Season 4 Episode 16

Dead Man Walking

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 20, 2007 on CBS

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  • Ziva falls in love with a dead man walking.

    This was a fantastic episode which starts when we are introduced to a dead man walking who wants his murder to be investigated Throughout the episode Ziva begins to like him and she remembers recognizing him from when she always sees him running It would of been good if they could of let him make a recovery and Ziva wishes they could of met under better circumstances but this was a good episode like the rest in season 4.
  • Great episode but found 1 funny fact.

    If Abby inspected all of McGee's clothes, why is there only a hole in his jacket and not the rest of his clothes...

    Why did she had to cut out a part of his jacket to test but all the other clothes are still intact.
  • I have chosen not to write a summary as they have already done that and I would just be adding to their already fine job.

    A very believable story with superb acting from Matthew Marsden and Cote de Pablo. The chemistry between these two seemed real and electric even though he was dying.
    I would love to see him brought back on another episode.
    The twists in the plot were typical but different enough to hold our interest.
    It seems the only romance in the show happens between co-workers and it was a breath of fresh air to have some romance between someone else and a main character.
    I know there have been other shows with a similar plot but this had a uniqueness to it that made it stand out as superb.
    That is why i rated it higher than most people have who have submitted a review.
  • Ziva finds the love of her life only to lose him. Wonderful but tragic Ziva episode.

    McGee's very expensive new jacket really is gorgeous. I would have wept after Abby returned it in that state.

    Ziva finally meets someone she really likes and he's dying. Even Tony can see Ziva's falling for him and hard. Looks like Tony's newfound love is giving him an insight into relationships. It's really tragic – this is like love-at-first-sight or finding your soulmate, only to lose them days after meeting them.

    No wonder Roy had a panic attack when he found out how he was poisoned – to learn that your vice was what was used. It really sucks to find out your co-worker poisoned you with radiation for money.
  • Another emotional one, but it was so great!

    This one ranks quite highly on my personal favorites list, because it was a little insight into Ziva David, and we get to see a side of her that we haven't really been exposed to a lot, in the past.

    I thought the episode's opening scene was really creative and well made, which was a real bonus, but this episode's title is so similar to a Season One episode - I always get them confused!

    I also loved McGee's jacket, and my sister and I felt so bad when it got ruined by Abby! But great work by Abby - "I didn't get a stain on it", I was laughing hard at that!

    Overall, this episode is packed in with a lot of emotional scenes, the case is really interesting and it was a nice little look into Ziva's life. Also very funny and a terrific job by NCIS!
  • Woah... Ziva shows her human side.

    This episode really revealed Ziva as a human who feels amotion. She isn't showing it, but she really likes this poisoned guy. This episode had a excellent plot. It was well written and played out. It had depth and was interesting. This is a good episode that really devlopes Ziva's charactor. This was a good episode that showed the emotion in NCIS. I loved this episode.
    It was a very good story with a dramatic ending. I was enthralled by the detail. It was great. This is one of the tons of great episodes that NCIS displays. It was really good.
  • Ziva bonds with a dying man

    A man enters NCIS in search of Agent Gibbs. He tells him that they need to investigate a murder and when Gibbs asks whose he says his. Ducky runs tests and discovers that he been exposed to radiation.
    Ducky runs tests on him and he is sent to a Navy hospital, with Ziva. Ziva seems to know the dead man walking but cannot place him. She stays with him in the hospital, whilst tests are done. She then realises that she sees him every morning as they run passed each other each and every day. Abby and the team are racing to discover how he was poisoned and who may have poisoned him. Ziva seems to be getting closer and closer to the Lieutenant. Their prime suspect is his boss, until he also starts experiencing symptoms and it seems that he too has been poisoned. We discover that the poisons was laced into his cigars. He becomes increasingly worse. Ducky runs more tests and we learn that the female who both men worked with has been taking anti-poisoning tablets. The team head off to arrest her. She says she didn't mean to kill Roy just to make him sick so that he could not travel. At the end we see Ziva and Roy sitting talking. She tells him that she won't forget him and they hold hands.
  • Ziva falls in love with a man dying of radiation poisoning. She stays with him while he's slowly slipping away as Gibbs and the rest of the team hunt for his "murderer."

