Season 11 Episode 19

Crescent City "Part II"

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 01, 2014 on CBS

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  • What a waste of time

    Episodes 18 & 19 were aired on one evening over here. Usually I would have enjoyed it - two new NCIS-episodes in a row. But not this time.

    Why creating a spin off when you don't have a good idea for it? And your main series is in serious trouble? I don't get it.

    So, there's the next "old partner" of Gibbs. How many will there turn up in future? Not believable! The characters of Pride and LaSalle were like transfer pictures of Gibbs and Tony - but boring ones. Reminded me a bit of the episode "Doppelganger" in season 2 - unfortunately, Crescent City wasn't funny at all. Didn't like the spin off for LA that much, but this was even worse. Weak, pointless storyline that led to nowhere in the end. Too many characters, too much New Orleans, too much Bishop, too less real NCIS.

    Andrea? - Disgusting! ("Organic", right)? Gibbs got the elevator-thing from Pride - stupid! The voodoo doll - the only "funny" idea Glasberg had? Tony let McGee go alone - mistake! Wouldn't have happened a few seasons ago. Bishop knows how to compare tire tracks - bullshit!

    Some here said they would have liked Brody instead of Bishop. Although I liked Brody I can't see her in Gibbs' team.

    And then that girl again ... I shouldn't start it again, but I can't help but have to mention that awful car-repair-scene, and that I almost died inside when she was in the field. She looks so ridiculous as a field agent, I can't stand it. And get her off the desk! Please! I wished Gibbs would have forgotten her in New Orleans. Wouldn't have missed her at all.

    Happy to see Vance again. Missed him in the episodes before. Enjoyed every second of scenes in D. C. without that girl, and without that bloody voodoo stuff. (A bit wasted - Fornell, but he wasn't the only one). But these few seconds couldn't save it! But one point for that. And the other point goes to Loretta - the most unique character of New Orleans. And they should keep the kid. :D Only funny character on the whole show.

    Stop that crap, get rid off Bishop, and get back to the real NCIS! And, please, Mr. Glasberg, stop writing scripts! You are as untalented as a writer as Wickersham is as an actor!
  • Part 2

    They tried to copy True Detective, and they tried too hard to be "New Orleans-y" in this episode. I'm not excited for this series next year, and I was disappointed immensely by the second half of this story.
  • Less an episode than a promo for the spinoff

    The spinoff looks positively awful. Bakula's southern accent came and went like Hillary Clinton's. He's not credible as a Gibbs clone because he starred in too many episodes of Quantum Leap in a dress. Casting for the new show looks like it was done by Shonda Rhimes. Watch any of her shows to get my meaning.

    The only weak point in the episode was high healthcare costs, for daughter and mother, was the reason for Congressman accepting the bribe. Since members of Congress have the best medical insurance, in the world, his daughter's medical problems would not cost him anything. Being a congressman, he would have been able to afford health insurance, for his mother.

    The reason was an indirect plug, for Obamacare, since it would remove the reason for someone to be bribed. In the past year, more shows have inserted these types of plugs, for Obamacare, which are turn-offs for roughly half the viewers that do not support Obamacare. Hollywood should concentrate on making good shows and leave the politics out.

    Just imo McLellan (Brody) would be a much better asset to the team than bishop. I liked McLellan already when she was in JAG as PO Coates.
  • Please stop!

    Please relieve Ms. Wickersham from her role. The vapid, twitchy personality does not suit the overall personality of the series. Her character makes Gibbs, Tony and McGee look like bumblers. Delilah would make a much better agent than Emily. Cute and perky as she is, she doesn't seem like a good fit. ZIva set the bar very, very high, and there are few who can match her.
  • A great episode

    I loved this episode. I hope they make NO. Great
  • OK episode despite some unlikely moves

    The episode interested me, and it moved along well. The new actors were OK. What bothered me was the cliche, saccharine tidbits throughout, like the wonderful charity-doting New Orleans people loaded with soul, good food, working at poor Indian schools, leaving Harvard for police work, charity time at local hospitals, etc. Brother! Though not so needed, I liked Tony with the voodoo doll and all the talk with Betts and others about being let down by McLane .

    I thought these things were a stretch/unlikely **spoilers**:

    1. Why not just kill Congressman McLane, and don't bother framing Titus or anyone? Background: McLane feels guilty and is about to confess that he (when he was a NCIS agent) framed Lorta as the serial killer when the real serial killer (Hanlon) bribed McLane to nail the wrong man. So Hanlon kills McLane. That is fine. No one knows why McLane was killed. Hanlon should have left it like that. Why complicate things by framing Titus?

    2. Why would Hanlon plant clues (the white uniform material under the fingernails and the aviation fuel) pointing at Tutus even before the cops discovered the cc'd letter to Lorta and before the cops would take any interest in it? And why should the cops take much interest in that letter of many such letters? Also, why would Titus be both a fan of Lorta's innocence and a financial supporter of McLane at the same time? (Background: when Lorta was in prison, Titus wrote a fan letter to Lorta, a letter Titus ccc'd [sent a copies to] McLane and Hanlon. How could Hanlon know/hope that the letters would be saved [by the warden it so happened] after Lorta died, and that the cops would bother to read the letters and take a big interest today in the cc'd letter mentioned above?)

