Season 11 Episode 18

Crescent City

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Mar 25, 2014 on CBS

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  • bishops' not the only reason for worse ratings

    every time does his must e time to do something cool yet loo like total bs scene most fans fast forward through it or change the channel til they figure it's done. Come on Michael. You're in your 50's isn't it time that you start acting your age not half your shoe size? Why the writers keep insisting on this bs is beyond me or why they ikeep letting Michael do it. There's a reason his last show bombed and has done nothing to contribute to up and coming actors since his days on loving: ny or even on this show
  • Crescent City Part 1

    The first hour of a backdoor pilot for NCIS: New Orleans. A forced group of characters and Scott Bakula really phoning in, but I can't say it was a terrible episode.
  • What's Happening?

    Why have the reviews, list of characters, cast, trivia, synopsis suddenly stopped? Living in Australia I like to visit, catch up with the episode before it screens and now there is nothing. Has everyone got pissed off because "ZIVA" has gone? For goodness sake people move on, has anybody considered the Cote de Pablo may have got sick of the role and didn't want to be stereo typed? I was under the impression that was for the purpose of having details about TV shows not just name of episodes. Unlike older shows from the 70's or 80's that are harder to get reviews on but current shows what's the excuse?
  • Crossover????

    Great episode. Can't wait to see pt.2!
  • Enough is enough

    First I do not like a two part when will the producers realize their mistake in hiring Bishop?

    I watched the average ratings of NCIS since Bishop joined. The maximum rating has been 7.5.

    Also the number of viewers rating the shows has dropped dramatically.

    This means to me that the global interest in this great show is declining rapidly which might mean its premature end, largely due to the presence of most annoying Bishop,

    The New-Orleans opening scene was impressive and I liked the local team. I wish that Bishop exchange places with Brod, or anybody else able to act as a fedral agent not a high school juvenile bratt.
  • Not ANOTHER 2 part advert for a 'franchise'

    They should be spending time getting this once great series back on track rather than advertising the 'franchises'. That said (Having never seen any of the too short) The actress playing the part of Brodie did MORE in 1/2 of this episode than the dreadful actress that plays Bishop has ALL series.

    Please get rid of her, stop advertising other shows and get your act together or I feel it will be the death of this once great series.
  • Yeah Scott Bakula! I miss Enterprise

    I'm giving it a 10 b/c I love NCIS and Scott Bakula :)

    though it seemed like his accent was coming and going, needs to work on that.

    Where is the "Great lakes" office? All I can think of is Michigan.
  • Seeing double!

    Lame. I won't watch the spinoff. If I want to watch the same characters, I'll watch the original. Pride and Gibbs don't just act the same, they look it.

    I want more of Lucas Black!!! The episode was so-so, but Lucas Black made the episode superior!
  • Their were a lot of this lacking

    I like ncis and ncis:la, they work because they are different. The relationships are different and how the team is lead is different as well. The dynamics are different which makes it interesting to watch.

    I didn't totally hate it but I didn't totally love it either. The most interesting character is Brody(the female) I wish the would have brought her back as Jennifer Coats and made the connection to JAG louder. Pride is a good character maybe trying to hard on the accent, but I keep expecting some weird sci-fi stuff to happen, I think that is what he is known for. The younger male needs to go, nothing like someone from Alabama. He is way to stiff and doesn't look like he belongs odd man out.

    On the whole I liked the episode, but I don't know if it will make it. I keep hoping the younger guy is the one who killed the congressman so we can get him out of there
  • three letter word for la

    I enjoyed this backdoor pilot. It reminded me of the NCIS backdoor with JAG. Maybe a little too much. King is the renegade investigator, so was Jethro. He has an ex-cop partner, ditto Jethro. He has a beef with all the red tape and agency bull, again ditto for Gibbs. So it may be a little too close. But maybe not.

    I don't follow NCIS:LA, because it is absolutely nothing like NCIS except for the letters. So having another INVESTIGATIVE unit, instead of some super cool undercover team would be a nice fresh way to tell the stoies like NCIS does that I have grown to need on a Tuesday.

    Having said that, if CBS does it on any other night but wEDNESDAY (After Survivor), I probably won't watch it. I won't compete against NFL to start the season on a Monday or Sunday, and frankly it doesn't grab me enough to take me away from the other shows I watch around the are already too full, Thursdays are getting there. And Friday would do it a disservice.

