Season 4 Episode 5

Dead and Unburied

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 17, 2006 on CBS

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  • When you go to view a house, you dont expect to see a dead body in the living room

    This episode opens with a couple going to view a house. As they enter the living room they discover a dead body sitting in one of the chairs. The victims is Officer James Finn, he has been missing for 6 months. The NCIS team investigate and McGee discovers that the body was buried in the woods behind the house, dug up and placed in the living room the night before it was found.
    During the autopsy, Ducky confirms who the body belonged too. His girlfriend/Fiancé is called into NCIS and tells the team that James is in Iraq and has been writing to him. There is also another woman there claiming that she and James were a couple. One of the women believes that he is a special ops agent and both of them gave him money. When Gibbs contacts the men in the same unit out in Iraq and learn that James paid on of his friends to post letters back every few weeks since they arrived. When McGee goes to Rebecca's house (the red-haired fiancée), he finds her sleeping on her sofa bleeding after being shot. McGee searches her house after she is taken to hospital and finds a gun. The team believe that she shot herself. Jimmy goes back to the morgue to work on, Ducky leaves and the probie goes in to get a copy of a file. When she enters, her and jimmy start kissing and then head onto the floor. Gibbs searches the house that he was found in and discovers what looks like blood under the floor and so a sample is taken. Ziva & McGee head to his storage unit, and investigate. They find a bag hanging from the ceiling and the rest of the room is empty as they open it they find a bag full of gold coins.
    Through bone marrow DNA run against the DNA found in the underpants of the murdered man. Tony &Ziva take her to NCIS. She claims that she didn't kill, and that he simply hit his head. He asked to borrow money from her and she said no. Ducky gets the Husband to confess to burying him after he was dead. But Ducky informs him that the blunt force trauma to the head didn't kill him the fact that he was burying whilst still alive did.