Season 8 Episode 5

Dead Air

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 19, 2010 on CBS



  • Quotes

    • (watching undercover Ziva bait suspect from car)
      Tony: How's Miss America doing? Who's she supposed to be again, anyway?
      McGee: She's playing herself, Tony. From five years ago, before she started at NCIS?
      Tony: Sassy, rogue Mossad agent. Sometimes I miss that little minx...
      McGee: Eh, it's only temporary until we find out what our suburban terrorists are planning.
      Tony: (watching through binoculars) ... she's not doing a very good job. Her body language is all wrong. Classic Ziva would have been more reckless; hair would have been more... wild. She was... very sexual then.
      McGee: You think Ziva's less sexual now?
      Tony: Compared to the Ziva I shared a bed with five years ago... Yeah.
      McGee: Yeah, but you guys were undercover... I mean, you were just putting on a show! (looks to Tony when he does not respond; Tony instead only stares with a yearning, reminiscent sort of look at Ziva) You were putting on a show, right?
      (Tony clears his throat loudly)

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