    I think the writers did a great job of showing a character development in Ziva. She's usually known as one of the tougher ones of the team but in this episode it shows that she has a soft and romantic side to her. Ziva and Lt. Sanders make a connection once they discover that they jog in the same area every morning. Tony also showed some change in him because he proved himself to be protective of Ziva and respectful of her feelings when he realized that Ziva had fallen in love. It was heartbreaking in the end when it was realized that Lt. Sanders had no hope and he ended up passing away.
  • A Ziva episode!!! Very interesting!!!

    I love this episode!! I love the beginning with McGee and Abby. Lol poor Mcgee… I'm so glad Tony is so understanding. Lol OMG the scene when Abby was talking to Ducky, then he disappear, this Palmer came to talk to Abby before Lee came in… OMG, this Palmer was like I got to go now!!! Lol Abby was like well… if you got to go you got to go. Lol it was so funny!!!

    The dude Mark Sadowski (marc vann) well he acted in CSI as ecklie, gosh I hate him in that show, but in NCIS he wasn't too bad!!!

    Overall I love this episode, the funny bits were funny, and I was glad to see Ziva bit in the show.
  • Ziva meets her ideal man, who drops dead 72 hrs later!

    Sorry about the summary, but as far as irony goes you cant beat it in this storyline! Ziva the pillar of propriatry finally meets her ideal man only to lose him soon after.

    A thrilling episode, that starts with a man introducing himself as the victim of a murder. Hes a nuclear facitlites inspector for the US govt, so has many potential people after him.

    We go through the motions of discovering what is actually affecting him. I couldnt stop laughing as MacGee 2000$ jacket is dissected by Abbey whos checking for contamination! :D As NCIS close in one of his colleagues, the plot takes a well played twist when he too fall ill, only leaving one possible colleague as the culprit. However a further twist will have you saying - oh yeah, I should guessed that when the real culprit is revealed!

    A superior episode with not so much Gibbs, no Tony's relationship and more focus on Ziva and her character and crime investigation. Definitely watch this!
  • My first 10 of the series

    I thought this episode was brilliant. I loved the interaction between all of the characters, and as a whole I just thought the episode was brilliant. The effect of the episode might have been enhanced by the fact I just watched the episode Sunday from Stargate Atlantis. A pair of brilliant episodes.

    I love the way Ziva's character has been developed, and it was nice in this episode to actually see her feel for someone besides the team. It was like the episode hiatus where you saw her develop emotionally there as well. I absolutely love what the producers have done with her character.

    I also thought the moment when Ziva and Roy wanted to goutside and the doctor was about to stop them, and Tony said to the doctor that he felt ill, thereby allowing them to leave unnoticed, I thought that was brilliant. Especially as Ziva knew what was going on.

    This episode was fantastic, best of the series, and while this was the first 10 I've given of the series, I'm pretty sure it's also the first episode of this series that I have reviewed! But still, I've seen all the others up until this point, and I am convinced this was the best so far.

    Another thing was Jeanne. She never appeared, and I have to say and echo what I've said everywhere, I don't really like her. I don't like how she has changed Tony. The Gibbs moment facing down the car was also thought provoking, as indeed was McGee's new jacket.

