Season 11 Episode 19

Crescent City "Part II"

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 01, 2014 on CBS
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Conclusion. A copycat of the Privileged Killer is hunted in New Orleans.
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  • What a waste of time

    Episodes 18 & 19 were aired on one evening over here. Usually I would have enjoyed it - two new NCIS-episodes in a row. But not this time.

    Why creating a spin off when you don't have a good idea for it? And your main series is in serious trouble? I don't get it.

    So, there's the next "old partner" of Gibbs. How many will there turn up in future? Not believable! The characters of Pride and LaSalle were like transfer pictures of Gibbs and Tony - but boring ones. Reminded me a bit of the episode "Doppelganger" in season 2 - unfortunately, Crescent City wasn't funny at all. Didn't like the spin off for LA that much, but this was even worse. Weak, pointless storyline that led to nowhere in the end. Too many characters, too much New Orleans, too much Bishop, too less real NCIS.

    Andrea? - Disgusting! ("Organic", right)? Gibbs got the elevator-thing from Pride - stupid! The voodoo doll - the only "funny" idea Glasberg had? Tony let McGee go alone - mistake! Wouldn't have happened a few seasons ago. Bishop knows how to compare tire tracks - bullshit!

    Some here said they would have liked Brody instead of Bishop. Although I liked Brody I can't see her in Gibbs' team.

    And then that girl again ... I shouldn't start it again, but I can't help but have to mention that awful car-repair-scene, and that I almost died inside when she was in the field. She looks so ridiculous as a field agent, I can't stand it. And get her off the desk! Please! I wished Gibbs would have forgotten her in New Orleans. Wouldn't have missed her at all.

    Happy to see Vance again. Missed him in the episodes before. Enjoyed every second of scenes in D. C. without that girl, and without that bloody voodoo stuff. (A bit wasted - Fornell, but he wasn't the only one). But these few seconds couldn't save it! But one point for that. And the other point goes to Loretta - the most unique character of New Orleans. And they should keep the kid. :D Only funny character on the whole show.

    Stop that crap, get rid off Bishop, and get back to the real NCIS! And, please, Mr. Glasberg, stop writing scripts! You are as untalented as a writer as Wickersham is as an actor!moreless
  • Part 2

    They tried to copy True Detective, and they tried too hard to be "New Orleans-y" in this episode. I'm not excited for this series next year, and I was disappointed immensely by the second half of this story.
  • Less an episode than a promo for the spinoff

    The spinoff looks positively awful. Bakula's southern accent came and went like Hillary Clinton's. He's not credible as a Gibbs clone because he starred in too many episodes of Quantum Leap in a dress. Casting for the new show looks like it was done by Shonda Rhimes. Watch any of her shows to get my meaning.

    The only weak point in the episode was high healthcare costs, for daughter and mother, was the reason for Congressman accepting the bribe. Since members of Congress have the best medical insurance, in the world, his daughter's medical problems would not cost him anything. Being a congressman, he would have been able to afford health insurance, for his mother.

    The reason was an indirect plug, for Obamacare, since it would remove the reason for someone to be bribed. In the past year, more shows have inserted these types of plugs, for Obamacare, which are turn-offs for roughly half the viewers that do not support Obamacare. Hollywood should concentrate on making good shows and leave the politics out.moreless

    Just imo McLellan (Brody) would be a much better asset to the team than bishop. I liked McLellan already when she was in JAG as PO Coates.

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