    I liked Bakula, but I am biased. And Lucas Black can be intense enough to chip diamonds, so that would be a nice break, because the dynamic would be a 180 from Gibbs and DiNozzo.

    In the NCIS backdoor, one of Gibbs' team made a career ending mistake. I would hope Brody isn't the one to do that in next week's episode.

    Also Pauly Perette is positively glowing.
  • NCIS New Orleans spinoff success doubtful

    I have really enjoyed the two existing NCIS series and would gladly welcome a spinoff, but this backdoor pilot was terrible. The new characters weren't believable and you could feel the actors acting. The whole episode felt contrived. Even the performance of Scott Bakula (who I loved in Enterprise) was very hit and miss; his southern accent was terribly inconsistent to the point of distraction and I didn't believe his relationship with Gibbs or his job as an NCIS agent at all. The Red Team spinoff pilot was MUCH more believable and better all around. If it didn't make it, then I can't imagine this New Orleans spinoff will.
  • Please please please give me a spinoff!

    I watched all 3 Law & Orders and enjoyed all 3. NCIS has a good thing going on. I didn't like the RED spinoff they tried out but this one is gold. With Scott Bakula leading this show would be awesome.

    NCIS is good but it got kind of stale without Ziva and I've missed a couple of episodes. I didn't care for LA at first but I've been watching all of the episodes lately. They need to add this NCIS spinoff to give us some new people. NCIS will always be king, but it won't hurt to add some new faces to the franchise.
  • Not bad

    For what it is worth, I enjoyed this episode. I am not really sure as to the need of another NCIS spin-off, but pilot or not, I liked this episode in its own right and thought that the guest stars were good.

    The case itself wasn't uninteresting either, and it didn't cover well-trodden ground; we haven't had the chance to look too closely at too many of Gibbs and Franks' cases, and this episode gave probably as good a pretext for that as it could.
  • Let's make a trade

    I will take one Brody for one Bishop. Liked the New Orleans version of Gibbs. .
  • Promising!

    Not particularly sure if we need another spin-off. NCIS and NCISLA are among my favourite shows, but do I need a third? Not so sure.

    One thing that is abundantly clear is that the team dynamics of the RED team in the backdoor NCIS: Red pilots from NCISLA last year (which never came into fruition) are far better than this New Orleans team. Kim Raver was extraordinary there, and I thought Red had a lot of potential.

    With regards to the New Orleans group, Pride is actually a fantastic character, and I enjoy his ties to the original team. However, I'm not quite convinced on the rest o the team. They're OK, but nothing special at this point in time.

    I also would have preferred Red over this because NCIS New Orleans is in its essence the same as NCIS or NCISLA, just in another city, whereas Red had the potential to be something very different, and there was probably more of a chance for it in the CBS line-up.

    Having said that, the actual episode and the case for this one was far more interesting than the cases that we had for the backdoor pilots of Red or even LA, with a very interesting killing turning serial, and the members of the team being in the line of fire.

    Overall, if they ade NCIS New Orleans, I would definitely watch it, but I think we can live without it. Will wait an see what happens in Part 2 before saying anymore!
  • Awesome episode

    Bakula and Harmon work great together, I think the spinoff will do good.
  • Well, that sucked!

    Title says it all. Don't think this spin off will do any better than NCIS Red or whatever the NCIS LA spin off was called!
  • The episode yesterday was one of the best.

    The episode yesterday was one of the best. Scott Bakula and Mark Harmon together is great.
  • Thought episode was intriguing with a return to good writing and a strong team dynamic

    This episode was a great introduction to the new series, but importantly it brought back a more natural interaction between our beloved NCIS characters. It had suspense, mystery and good writing. Hopefully if the writing continues to get back to its best, the fans will back off a bit on the Bishop venting and continue to support this great series. That's not to say it wouldn't be great to have more Gibbs and Tony interaction and a serious, action filled Tony centered story .
  • best ever!

    Very nice city feel. The crew is getting a lot of the vibe of the group and the culture without the over exaggeration of movies of the past. Top Notch move!
  • Thought they finally had the little girl in the background

    Unfortunately now she's being thrown in my face - 'cause she went to . with Gibbs. UGH!

    Didn't see the new female agent that was sent to help in . but she is definitely an Agent! I look forward to seeing more of her next week (continued). Hopefully nothing bad happens to her. She would be a much better agent for Gibb's Team.................