Season 1 Episode 19

Dead Man Talking

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 27, 2004 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • TRIVIA: Tony tells Amanda that he was in the Final Four with Ohio State, but lost to UCLA. Ohio State was never in the Final Four the same year as Ohio State as far back as 1980. Ohio State was in the Final Four in 1999 and lost the the eventual Champions UConn, and UCLA was in the Final Four in 1995, where they defeated Oklahoma State.

    • TRIVIA: The flashbacks of Pacci talking to Gibbs is from the previous episode "UnSEALed."

    • GOOF: When Ducky walks back to Pacci's body after talking to Gibbs about the foreign object in the x-ray and says, "That would be my guess, Jethro," you can see the abdomen rise as the actor inhales.

    • TRIVIA: McGee discovers an oak tree of a specific type is planted outside Amanda's house. He refers to it as Quercus virginia. The actual name should be Quercus virginiana.

    • TRIVIA: During the autopsy, Ducky finds a memory card that was swallowed by the deceased. The memory card that is shown is an SD Digital type card, very small and can be swallowed. However, we see in the next scene that NCIS issue cameras are Nikon D100's. The D100 accepts only the professional-grade and higher capacity compact flash or Microdrives which are too big to be swallowed. The memory card found could not have been used in an NCIS camera.

    • GOOF: When we first see Abby talking to Gibbs, watch right after she says "The gun's a virgin." Gibbs turns to leave, and behind him you can see part of a man's shoulder and torso. This is obviously a crew person, as no one else is in the room at the time.

  • Quotes

    • Tony: (to McGee, as he leaves to be "bait" with Amanda) Okay, cover my back.
      McGee: Got it. Tony! (draws his gun) How do, how do I take the safety off?
      Tony: (exasperated) You take the safety off... (McGee holsters his weapon as Tony realizes he's been had)

    • Kate: I'm warning you DiNozzo, don't even go there.
      (Kate leaves)
      Tony: We've gotta go there. Any ideas, McGee?
      McGee: No.
      Tony: Well, don't worry. I've got plenty.
      McGee: You realize that any prank we play on Kate we'll also be pulling on Gibbs?
      Tony: That's a problem.
      McGee: Unless...nah.
      Tony: What?
      McGee: Well, I was thinking. Since she is expecting something, maybe we should do nothing.
      Tony: ...That's brilliant. It'll drive her nuts trying to figure out what we did, that we didn't do. You're all right McGee.

    • Tony: (answering Kate's phone) Special Agent Todd's desk. I'm sorry she's stepped away.
      Kate: (returning to her desk) DiNozzo!
      Tony: May I ask who's calling? Um, one moment. (Kate grabs the phone) Dwayne?
      Kate: I do have voice mail.
      Tony: What fun is that?

    • Abby: Reminds me of The Crying Game.
      McGee: Don't know it.
      Abby: It was such a cool flick.
      Tony: Abby, could you pick some other movie, please?
      Abby: Oh um, Victor Victoria?
      Tony: That was a girl pretending to be a guy pretending to be a girl?
      Abby: Right.
      Tony: Yeah. That one's okay.

    • Kate: You really need to get a social life of your own.
      Tony: Oh I have a social life.
      Kate: What's tonight? Celebrity Mole?
      Tony: No, best of Jackass.

    • Gibbs: (as he holds a gun to "Amanda's" head) His name was Special Agent Chris Pacci, and he was a friend.

    • Abby: The crispy critter from the crash is type O+. Lt. Commander Voss is AB-.
      Kate: Voss is alive?
      Abby: Unless he's an alien with shifting blood types.

    • Kate: (catches Tony listening to her phone conversation with a long range microphone) DiNozzo!
      Tony: Sounds like Dwayne's in love.
      Kate: Permission to shoot him?
      Gibbs: Uh-huh.

    • McGee: What do I do here, Abbs?
      Abby: Don't volunteer anything; only answer questions asked. And whatever you do, do not lie because Gibbs is like Santa Claus. He knows if you've been naughty.