    Seeing Palmer and Lee was also brilliant, eventually they're going to get caught, and it is going to be fantastic. This was one of the best episodes of any tv series that I have seen in a long time.
  • great episode

    A navy lieutenant working for the International Atomic Energy Agency goes to NCIS for help. He claims that he is suffering from radiation poisoning and he suspects that it wasn't an accident. The NCIS snaps into action and races against time to solve the case before the nuclear inspector succumbs to radiation poisoning. Gibbs and his team inspects the lieutenant's office and colleagues, the signs lead them to something that they don't expect. This is a really good episode. It's a tragic story, but the writers handled the story really well. They did screw up the plot, it worked out really well. Great episode.
  • a deeper look at ziva

    wow- this episode was really good!!!!
    I think the character of Lt. Sanders was fantastic- he was smart and charming and funny(joking with ziva and ducky), its a pity he had to die, i think ziva in a relationship could have been interesting. Ziva was great in this episode, she goes all sentimental and out of character and its fantastic!! And Tony is really sweet when he pretends to be sick so ziva can take sanders for a walk!!! and when he looks out for her feelings. The plot was also brillant and kept us guessing for a while....................................another great installment
  • Ziva becomes more human and shows a side of herself we have all been waiting for!

    I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. When a Navy Nuclear plant inspector gets radiation poisoning, the team have to investigate the cause. Ziva recognises the lieutenant, and is put on protection duty while she figures out where she knows him from. During the case, Ziva and the victim start to bond, and Ziva starts to fall in love.
    It was so nice to see the softer side of her. I've always like Ziva, I love how awkwardly funny she is, and how hard she finds the personal side of life to be. I also like how up front about everything she is, which is why this situation was so hard on her I think.
    It was also nice to see how supportive Tony was even though Ziva didn't understand why he was so different. I like the changes in Tony, I don't think people understand that you can only be a womaniser for so long before it becomes "uncool/sleazy". The writers obviously realise that he has to grow out of the womanising, otherwise he'll turn into an old sleaze.
    I have to say though, I was a bit sad at the end. I would have liked a happier ending.
  • The softer side of Ziva

    The plot wasn't too far fetched, that's good (and rare) in NCIS episodes. The Navy Lt. Roy was a very good character. The thing that I don't like is when th writers make such a good and heroic character and then kill it at the end.

    The main and very good aspect of the show was the long awaited character development for Ziva. We knew her as a torturer, a killer, a good spy, now we get to see her softer side (that we saw once before when Gibbs was in a coma). It seems the writers were anxious to show the "human" aspect of Ziva that they didn't consider how out of character a quick falling in love with a dying man was for Ziva. Nevertheless, a very good, long awaited story line.
  • The NCIS team race against time to uncover who poisoned a naval Lieutenant with radiation.

    It's been a while since this series brought a lump to my throat, but the interaction between Ziva and a dying nuclear inspector definitely was a tear-jerker. I mean that in the most positive way, however--so often we see only the brusque but funny, kick-ass Mossad agent Ziva; not since she called Gibbs to help her in Shalom have we seen so much of the human side of this character. A lot of the appeal of this show is in the intense character development--over the past nearly four years we've grown to know a great deal about the characters, and to care about them. Weave clever characters together with some fine storylines, and it's no wonder that NCIS continues to grow in popularity. Long may it run!
  • Finally, an episode where Ziva plays one of the main roles!

    Dead Man Walking was a great episode. I love hearing about Gibbs and Tony, but it was about time that you got to learn more about Ziva. Usually when you see her in an episode, you see her as a tough, emotionless person. In this episode though, you see her actually warm up to somebody. As her feelings grew for this man, you saw a totally new side to her. It was also great how by the end of the episode, you thought it was the one woman who was behind everything, when in reality it was somebody else. I was caught off gaurd and extremely pleased by the ending.
  • I like the way Ziva acted.

    Ziva's heart is not made of stone! What a nice surprise! I really liked this episode. It was a bit different than the others. Usually the plot is like this: Guy gets murdered/kidnapped, the team searches for answers, either Abby gets some good testresults that identifies the killer or some of the other team member finds a clue. And then there's a happy ending with a little funny quote. Yeah, that's about it. In this episode however, the "soon dead" victim turns himself in! Much better and a lot more interesting.
    Ziva really showed a different side of herself, and so did Tony. He was quite cute when he talked to her about love.
  • *SPOILERS* This episode brings the Ziva's nice side out of her...