    3. The whole thing with the greedy little kid eyewitness didn't seem right. Background: the cops handed out business cards at the murder scene asking for witnesses to come forward. OK, fine. Then the cops get phone calls and hang-ups without a word said. Why would the cops return to the murder scene expecting anyone to come forward? Why would the eyewitness kid hang up? After all, he wanted to meet the cops and get paid for his info. If anything, it was more discrete to arrange a meeting over the phone rather than meet in the open at the crime scene!
  • Tiresome

    I could barely stay awake! I have watched this show since the beginning. It used to be riveting. DeNoozo's character was never played as a silly/airhead/childish agent. Abby was interesting, and was never over-the-top silly and fawning. What happened? It has nothing to do with Ziva leaving; I enjoyed Kate's character much more than Ziva's. The writing has become tiresome and predictable. The first couple of years did have some lighthearted and funny moments, but they were only moments, and well done. Now, the writers are trying too hard to make it a comedy, and have instead made it a comedy of errors.
  • I don't think so ..

    I like Scott Bakula, but the role he is playing doesn't fit.

    after all .. I think the NCIS part was also weakened by this script. Gibbs watching idly and smiling while his "brother" hits a lobbyist. And then all the clichs .. man that really hurt.

    I'm not sure this new spinoff is worth it .. but we'll see
  • McGee --- or should we say super McGee!

    I really don't know how he does it. McGee has never been seriously injured. He walks away from a blow that should have put him in hospital with a concussion for a week. He's right next to a building that blows up and he's only got a scratch. He gets glass in his side and it's just a stitch or two. He's got to have super powers right? The man of steel under all of that geekiness.
  • Still need to get rid of the little girl trying to be an agent.

    Seems this is a spinoff for a NCIS-new Orleans - hope not. Just keep NCIS with Gibb's Team - without the little girl agent. But I do like the short haired Brunette agent - she would be so much better as part of Gibb's Team... - ---as for the show this week & last - couldn't get into with the little girl agent - just kept making me want to throw up. - Every time I thought I could enjoy the show - she showed up
  • Average two episodes....

    Did not enjoy the last two episodes. Scott Bakula just doesn't seem to be right for this part as a southerner with that accent. Couldn't they have just made him a northern transplant from DC to New Orleans living there for some time, instead? But you never know after the series starts and it gets going a few episodes............

    This season of NCIS has been average at best. Not because Ziva is gone, have been watching it just because it's NCIS. Haven't looked forward to it each week as I did in the previous seasons. Everyone seems boring this year. The Character of Bishop needs to be more animated. As I commented previously, would love for them to bring in the character Agent Vera Strickland onto the show as a regular.
  • Fun and interesting.

    I don't really know if I want NCIS New Orleans to be a thing, but I did enjoye this episode, which had the continuation of a great case that took us in many different directions.

    I think the New Orleans team characters developed nicely, and I like some of them more than before, after watching just one part. What I don't like is the cheesy 'advertising' of New Orleans - they are just too OTT about it.

    I don't know i f this show should be a show, but I do know that this was a good episode! Lots of drama and interesting indeed! Lego sculprtures are a great things! :P
  • Got lost...

    Maybe it's because the first part of this episode was broadcast a week ago (yeah, such a long time for my well-working memory) but at some point I wasn't able to really follow anymore. Who, where, what, why? The plot wasn't complicated, the accent a little bit difficult to get into and the bribe part quite unsatisfactory, so maybe it was also just bad writing... Should watch both episodes again and maybe review my review... (as you can see from the three time "maybe", four time, I am still unsure and confused)
  • Ugh! Not worthy of airspace.

    I didn't think it was possible, but this weeks episode was WORSE than last week. Not only does the spin off look like it has a snowball's chance of succeeding, the current NCIS is slowly sinking into the abyss. I won't be surprised if ratings fall below 15.
  • No need for a spin off, better fix the original NCIS

    The cast for the NOLA spin off looks great but that's all. The writers of NCIS seem to have left when CBS let Cote de Pablo go! The story lines are not good anymore and the formerly fantastic characters are all kind of childish and silly now! The reason seems to be this teenage girl agent constantly babbling nonsense! Since Bishop joined the show this spin off attempt looks like another method to get the most out of it with old guys trying to act like young ones! Oh, Brotha, maybe Gibbs and Pride should retire instead taking Bishop with them!
  • season 11

    Although I love NCIS this season has been nothing but putty filler :(
  • Too many cliches to be found

    The good times really needed to roll into this story. Sadly, they didn't. I understand the writers wanting to do a 'backdoor pilot' for a New Orleans based did they have to cram just about every single clich about New Orleans into the two episodes? The accents were atrocious, even by television standards.

    As much as I love Scott Bakula and Mark Harmon, I found them extremely annoying in this storyline. I'm going to give this pilot 2 thumbs down.
  • Lets get back to the original NCIS with Gibbs as our leader.

    Sorry, but i think that the writers are trying to hard to "sell" the viewers on New Orleans and its charm. I am more interested in an a good plot. I think the first episode was ok- the second was boring, including all the characters. There were too many subplots, story line was trying to be too folksy at times, little drama and ending was flat. I won't bother watching it again. I love NCIS with Gibbs and his team except for the "Ziva's replacement- I don't think she adds anything positive to the show; I am surprised that Gibbs and the team let her get away with sitting on the floor and desks. I think Catherine Bell would be a great guest star for NCIS and have an interesting connection with Gibbs. NCiS still provides us with good acting, story lines that make sense and not too many sub plots- sometimes simplicity is good. Gibbs is a man of few words, but yet says so much. Lets get back to business with the original NCiS team.

  • Good episode

    I enjoyed this two parter. I am kind of hoping that it becomes its own show! As long as its not at the expense of the original.....
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