Season 1 Episode 19

Dead Man Talking

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 27, 2004 on CBS

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  • Be ready for another terrific episode!

    It is terrible what happened to Chris Pacci. Gibbs took it really hard and Tony did too when Kate was asking questions about Pacci at his house.

    Tony had such energy, a fire in his belly when they got to go on the stakeout. I have to say McGee is sort of a mix between both Kate and Tony. He is a hard worker, jokes around when he wants to, willing to try new things. I really like McGee. So far, my favorite people on this show are Tony, Abby, and McGee.

    I definitely did not suspect that the woman, Amanda Reed would turn out to be Lt. Commander Voss. I wonder if she was a real person. Tony said everywhere Voss was so was Amanda. Could Amanda been in on it and Voss killed her assuming her identity? Was she the body they found three years ago? If not they have another murder to solve. Or did Voss have her setup at all these different locations in case he was ever found out? Just food for thought.

    I can not keep say this one or that one are my favorite episodes. There have only been one or two episodes that I did not care for. This one definitely makes my fabulous list.

    I almost forgot! Kate asking Tony what it was like tonguing a guy! OMG, I loved it! Totally harsh on Tony, but hilarious to no end, LOL!!
  • A favorite among the early episodes

    I've only gotten into this show recently, and I've seen a lot of reruns from the first 3 seasons. I completely understand why NCIS is only now becoming such a hit with the media, because I feel like it's really been hitting its stride this year.

    However, this episode was an excellent one. I think it's one of the best that I've seen from the first few seasons - it was a really great blend of humor, unpredictable twist and resolution in the case, and poignancy with one of the few male agent deaths in this series and how it affected the team, especially Gibbs and Tony.
  • Maybe Tony's NOT a 0 on the Kinsey scale.

    Kate is really starting to make a bad impression on me – it's just been one thing after another recently. One of their own agents is dead and Kate objects because she has a date?! For a former secret service agent, she really isn't very committed to her work ethic. Being a NCIS agent is not a 9 to 5 job, it's actually more of a calling than a career.

    Tony takes credit for McGee's truly impressive detective work but Gibbs always knows better. McGee is really good at the finicky details, Tony's the people person and Kate… god only knows given her recent performance.

    Tony will never live this down – this will be fodder for years. Poor baby! Though he pretty much asked for it – kissing her in a public place like that?!

    Two familiar faces: Frederic Lane (YED from SPN) and Jamie Sheridan.

    Very interesting episode.
  • Dead Man Talking

    A lot of people believe that NCIS was great from the beginning, but I really feel like it took a few years to get its footing (and to get Sasha Alexander out of there in favor of Cote de Pablo.) This episode though was really good. It was funny, but more importantly it was highly entertaining from start to finish and featured a brilliant twist resulting in a humorous situation for one Tony DiNozzo.

    And Gibbs pulling the trigger at the end? That was just, well, awesome and really further established the credibility of the character when it needed it.
  • Emotional

    This one was one of those cases, what Gibbs and everyone else takes very personally. It was one of them, found very brutally murdered and so.. team does their best to put together the pieces of what the dead agent was working.. And the thing is that Tony starts to get too interested on a woman they are following.. and oh.. that shock was just huge. I loved how they all ran over Tony in the end.. usually he is picking fun on others but.. this time.. That was just brilliant.

    I loved that we saw that other agent again. He happens to hang out with them quite often and that's great. He on the phone when Tony was "getting into his mess" was great. That man just sounded so panic that for sure, it was easy for Gibbs to figure it out that something is not right.

    So, great episode. The ending on the bar.. when Gibbs just arrived on the right moment.. that was brilliant
  • While the rest of this episode is not bad, the way NCIS-people deal with the woman who killed their agent is out of the line.