    It was really sweet at the end with Ziva and the Lt as they were just holding hands and talking.. it was a real soft side of Ziva that we do rarely ever see and it is really sweet. Sorry for saying sweet so very often but it was. I personally look forward to seeing what will happen to these two as the episodes continues if they get closer together or if they don't ever mention him again. Does the Lt die or do they turn out running as a couple? Will they ever meet again is the biggest question.
  • Finally, Ziva softens up a little.

    I do love the character of Ziva, she is hard, independent and very blunt. Yet at times she got a bit grating. This episode was rather refreshing for her character, and like everyone has said before, It was oh-so bittersweet seeing her fall in love with Roy. However, i felt this episode lack the 'In the field' feeling that most other episodes had and i missed the Team dynamic. Nevertheless, i was enjoyable and hopefully it gave all the Ziva-haters a side to actually connect with.
  • I liked learning more about Ziva.

    I really enjoyed this episode. Watching Ziva slowly fall for the victim of this crime was painful at the same time that it was entertaining. I really enjoyed the interaction between the two of them and how their intimacy grew quickly, but not unrealistically. I especially liked watching Ziva and Tony talk about relationships, and for the first time they weren't flirting with each other, but truly being friends. The honesty on Tony's face as he talked to her about this guy, without judging her or lecturing her, but simply being supportive of her, was fantastic. Oh, right, there was a mystery to be solved, as well. I had no idea who it was until the last two minutes. Yeah, so it was a character we hadn't met or heard of, but it made perfect sense. Very well written, well acted, I really enjoyed this episode (and I hope McGee gets his coat repaired or replaced).
  • Ziva fell in love!

    NCIS is growingly becoming my favorite show and it is episodes like this that make that so. A guy growing sick wants NCIS to investigate what he thinks hes soon to be death. Ziva thinks she knows him from somewhere it turns out they both know each other from jogging in the park he would wear an orange cap on his head and she would wear her hair back. As they talk they find they have a lot in common and Ziva becomes smitten. Ziva shows her softer side as she is falling in love with a dying man. Tony also helping them spend some time together by distracting the doctor and giving Ziva advice shows Tony's softer and loving side too. This episode was a nice break form a lot of bad TV lately and makes you think, that anyone can fall in love with anyone and any time. I also like how this show expresses different sides of different people and is very non stereotypical, more shows like this need to be in the world! Very nice, funny and refreshing!
  • A Navy nuclear plant inspector suffering from radiation poisoning asks Gibbs and the team to investigate his murder.

    This was a great episode! Well plotted, and enough character development to keep everything balanced.

    I'm glad that we're seeing another side of Ziva. She's still her Moussad assassin kick-booty self, but the softer side that Roy brings out-- I don't think we've seen that since "Hiatus," when she cried to Gibbs about Ari.

    There's also a change in our friend Tony. He's still his goofy, smarty-aleck self, but look at him being all sweet and suportive to Ziva. Awwww... I especially loved his fake poisoning at the hospital. *tee hee*

    Good job on the balanced plot, and leaving things up in the air (in a good way) as to whodunit and whether Roy lives or not. (Personally I hope he makes it, but that's the hopeless romantic in me.)

    As always, yay for the Gibbs/Abby repartee. Happy Meals!
  • I would never think the word 'sweet' would go with NCIS but I have to admit that this is exactly what this episode felt like to me - and, I have to admit that I enjoyed it.

    Who would ever think that Ziva would ever fall for a mysterious jogger and have an interesting mystery come out of it? I have to admit that I would never attach the term syrupy sweet with NCIS but that's almost what this show was - and of all people, Tony is the one offering advice and comfort to Ziva and - cover - when she's sneaking Roy out to the garden at the end.

    You never quite expect what you get seeing the relationship between the characters - just when you think you have them figured out, someone twists everyone around. I guess Tony's secret relationship has been doing him some good.
  • Great episode! Roy was poisoned and he wants the NCIS team to find out who poisoned him. Meanwhile, Ziva and Roy develop a relationship. Spoilerish!

