun episode for me with the super marine and how he affected the group. Gibbs displayed much emotion when he thought a fellow marine was being treated like a lab rat. Ziva dang near fell in love with this powerful man. A strange segment with Abby learning not to prejudge people I guess? By episodes end she felt sorry for the marine. I also liked the fact that he wasn't innocent kudos to the writers for taking us out of the typical victim role. Ok episode nothing great but certainly good enough to get us to the next episode.
  • great episode...

    A marine escapes the hospital and the team goes looking for him. He, apparently, drugged himself with steroids so he could be a marine. Ziva, Tony, and McGee got injured while fighting him and Ziva has a little crush on him. It was funny that Gibbs got beat up too, but he had no bruises or injuries. I really liked the story in this episode. Gibbs wanted to help the marine and felt that the marine was expiramented on. Even when Gibbs found out the truth, he gave the marine his silver star. I almost cried. It was so sweet. I also loved Abby's reactions to everything. Overall, great episode.
  • A young Marine is sent back from Iraq with PTSD and a little something else...

    There is no such thing as an ex-marine - well that stands true as Gibbs demonstrates his fraternity with a young marine clp. who is abusing steroids. SEnt back from Iraq to receive a silver star, the young clp. is being treated for PTSD symptoms ( but goes a little too nuts, breaks out, kidnaps his shrink, heads to get the rest of his men, and...well goes a little more nuts.

    Was Ziva a little turned on? And I totally liked the fact that the two guys had worse injuries and she only got a head butt.! Zifa rocks beyond all else. Kinda wish I was a Hamas Assassin.... *le sigh*

    Good episode. Read up on that link for PTSD. It's real and very much a concern for all military forces.
  • This was a pretty good episode.

    Ok.So this episode was a pretty good episode and it had some great lines and a pretty good story line. I was thinking that the team was going to get more injured than what happened. I absolutely loved the one liners in this episode. Especially the ones from Gibbs. They were awesome. I liked the one when the guy asked "You mean that you don't support the war?" and Gibbs said "I support the men fighting it." That was definitely the best one. I also like the one where he said "There is no such thing as an ex-Marine." That one was good too. Also one of the most funniest scenes was Tony on the pain killers and how he was acting all strange and funny. And then the scene with Ziva and Abby was good when Abby apoligized for what she said. Then when McGee and Tony were asking Ziva about what her feeling were, was a pretty funny moment. The only thing that I really didnt like that much about this episode is Ziva "liking" the Marine. That was a little weird. But overall this episode was good. Also though, there is no episode preview for next week, and Im thinking that that has something to do with the Writer Strike. Thats pretty scary, because no more NCIS would STINK!
  • Manhunt for a Hero.

    The inital pretence of a war hero gone nuts and suffering from a mental disorder because of the war was believable enough. Gibbs wanting to help Worth was classic. However, everyone seems to want a piece of Corporal Worth. But the question is why? For his own good or their's. I loved the scene between Ziva and Abby. Ziva was so right on in regards to having a responsiblity to a returning hero. Worth knows there is something wrong and wants help and it was interesting that he knew it wasn't his fault and thanks to Gibbs they are going to find out who's to blame. Come to find out that he is being used as a lab rat and secretly being given steroids, at very high and dangerous doses. Nicknamed the Super Soldier program. But the puzzle is who is initiating it. It's not BioTech like they first thought. But because Worth is the only one that knows who is behind it his life is in danger. The final scene with Ziva kicking some butt was great. But ultimately Corporate Worth was determined to protect everyone, but himself.