Season 8 Episode 5

Dead Air

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 19, 2010 on CBS

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  • A Politically Outspoken Radio Host Is Gunned Down, Leading The Team To Uncover A Terrorist Conspiracy Involving A Patriotic Organization.

    "Dead Air" is a great episode of "NCIS". This episode does a very good job in keeping the viewer's interest throughout and the suspense just doesn't let up. There is another excellent here and that is wide of suspects. It was very hard to guess who the killer was until the very final minute. The funniest scene was when Tony interviewed suspects in the suburbs. What added to the enjoyment here are the twists. They were plausible. The final scene was absolutely marvelous. It was great to see Jethro and Ziva playing baseball. After 7 seasons, "NCIS" doesn't disappoint. An excellent episode.
  • Dead Air--My father taught me!!!

    As always I love NCIS. But by far this ending was great because of the interaction between Ziva and Gibbs.

    I would love to know the writers thoughts on Ziva's statement that "my father taught me!!!" I took it to mean Gibbs? I may be wrong, but I rather be wrong this time!!
  • Silly plot ruined it for me.


    There was precious little to offset the ridiculous plot. I doubt that there has ever been a case in the U.S. of rich people in a gated community becoming terrorists, and for such a silly cause. They objected to the federal government spending so much on foreign aid (and I suppose our military presence abroad), when the money could be better used on law enforcement domestically! Again, I'd willingly suspend disbelief if there were enjoyable characters and scenes, but "Nada."
  • Dead on arrival.


    I'm disappointed this episode has the highest rating in season 8, we're not even at the halfway point in the season and practically all the episodes before this were better. It had an Interesting concept ruined by dodgy one liners and sloppy cohesion and metaphors. A live death on the airwaves could have been far more interesting and less predictable then this farce. The dialogue was the worst component, extremely forced one liners and dreadful exposition made for one grating hour of television.

  • Oh, the horrors of badly written symbolism.

    Symbolism, in the hands of a master like Bronte or Dostoyevsky, expands the meaning of the narrative, giving the reader an instinctual awareness of underlying tensions, paints in the colors of the mood, and lets us understand, without being told in dialogue or description, the themes and characters of a work.

    Unfortunately, ham-fisted, banana-peel, in-your-face symbolism is the mark of unskilled pens, and writers who have no respect for their subject matter. They cannot be bothered to flesh out characters into whole people who hint at lives beyond their 43 minutes of screen time; they won't dig deep enough to find motivations and histories that are fully formed, that might inform the decisions and actions of real people, or that could possibly give the episode's action and plot-line any relevance or immediacy.

    One wonders why they bother to name their characters at all beyond "Justice Avenger," "Sinister Beauty," or "Village Idiot." Or, perhaps, I've been watching a 1950s comic book all along - or, since season 5.5 anyway.

    Baseball. Suburban blandness turned evil. Wiping out history. A return of weapons. Enforced silence. Blindness. Father figures. Dead Air.

    Cleverness is not a substitute for good writing, emotion-involving plot, well-formed character development, or humor. Ask Data. He wrote 'clever' poetry that bored the socks off people.

    I'm asking myself, did the writers finally come to the realization that Ziva's character has been so badly written/conceived that they must return to yesterday (!), wipe out their own utterly hopeless work of the past few years, and try to begin again? Have they turned to each other in the writers' room and said, "I can't come up with anything stupider, more idiotic, more thoughtless or less like a true federal agent for Tony to say, so let's make him mute?" Are they hoping that the fans, much like Abby, will be able to turn a blind eye to the down-grading of this once semi-intelligent show and hope against hope that they've turned the train around and it's finally on the right track?

    This episode convinced me of nothing except that the writers are still messing with the fans, fans who, they believe, will never blink twice at what the symbolism shows us. Gibbs/Ziva are father and daughter, bonded more deeply than anyone else, therefore she is excused anything, with Tony and Tim standing on the sidelines as the joke of the week. Abby will continue to turn a blind eye to her hero with feet of clay. Tony will chase after normalcy - and, even worse, Ziva - in a totally Marx Brothers, I Love Lucy way, and never quite catch it.

    These characters are what you have made them, Shane Brennan. Don't try to turn back the clock to when they made sense as federal agents, or when they had - or deserved - any respect for each other. As much as I'd love a return to ClassicGibbs who worked well with his team, SmartTony who solved cases and saved lives, HonorableTim who wasn't polished or urbane but lovable and humble, and QuirkyAbby who could do anything with evidence and still maintain her little girl charm, it seems all you're willing to give us is OldZiva in an attempt to erase the utterly vindictive and underhanded things she's done.

    I'd rather watch reruns or DVDs. I'm closing the book on this one. Turning out the light. Switching channels. What do you think of my symbolism?
  • Huge improvement on last week's inte3rnational mess.

    I was very pleased with the bounceback of NCIS, after the sub-par episode which we received last week. This was an episode which featured a great case. The opening scenes were terrific, and they added a nice atmosphere into the rest of the episode.

    The wide range of suspects that NCIS had certainly was a great thing to see, as it lowered the episode's predictability. This was clearly a great eidea, and it helps bost the show after 'Royals & Loyals'.

    I'd highly reocommend this episode! Not quite there just yet, but this episode goes a long way to ensuring tat we get quality NCIS episodes in the coming weeks!
  • Don't flatter yourself, that's just my knee...