    Great episode! Roy was poisoned and he wants the NCIS team to find out who poisoned him. Meanwhile, Ziva and Roy develop a relationship. Ziva has recognized Roy from somewhere but just can't place him. She then realizes that he runs in the same area where she does. And they develop a big relationship together. There is more Lee/Palmer in this episode (when are they going to get caught?! :P) I wonder what Gibbs will say when they do get Tony/Jeanne in this episode. Even though, I loved how Tony faked getting the poison so Ziva and Roy could have some time together! It is sad that Roy is going to die! :(
    Great episode! One of the best this season!
  • A very intresting episode, kept me guessing all the way up till the end.

    This episode kept me guessing all the way till the end. Who done it? At first I thought, aha, its going to be the girl on the guys team. Then they make you think, no the other guy on the team. Where does Zebah know him from? Is he from Israel? I did not see the answer coming, not even at the end. I was sure it was going to be the over worked secretary, but no not her either. I thought it also did a good job on Zebah's character. She always seems kinda a cold fish, but finally we get to see another side to her. A side that cares, even though it knows it shouldn't. We get a peak at her personal life, and I think it makes her character all the more interesting for it.

    Definitely one of my fav episodes. :) And I WILL be tuned in next week!

  • A Navy Lt. discovers he is dying from radiation poisoning and that he has a lot in common with an officer of the Mossad.

    Wow! Just when you think the writers of NCIS are going to get too formulaic they manage to sneak in a twist that takes you by surpirise, again! I really enjoyed seeing a more human side to Ziva's character, especially the way they wxplored her confusion over feelings she had never thought she would be subject to. I was warmed when Gibbs said "He would have made a good Marine." There can be no higher praise from the character we all respect, Leroy Jethro Gibbs. But, as usual, the writers gave us humor in the midst of all this in the form of McGee having to get naked and getting a hole cut in his $2,000 Armani jacket. This is the best show on television.
  • Ziva's got herself a beau:)

    A Lt. finds him self radio active. It was an interesting parallel to DOA which is the movie Tony discusses in the episode. I love that Tony is such a movie buff. It's fun to see if I can guess the movie he is going to bring up in each episode. The really interesting part of last night's show was Ziva. I always think of her as such a solitary being. A female Gibbs. So it wasinteresting to see her blurrying the professional lines a little bit.

    I like the ending. Didn't really see it coming. I was afraid they would have killed off the Lt. I liked where they ended it. Possibilities.
  • Navy Lt. Roy Sanders is being radioactively poisoned. He seeks the NCIS team to help find his killer.

    This episode has the humor, the mystery, & an added element of heartbreak as Ziva is assigned to be guardian angel to the possibly doomed Roy. She finds herself growing more & more attracted to him as they find they have many things in common ,passing each other on early a.m. runs. They sort of have a mild recognition. Tony impressed me for being a strong shoulder for her. Made me want to slap the villain! Ziva was great taking a break from Mossad agent to a woman falling in love. A sad but poignant ending as Roy & Ziva hold hands , not knowing what will be. Made me cry!!
  • Aw, Ziva's got an admirer! And she likes him!

    Wow, I'm practically speechless, this episode was so great. The way that Ziva and Lt. Sanders' attraction towards each other grew was awesome. The writers even added Ziva's discomfort which was way cool. The relationship Ziva and Tony have has developed quite nicely, that Tony knows when there's a time to be 3 years old and to be 35.

    The crime: radiation poisoning. I was a little if-y about this plot, considering it's been used so many times, but BAM the writers pull through, yet again. When Ducky said it was her, I was thinking one of Sanders' partners was the killer/doser person, but it was the director (I think). That totally caught me off guard.

    I'm glad Sanders didn't die. I was really relieved. That was a great episode. Lol, seeing McGee strip (again this season) was hilarious.
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