Season 8 Episode 6


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 26, 2010 on CBS

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  • A good, yet amost creepy episode.

    I thought this episode was very interesting. I thought Abby was great. I never would have thought she would ever get mad at Gibbs. That sort of surprised me. She was really obsessed with the case. Well, not even the case, but Clea's mind(which I have to admit was pretty insane). I thought Gibbs was going to cry when Clea's mother asked him if it ever got better after losing a child. That was really sad. And then he seemed to be very worried at the prospect of possible losing Abby (mentally). I thought that the last scene with the two of them was very touching. She really is like a daughter to him.

    On another note, I thought that Tony dressing up like John Travolta was pretty hilarious, lol. A nice comedic add to an otherwise serious episode.
  • A pretty awesome and underrated episode! Quite intriguing, and Abby-centred!

    This was a brilliant episode of NCIS, and qutie an underrated one, in my opinion. I thought the plot was not immaculate, but it was very good.. I thoroughl y enjoyed that.

    I also enjoyed Abby's large role in this episode. Her character was developed quite nicely in this one and I think that was a very niec thing to see.

    It was obviously the worst of the Halloween episodes that NCIS has produced, but having said that, I did enjoye it. The scenes withthe millions of different things and equations hanging were quite interesting, and also, I did not guess the killer!

    Keep it up, NCIS, and I hope for more great and enteretaining episodes!
  • Abby becomes fixated on solving the death of a fellow scientist and Tony's latest fling leads to an interesting role play costume.

    Pros: Pauley Perrette shined as Abby this episode, and she portrayed the progression in Abby's character fabulously. I also loved the Gibbs/Abby, Ducky/Abby, and McGee/Abby interactions. The story was interesting too.

    Cons: Ziva's shirts were butt ugly, Tony seemed OOC, and... Travolta. Need I say more. It was hilarious, yes, but in an awkward kind of way. Plus as a Tiva fan I was not too keen on the Ethyl fling and am a little miffed Tony didn't end it when he said he was going to. He clearly did NOT want to role play and went along with it in the end... why? Plus there was no action and the plot dragged at times. Not one of NCIS' best. VERY excited for November Sweeps though!
  • Abby gets caught up with a kindred spirit.

    It was great to see Abby involved on a deeper level. The scene with Gibbs and the dead woman's mother was also powerful as they dealt with the loss of a child. When she asked, "Does it ever get better?" you could feel the pain in both of them. I also enjoyed watching Gibbs being worried about losing Abby, his "other daughter" in that he thought she might be losing it emotionally. Having the dead girl's mother intercede was a really nice circle in terms of both Gibbs and the mother helping Abby get her "Mojo" back. There was a lot of good humor in the episode also and Mr. Palmer was given some responsibility from Gibbs which was a new step. The ending was sort of quick which is always a problem with self contained procedurals and by now you can sort of pick up the bad "guy" early because it's the character who has some involvement but seems to be peripheral to the case. That was the case in this episode, but it still was very good. Mark Harmon can do a lot with his face. He is very good.
  • Sorry Abbs.

    I didn't get it. Was this supposed to be all Hallowe'en-y wrapped up in a serious case? If so, well, I didn't get it.

    And too bad. And I'm sorry I feel this way and for this review but Pauley Perette is waaaaaayy to good for this offering. It started out interesting, even freaky, which can be good. But then it just seemed that somewhere in the midst of commercial break "Abby" got this fixation whose cause that we weren't entirely made privy to. And in a similar fashion, they guys were all standing in the bullpen around the computers screens as usual and then, bam, out of nowhere they got all concerned about Abby's fixation that seemed to come out of no where.

    Gibb's enlisting the vic's mother to help set Abby straight was a ploy, well, right out of no where and I even pegged the culprit right off the bat.

    I was hoping for a real highlighting vehicle for Abby. The focus on the team's individual players comes along so infrequently that you really hope for one over the Green Monster when they do come.

    This one was a walk, at best.

    Sorry Abbs.
  • Finally McGee and Abby get a scene together... A few scenes actually.

    Okay so I have been forced to go through McAbby withdrawal in the past 5 episodes of this season, but thankfully I no longer have to do that! McGee totally showed his concern and love (imo) for Abby... Even though Abby didn't return the love. But she was highly involved in the case so I forgive her (just this once). Abby becoming obsessed (to say the least) with this case seemed to happen to quickly, like they were trying to rush it. And although the beginning was creepy, the fact that all it came down to was a different source for gas was a little annoying. I was hoping for a more gasp type moment with that. I mean the girl was covered in her own writings. Tony was hilarious, as always, and I loved how he dressed up. But McGee... He's my man! I can't help but love him. He's just... Amazing!
  • decent overall episode that revolved around abby.

    in all the episode was ok. abby getting all cought up trying to get inside this brilliant womens head and leading her down a path that everyone was worrying about. they say there is a thin line between genius and insanity. She was more focused on the inner workings of this womens mind than helping solve the big picture and that is what everyone was worried about. it took gibbs to get the mother for help to tell abby to get out of her daughters head before she gets to be the same way. it was good to see everyone worried about abby. the part where she snaps at gibbs for raising his voice at her just showed she was in a different place and they all knew it. Even with less interaction between the cast and the whole who is tony seeing and why is he not wanting to go out with this women and not dress up was ok, but not enough team interaction for me. i agree with tony, he did not look good in the outfit at the end. in all ok episode, not the worst if there ever has been but ok none the less.
  • Heck of a way to catch a bus...

    Team Gibbs is called to investigate on the death of a Navy Lt. whose mind seems to be unreadable. A genius that no one, not even Abby could initially understand.
    But her stubborn behaviour eventually helps the team to narrow down the list of possible enemies of the Lt, and in the end, turns out that she was killed by someone she trusted the most.
    An ok episode, with a weird case that still managed to be quite funny in a few moments; Abby is Abby, so I guess is ok to see her a little too involved.
    Well, kudos to Tony and his Saturday Night Fever impression; that was priceless.
  • cracked

    I usually am not a fan of the Abby character, but for some reason often times the episodes that revolve around her character end up being very good, and this one continued that trend. We saw her receive pressure from Gibbs to stop and we saw her sanity get pushed to the brink with this case (as if it was not already on the brink) and she ended up solving it.

    NCIS is off to another decent year. There was a time when Pauly Perrette may not have even returned for a season 8, I am glad that did not happen because we would not have gotten tonight's episode.