    • Gibbs: (trying to extract info from Tony) Are you going to spit it out, or do I have to waste my coffee on your head?

    • Abby: Amanda is Voss.
      Gibbs: She's a he?
      Abby: Yes.
      Kate: Oh my God! Tony is on a date with a guy.
      Abby: Yeah.

    • Tony: How old are you? It's a classic. Richard Dreyfuss and a... one of the Martin Sheen kids.
      Kate: Emilio Estevez.
      McGee: How can Estevez be a Sheen?
      Kate: Martin Sheen is not a Sheen.

    • Gibbs: Kate and I will take the first shift, you McGee will relieve us at 19:00.
      Tony: Yeah!
      Gibbs: Problemo?
      Kate: Well, you really wanna do that to McGee? Special Agent Bligh here is gonna eat him alive.
      Tony: McGee looks up to me. As a mentor.
      Gibbs: You wanna be stuck in a cramped apartment with DiNozzo, be my guest.
      Kate: On the other hand it will help McGee build character.

    • Kate: By the way Tony, there is only one bathroom, it's clean now, I want to find it that way when I get back.
      Tony: What do you think I'm gonna do?
      Kate: I've seen you fire your weapon, I don't trust your aim.

    • Tony: You ever been on a stakeout before, McGee?
      McGee: No. But I'm, ah, looking forward to the experience.
      Kate: Behave yourself.

    • Tony: Haven't been on a stakeout for a long time. I'm looking forward to this.
      Kate: Figures. You're a voyeur; you like spying on people.
      Tony: And this is legal.
      Kate: Would you be as excited if the mark was a three hundred pound bald guy?
      Tony: Nope.

    • Tony: Y'know, the quicker you get this done, the more quality time you have to spend with a certain tattooed forensic technician of the Gothic persuasion.
      McGee: What do you mean by that?
      Tony: Oh-ho-ho, come on. Abby told me, you, ah, closed the deal under some pretty hinky circumstances.
      McGee: She told you that? Well, the hinky thing, did she tell you that was her idea? Abby didn't tell you anything did, she.
      Tony: A well-trained NCIS agent is good at extracting information.

    • Tony: Oooh, hottie.
      Abby: Don't you think she's a little bit old for you, Tony?
      Tony: No, she's about my age.
      Abby: That's exactly my point.

    • Abby: Turning your interior plumbing inside out is kind of...
      McGee: Hinky?
      Abby: No, that's way beyond hinky...
      Kate: Speaking of way beyond hinky, Tony...
      Tony: Okay, all right, give it to me, Kate, I can take it.
      Kate: What was it like, tonguing a guy?
      Tony: (long pause) Forget it, I can't take it.

  • Notes

    • Original International Airdates:
      Croatia: August 26, 2005 on NOVA TV
      France: October 01, 2004 on M6
      Germany: July 28, 2005 on SAT.1
      Hungary: March 13, 2006 on TV 2
      Sweden: October 24, 2004 on TV3
      Finland: January 06, 2007 on TV4
      Denmark: May 4, 2004 on TV3

  • Allusions

    • At the end of the episode, Abby mentions two movies. The first, The Crying Game, is a movie about a British soldier who is kidnapped by the IRA. He escapes their custody, and tracks down his captor's girlfriend. He falls in love with her only to find out she is really a man.

      In the other movie, Victor/Victoria, Julie Andrews portrays an out-of-work opera singer who finds a job in a nightclub by pretending to be a female impersonator.

    • Kate: Martin Sheen is not a Sheen.

      Martin Sheen's birth name is Ramon Estevez, since we are on the subject, Charlie Sheen's birth name is Carlos Irwin Estevez.

    • During the stakeout, Tony used an alias of "Stringfellow." That is of course the name of the main character in another of Bellisario's shows Airwolf.

    • Abby: She's my daughter! My sister! My daughter, my sister, my daughter...

      The original quote goes: "She's my daughter! She's my sister! She's my daughter! My sister, my daughter. She's my sister and my daughter." This is spoken by Evelyn Cross Mulwray (Faye Dunaway) in Chinatown.

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