    For those who still wonder how character interaction could affect a TV show, this is what will make you realize how NCIS managed to keep the ratings sky-high until now.
    An average plot consisting in Gibbs and the team looking to stop a terrorist threat coming from the "inside" is the background for some really nice development between the main characters. It is now clear that Tony and Ziva relationship is getting over that last tumultous events of the last season, and probably even moving further faster than we believe. The UST and the teasing is back, and after five years, It's gotta lead somewhere!
  • "Hey jogger people!" "Joggers!" - Tony :)-

    Wow, first episode of NCIS that actually prompted a review out of me. Very, very good - best episode of this season (in my opinion). Home run. :)

    The way I see it, what constitutes a good NCIS episode is a balance of suspense, humor, with a sprinkle of good references (cultural, or in Tony's case, movies) & this episode tosses them all together in a very entertaining way. To sum it up: Tony's squeaky, McGee's skinny, Ziva is getting back to her roots, and, of course, Gibbs rocks. the house. Again it proves why NCIS is the #1 show on TV.
  • wow, what a great episode. The tiva definitely made it stand out for me. The undercovers references were totally amazing and Tony saying he liked the old Ziva was awesome. Another 'did they sleep together or not?' possibility but good.

    wow, what a great episode. The tiva definitely made it stand out for me. The undercovers references were totally amazing and Tony saying he liked the old Ziva was awesome. Another 'did they sleep together or not?' possibility but good. Tony's sore throat made for amusement all episode long. Things like that can feel cliche but it didn't. Tony piping up every now again with a little comment ("Top gear!") or a squeaky "Help Boss!" Classic.
    I was a little concerned that the throat thing might have to do with Tony's lungs after SWAK/plague, since this episode seemed to be full of bringing old things up (which is great. For the people that know NCIS inside out, thats what we want) but that was left as just a cough.... for now.
    Ziva undercover as Ziva was interesting, and even the terrorists ideas were interesting, not a normal terrorist group. Ziva interacting with the teenage girl was interesting, i felt there was some resemblance felt there. I predict Daddy David is gonna be back sometime soon, though i don't think Ziva will be able to forgive him, even if she can now remember the good times.
    The baseball sub plot was cute, some DiNozzo and McGee friendship and I loved Ziva saying "my father taught me." though i'm assuming she was talking about Director David and not slyly hinting that it was "father figure" Gibbs.
    either way, this episode had a bit of everyone, except jimmy, and i was interested the whole way through. great character interaction and great everything. Best episode of the season so far for me.
  • With the discovery that a domestic terrorist group is going to set off a bomb after a triple murder at a radio station, NCIS sends Ziva under cover as her old Mossad self to procure information.

    I. Freaking. Loved. This. Episode. Definitely my favorite yet of the season. It was overall well done, with an interesting case, HILARIOUS humor (I'm sorry MW got sick, but come on, squeaky Tony is a RIOT), and time for all the characters to shine. I especially loved the prominence Ziva played in this episode and how there were many allusions to how she has changed. You could really feel her confliction when Ziva spoke to the daughter about fathers and forgiveness. I also LOVED all the Tiva scenes, especially when Ziva jumped on Tony to protect him from a bomb and we had a little eye sex coupled with great "Under Covers" references (Tony commenting how he missed the old Ziva, aww, and LOL: "Don't flatter yourself- that's my knee" *snicker*). SO MELT-WORTHY! The ending was sweet too; Ziva throwing a baseball with Gibbs. Our little American :D
  • It was an episode full of discoveries.

    The viewers discovered that a terrorist by any other name could be your affluent next door neighbour.

    Ziva discovered that, like said terrorist's daughter, she might at least empathize with fatherly errors, if not fully forgive them. She also discovered that her father did teach her some good things while he tried to be a father. Most importantly, she discovered that Tony is worth saving and that his knee is definitely in the right place... ;o}

    Tony discovered that he couldn't keep his mouth shut for a moment never mind a day, that bullets dipped in Chamomille tea will not bring down a deer, and that despite it really just being his knee, he was truly glad to see Ziva...

    And this old gal discovered that she could indeed almost rate an episode a full 10 just on the basis of that one beautiful smile from Gibbs at the end. Luckily, she's not quite that shallow...not quite.
  • another great episode for season 8. references from tony and zivas past and domestic threats in the u.s.

    another good episode with a few twist on the who done it. it had everything in the mix from the dead beat dad that ziva could connect with the daughter and a group of people in a rich neighborhood trying to get the country to wake up and look at the problems that exist at home but in a dramatic way with a bomb at a baseball game. love the cast and how they interact with each other and you can tell they love to do this show. the ziva and tony moments about past episodes was good. references to boxed in and undercovers and tony teasing mcgee about if he and ziva really did sleep together or not was funny. the end where gibbs and ziva where playing catch was good to see and i think she was refering to gibbs as the father just by the looks they shared. the looks they share on this show almost speak louder than the words. great episode, cant wait till next week.
  • dead air

    The opening scene was very interesting. It reminded me of another CBS series in Flashpoint, with the way that they just brought this unpredictable, shocking death to the forefront so early in the show. But after that, it was more of the same NCIS we have been getting for a decade. I hate to draw another comparison, but the whole Tony and McGee bonding over baseball and everyone playing baseball at the end, it just felt very Grey's Anatomy; not what NCIS was going for, I'll guess.

    This was surely a decent episode of the most popular show on TV right now, but we expect great from this show, and that is not what we got here tonight.