Season 10 Episode 24

Damned If You Do

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 14, 2013 on CBS

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  • GG needs to stop writing finales and premiers!

    The writing for this episode was lacking. But some good acting made up for it. I love the scene in the elevator with jerk face trying to intimidate Ziva-the old Ziva probably would have turned around and punched him in the face (which most viewers wanted to see happen) but she just keep her back turned to him and pretended to ignore him. And the scene where she says she didn't care about her job, she cared about her family (which is why I think how they wrote her out in season 11 made no sense-she might leave her job, but there is no way she would leave her "family"). And of course, when Abby said she wanted to hit Parsons in a delicate place. But it wasn't a good cliffhanger by any means.
  • Heck yea

    Wish I can watch it
  • No More Tiva, please!!

    Give the Tony- Ziva romance a rest, will you?!

    Ziva is the least likeable character so it won't matter if she is there or not.

    Get back to the crime scenes and the other professional interactions between the team - that is where the strength of this great series lies.
  • Vote to keep all main characters

    The show left me sitting on the edge of my seat. It was wonderful. But on a down side. I disike getting intrested in any show just to have a main character killed.. I didn't start watching NCIS until after Ziva started. I did go back and watch as many shows as I could to catch up. I don't know if I will continue to watch NCIS if they kill off any of their main characters. Surely the writers can keep us watching their shows without having to kill anyone. I hope Ducky (David McCullough) can stay with NCIS. I have always loved his character.
  • Great

  • Great

  • can't wait to see the next season

    just wondering if Tony is in love with Ziva ?

    he spent years keeping his feelings for Caitlin and never revealed them, and she finally died...
  • Flummoxed

    Thought this episode was so was camped out in the middle of the forest with no way to communicate. If so how did his team find him? Then there was the fact of him talking to Mike. Was this in fact him talking to himself and trying to work out his next move?The impression I got from the team handing in their badges was that they had taken the blame for what happened all those years ago. This let Gibbs off the hook so he could take up another assignment on his is a puzzle to think about when I have nothing else to episode was only shown here on 19 thought he had shot Fornell

  • Unconventional but exceptional!

    Well I thought the first half (or more) of the episode was quite slow-moving, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but there didn't seem to be all that many breathtaking developments that I thought we would have.

    Nonetheless, the storyline developed nicely nand it got us to a position where we had some stunning scenes at the end of the episode!

    The badges turned in! Gibbs going off somewhere! And what on earth was that last scene about!? I'm stunned! Can't believe that stuff going down!

    I don't know what to think about what is next to come! I just can't wait to see the start of Season 11! I think Season 10 ha s been just about the best season ever!

    ETA: Forgot to mention the brilliance of Abby Sciuto in this episode! She was so funny with her bi-weekly elevator meetings and her "shoot Richard" video game! :P
  • aweome episode

    can not wait til next season
  • Best episode ever

    The more I watch NCIS the more I Love it. I hope they don't end the program.
  • TIVA ???

    Since both Tony and Ziva has resigned from NCIS they can now engage in romance, I really hope they get to be a couple and I think even Gibbs knows about them liking each other.
  • Good Episode Same old TIVA

    Turn of events was good and i enjoyed the story line where Tony , Ziva and Mc Gee suddenly give resignation and Gibbs points the gun at Fornell Nice Twist of events. Hope the 11th season also has more good story disappointment for TIVA fans always friendly kiss between the two same like Jagg episodes. So now we know how TIVA is going to end each episode. If the writer does not make something special TIVA fans will loose interest . Lets see how the 11th season goes
  • NCIS Season 10 Finale

    As for season finales, this episode was a bit weak. However, I think that it was nice that they did not give us a huge cliffhanger to agonize over for the next 4 months! I was also reading the comments about the episode. Did everyone forget that the team all turned their badges in?? That was confusing but I cannot wait to see how it all ends!
  • Good episode

    I didn't have high hopes for this episode because Glasberg wrote it and he is not their best writer. I was right, it was a good but certainly not a great one. I like lots of twists and turns and this episode had that but the really good suspense for a season finale was just not there and I blame Glasberg for that. He needs to let the better writers to their jobs. I guess we have closure on Tony being mad at Ziva but again Glasberg said this was the year if TIVA and we get this stupidity. He ruined all the great scenes this year for them by that one dumb scene at the burn site. It amazes me that that Kensi and that scruffy faced Deeks can kiss in Season 4 and we still get nothing more than a forehead kiss in 8 Seasons. He always makes these promises and just jerks we TIVA fans every year with his supposed stupid teases. I said last year he was a jerk and I'll repeat that same statement this year. I get mad at myself that I get so involved in this show but it is the only show on TV that I will not miss - my bad. I will not stop watching but some of the glee in watching is gone. All I can do is hope for something better next year.
  • Good but could be better

    i think it was a great episode, but for a season finale..... NCIS is the best tv series but need to recover the fans with good episodes
  • its offical - worst season ever and losing fans fast.

