Season 4 Episode 5

Dead and Unburied

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 17, 2006 on CBS

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  • Not the NCIS office's quietest day - catfight in the bullpen; and Jimmy & Lee apparently having sex in every room in the building.

    The mustache is gone! Thank all that's holy! As McGee said – the old Gibbs is back. He doesn't even talk now, just glares.

    It's good to see that Ducky's psychology degree paid off – 'a complete loon'? He's upset with Gibbs though – he doesn't tell the stories, just reports. Interrupting Gibbs during an interview was suicidal! The final fight was great!

    Maybe we should worry about Tony and McGee, since they're doing romantic things together like watching sunrises together and McGee strokes Tony's back… "He had me at 'Howdy'."

    McGee is spending way too much time with Tony! Instead of stopping the cat fight, he videos it! The fiancés are hilarious and pretty pathetic. Jody trying to 'rabbit' from Tony and Ziva was great – she was just late!

    Jimmy is having an affair with Lee?! In the autopsy lab?!

    The one part of the story that is kinda farfetched is a bag of gold hanging from the ceiling – that much gold? Shouldn't it be too heavy for a cloth bag, not to mention how easily Ziva held the bag?