Season 1 Episode 19

Dead Man Talking

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 27, 2004 on CBS

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  • Be ready for another terrific episode!

    It is terrible what happened to Chris Pacci. Gibbs took it really hard and Tony did too when Kate was asking questions about Pacci at his house.

    Tony had such energy, a fire in his belly when they got to go on the stakeout. I have to say McGee is sort of a mix between both Kate and Tony. He is a hard worker, jokes around when he wants to, willing to try new things. I really like McGee. So far, my favorite people on this show are Tony, Abby, and McGee.

    I definitely did not suspect that the woman, Amanda Reed would turn out to be Lt. Commander Voss. I wonder if she was a real person. Tony said everywhere Voss was so was Amanda. Could Amanda been in on it and Voss killed her assuming her identity? Was she the body they found three years ago? If not they have another murder to solve. Or did Voss have her setup at all these different locations in case he was ever found out? Just food for thought.

    I can not keep say this one or that one are my favorite episodes. There have only been one or two episodes that I did not care for. This one definitely makes my fabulous list.

    I almost forgot! Kate asking Tony what it was like tonguing a guy! OMG, I loved it! Totally harsh on Tony, but hilarious to no end, LOL!!