    It is agreeable that the team is really angry about someone killing one of their own. And their reactions are probably realistic. But What I really did not like was all the stuff that happened after they found out about the status of the murder. Meaning that she was a transsexual. The reference to "crying game" is rather fitting, since the attitude towards that woman is about the same as in this old movie. Once the "truth is out" - they insist on calling her a he, making jokes about Tony "dating a guy" and so on. One of my best friends is transsexual and I would under no circumstance go down to calling her a "he" - no matter what she would do to me.
    This episode is definitely spreading an aura of conservative, old fashioned queer-busting. I thought better of a show that features a Gothic Computerfreak as one of the main persons than to kick into the guts of minorities like gays, lesbians and transgendered people.
  • One of the most interesting episodes from the show's first season!

    This episode is a very exciting one, and a rather different one. An NCIS Agent is found dead, and the team look for a killer.

    I enjoyed this episode because there were many funny quotes and that made it rather enjoyable to watch.

    The ending was rather strange, and I was pretty surprised. One of the most hilarious things is that DiNozzo went on a date with a guy! I was cracking up so hard when I heard that, so I really recommend watching this one!

    Overall, a great episode with an interesting case and incredible amounts of comedy. This one is a must see, in my opinion!
  • I love NCIS and this episode was one of the best because of it's guest star. I was surprised by the end but, I thought it was a weel act performance.

    As a person that greatly amirers outward beauty, I have to say that I can think of no hotter man on t.v. than Michael Weatherly and no hotter woman than Jamie Luner. To spite the fact that she was suppose to be a guy, I still think that there kissing sceen was hotter than July. I would love to see these two in future projects together. This was an amazing pairing of two profesional actors who have unreal chemestry. NCIS is one of the best shows on the air and it helps to have hot guest like Jamie and others.
  • One of the best of Season 1

    This episode opens with a fire alarm going of in a building and the security guard thinking it is another false alarm, and when he goes to get into the elevator he sees a dead body with half of his insides on the outside. We learn that the victim's name is Chris who just happens to sit behind Kate in the office. Gibbs sends Kate & Tony to Chris's house to investigate and when there his house phone rings. Tony answers it and turns out to be McGee who was tracing down an old cold case for Chris. The cold case which Chris was investigating was a man who was murdered who worked in the Navy and he had been hiding money for over 4 years. At the time of his death, none of the money was found. When an autopsy is done on Chris it is discovered that he swallowed a camera's memory card. When the photos on the card are developed it is discovered that they are all surveillance photos of a woman. McGee tracks down the address of where the phonographs were taken and the team go to the location. The team take it in turns to stake out the woman's apartment. Gibbs realises that the man who killed Chris is watching Amanda (the woman) and Tony is now in the apartment with Amanda. Abby runs some tests and discovers that the killer is actually Amanda (who was the man who died with all the missing money). So basically Tony has gone on a date with a she-man. As Amanda tries to make her escape Gibbs manages to stop her. She pulls her gun on Gibb's and he shoots her (him?) in the head.
  • NCIS investigates into the death of one of their own which leads to some interesting discoveries

    Sad and hilarious all in one. Sad because the team losses one of their own but it was funny because of who Tony ends up kissing in the end. Great episode fun to watch and has some suspense which make it even more fun and exciting to watch. Great acting from all the actors makes it all the more better because you have no idea what is going to happen next. My expression to Tony kissing that he/she was like omg he is never gonna live that down, even thought he had no idea who he was. All in all fun to watch and great episode. favorite and I would watch it again and again.
  • After an NCIS agent is killed researching a cold case, our regular NCIS crew takes over.

    After an NCIS agent is killed researching a cold case, our regular NCIS crew takes over. A clue is found in the dead agents stomach that turns the team onto an insurance fraud scheme with a twist I definitely do not want to ruin! But it leads the team to Marine who apparently faked his own death...and has now sent his girlfriend in to pick up the stolen money. NCIS stakes out the girlfriend, Tony ends up getting too close, and all chaos ensues. In the end, it turns out that the Marine is definitely alive...and has been under Tony's...ahem, nose, all this time. Luckily, Leroy Jethro Gibbs is there to save Tony's butt...
  • Sad and funny all in one.

