Season 11 Episode 19

Crescent City "Part II"

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 01, 2014 on CBS

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  • OK episode despite some unlikely moves

    The episode interested me, and it moved along well. The new actors were OK. What bothered me was the cliche, saccharine tidbits throughout, like the wonderful charity-doting New Orleans people loaded with soul, good food, working at poor Indian schools, leaving Harvard for police work, charity time at local hospitals, etc. Brother! Though not so needed, I liked Tony with the voodoo doll and all the talk with Betts and others about being let down by McLane .

    I thought these things were a stretch/unlikely **spoilers**:

    1. Why not just kill Congressman McLane, and don't bother framing Titus or anyone? Background: McLane feels guilty and is about to confess that he (when he was a NCIS agent) framed Lorta as the serial killer when the real serial killer (Hanlon) bribed McLane to nail the wrong man. So Hanlon kills McLane. That is fine. No one knows why McLane was killed. Hanlon should have left it like that. Why complicate things by framing Titus?

    2. Why would Hanlon plant clues (the white uniform material under the fingernails and the aviation fuel) pointing at Tutus even before the cops discovered the cc'd letter to Lorta and before the cops would take any interest in it? And why should the cops take much interest in that letter of many such letters? Also, why would Titus be both a fan of Lorta's innocence and a financial supporter of McLane at the same time? (Background: when Lorta was in prison, Titus wrote a fan letter to Lorta, a letter Titus ccc'd [sent a copies to] McLane and Hanlon. How could Hanlon know/hope that the letters would be saved [by the warden it so happened] after Lorta died, and that the cops would bother to read the letters and take a big interest today in the cc'd letter mentioned above?)

    3. The whole thing with the greedy little kid eyewitness didn't seem right. Background: the cops handed out business cards at the murder scene asking for witnesses to come forward. OK, fine. Then the cops get phone calls and hang-ups without a word said. Why would the cops return to the murder scene expecting anyone to come forward? Why would the eyewitness kid hang up? After all, he wanted to meet the cops and get paid for his info. If anything, it was more discrete to arrange a meeting over the phone rather than meet in the open at the crime scene!