    After watching twice, yet again the fans were let down by the jumping of screens and the racing of plot-lines that half the time didnt make sense.

    As for TIVA, hopefully now we can gt rid of Ziva and someoneill take a baseball bat to the back of Tonys hed and finally knock some sense into him. No woman is worth the wait or the time spend with to be cheated on again. Most other fan sites are ripping the series apart,why isnt this one????
  • Finale-finish next year

    Episode in transition: A bridge between a great season and hopefully next one to be just as great.

    The ending reminded me the end of last episode of season 6 which was followed by some exquisite episodes. Hopefully we will see the same greatness next year. I expect that the young pop-up lawyer will be put in his place with disgrace and Gibbs with the team will prevail and deal with potential nuclear terrorism from enemies of the free world.

    I have one serious problem with this entire review process: should NOT accept reviews from people who did not watch the episode. In particular I would like to see the membership of "kimmiemccammo" terminated for rating an episode 1.5 without watching it.
  • don't assume anything ...

    Fornell was obviously guarding someone (like the secret service do) ... I bet whomever that was is the person that Gibbs actually shot ... but they need to give people something to fret about over the summer break
  • What the [censored] !!!!

    NCIS and cliffhangers damn it I hate that :D! They're good, I'll need a few days to put last episode away!

    Colin Hanks (Parsons) look a lot like Joseph Gordon-Levitt I think, isn't it?

    That apart that was a very good ending for the season unlike some others shows I watched!!! Even if that will be hard to wait till season 11.

    Concerning the shooting I don't think that Gibbs had shoot Fornel, or that was a blank bullet. He is not the kind of guy who could shoot a friend to save is own ass even for his team ass. He repeated enough that he wanted to fight clean with Parsons. But I don't know what is coming, if think that will be damn good.

    NCIS was a little off I think last couple seasons with the background story even if episodes take one by one were good but they manage to make it better with the story of Eli and the murder of Leon's wife.

    Regarding Ziva and Tony I don't know if something happens between them in Berlin, or before in Paris but I hope that they will be more than friends. Maybe at the end of NCIS (in a few years... 10 or 20 :D) they wouldn't break Gibbs's rules :D!

    Oh and 10 points for Abby and her game!

    Edit: I forget, it was nice to see AJ Chegwiden again!

    I think that the writers had so many storylines on the go this season that they tried to finish them all off in one episode. WRONG. It's been a great season but they really let us down with that mish mash of season finale. I'm really disappointed. It could have been at least a double to finish things off & still leave us with a great cliffhanger. I do hope this isn't a sign of things to come!
  • Gibbs' nightmares and hallucinatory interludes were more interesting than the main plot!

    It proved that, even though he's long since made up with his biological dad, Mike Franks is still the one he thinks of as the wise father-figure. As in: "How would Old Mike get out of this one?"

    And, while I'm glad that Vance and all those other big-wigs rallied around him, at Prettyboy Parsons' expense, it was kind of a foregone conclusion that the season-ending cliffhanger wouldn't be Gibbs going away in handcuffs and penal orange cover-alls. So, I just couldn't get all edge-of-my-seat tense over his situation!

    The only other thing, besides the internal dialogues with Mike Franks, that kept me from rating this episode a total failure? The subplot with the irradiated head of Lt. Chadwick. Was he killed by domestic reactionary terrorists? Is that what the original NCIS director was telling Vance? It would certainly explain the apparent involvement of FBI Agent Tobias Fornell. As well as adding mystery to why Gibbs literally had him in his crosshairs in that "tbc" epilogue!
  • Great Season Finale

    This was a great season finale. Can't wait to see what the team was planning to do by resigning and why Gibbs "shot" Fornell. (I put shot in quotations 'cause I doubt he'd actually kill
  • great episode

    Great episode, i love cliffhangers, keeps you on the edge of your seat to wait till the new season to find out the truth
  • season 11 needs to get here fast

    what happened i watched it and was thoroughly confused. are Gibbs family still on the show. what happened to fornell.
  • Franks was the odd man in this episode.

    Great that Tony and Ziva are finally getting closer. As for the cliff hanger I believe that it is another Gibbs dream. Chegwidden was a pleasant surprise. What was Franks doing there?-lose him in the future.
  • Loved it

    Parsons is definitely the kind of guy who gotta hate to watch...... Abby creating a game to take down parson - Priceless.

    going after Gibbs - horrible, made the entire show -tense.

    As for the ending - I doubt if gibbs shoots Fornell - probably someone close by...

    But I guess we will all know in a few months Which will be really hard having to wait.............
  • Hmm..

    So, will Tony and Ziva be destined to be just friends?
  • The best show ever

    It was really a great episode.
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