    The picture of Pacci was really gruesome! They did an awesome job with the make-up and building up the story. I also thought that the dual storyline went over well, because it made the episode not seem quite so depressing. I love Tony and think that his interaction with the he/she was hilarious! I don't understand why the guys kept holding onto Dinozzo and Mcgee after Mcgee identified himself as a federal agent, but se la vi. Dinozzo's scenes with McGee on the stakeout definately give more insight into McGee's character and set him up for his future promotion. McGee suggesting that they do nothing as a prank was really funny. On a whole this episode ranks up in the top 5 for first season in my opinion.
  • An NCIS agent has been murdered while investigating a case and the team's job is to find out what happened.

    Probably one of the funniest episodes there is. What started as a really gruesome scene went on to explain why. This was a really great episode especially, when Tony thought for one moment ,a woman was actually going to let him near her. Unfortunately for Tone She turned out to be a He and Kate had a fantastic time winding him up. In fact I think all the Team did. The ending was particularly quick if you blinked you missed Gibbs giving the “Woman” the bullet. The scene with Ducky was good too. You tend to forget the early series which is why I must get the DVDs
  • The NCIS team investigate the brutal murder of one of their own.

    It's always fun to go back and watch earlier episodes of a program that is into a successful length of run. This episode ranks as one of my favourites for the way it reveals aspects of the main characters personalities. Gibbs' personality is especially strong as he is obviously wracked with both guilt--for not having had 'a minute' for Pacci's cold case--and rage at his colleague's death. The scene in the bar, where he confronts 'Amanda' and holds his gun inches from her head, is a mesmerizing piece of acting by both Harmon and Alexander. Harmon/Gibbs looks as cold as ice with fury while the dismay on Alexander/Kate's face as she watches what Gibbs has to do is a perfect study in contrasts. The use of humour to somewhat relieve tension throughout the show always is fun, although Kate did show admirable restraint in tormenting Tony at the end.
  • exciting episode

    An NCIS agent dies while investigating a case. The NCIS team snaps into action to uncover the identity of the murderer. Agent Gibbs and his forensic experts uncover a clue while dissecting the body of the fallen agent, it gives them clue that doesn't make any sense. But the answer lie right under their noses. The deeper they get into the case, the more the find out that the identity of the murderer is not what they expect it to be. This is another exciting episode, the cast surely played out a good team. The chemistry of the team surely shines on screen.
  • Tony kisses a guy!

    Okay, not the most mature summary but what a great episode. Tony after his constant joking and ribbing finally takes a hit and cant take the fallouot. How very human. He'll never live that down as proved in a later episode when Kate brings it up.

    McGee shows himself to be a smart agent, if a little green considering he came up with the no prank idea dealing with the fact he didn't want to play a prank in the first place and manages to placte Tony.

    The story line this week, complex involving death, money and rule breaking. Whilst it brings into question how far Tony should have gone, did he really need to go that far. Tony needs to learn how far to bend the rules in pursuit of a goal.

    Kate seems to have Tony sussed and her not wanting to spend time on a stake out seems more for Tony's safety rather than her sanity whilst Gibbs presides over the whole event like a father dealing with squabbling children.
  • NCIS team investigates the death of one of their own Chris Pacci.

    NCIS team investigates the death of one of their own Chris Pacci.
    Chris brought back up a cold case and was going to discuss it with Gibbs in the episode before this one, UnSEALed. But Chris is found dead in an elevator.
    Now the NCIS team has to look up the Cold Case and find out who killed Pacci.
    The ending of this episode with Tony, Makes me laugh!!! :D
  • The NCIS team investigate the murder of one of their own who was murdered while investigating a case.

    The NCIS team investigate the murder of one of their own who was murdered while investigating a case.

    The episode started off a little boring until McGee showed up. I really hope that we'll be seeing more of him. It's so funny the way Tony treats him, and I love how McGee has a thing for Abby.

    Until Abby told Gibbs, I never guessed that the Guy they were looking for was actually the woman they were watching, and Tony being Tony fell for her & went out on a date with her, not knowing that she was actually a he.

    I would have expected Kate to make a few more jokes to Tony at the end of the episode, about making out with a man.