Season 6 Episode 20

Dead Reckoning

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Mar 31, 2009 on CBS

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  • Gibbs works with Trent Kort.

    NCIS gets closer to the end of the sixth season and the episodes are still good This one saw the return of Trent Kort who works with NCIS but it was understandable that Dinozzo never wanted to work with him Even though NCIS had to work with him they managed to get one of NCIS' most wanted and Dinozzo gladly crossed him off the list The episode ha a nice turning point at the end when the person pulling the strings was the most unlikely.
  • Definitely an interesting and unexpected episode. (Possible spoilers.)

    This was a very good episode onf NCIS, and it definitely had an unforeseeable conclusion. How often is it that the dangerous terrorist on the NCIS Mos Wanted turns out to be incapable of movement in a caoma.

    Aside from that, there awas a fair few very interesting scenes in this episode, such sas the very beginning, and I enjoyed seeing Trent Kort, who is certainly an interesting and different character.

    All up, a very good episode. Can't wsay that it was the best episode, but it was very, very good! Keep up the great work guys, and I'd highly recommend this episode!
  • An interesting episode - but it was lacking something I've come to expect from NCIS (SPOILERS)

    I admit, this may seem like a nit-pick, but Tony's movie references are so much a part of the show that when they miss one as obvious as they did in this episode, it's actually a big let down. When they got to the point in the show where we discovered that Silvino, the "big bad guy" they were hunting for, had been in the hospital for quite some time and that someone else had been using his name to run his empire, the very first thing I thought of was "The Princess Bride." In one of the most oft-quoted parts of the movie, Weseley reveals that he's made his riches as "The Dread Pirate Roberts" - and that the secret to having done so was that people responded to the *name.* No one knew what the "real" Dread Pirate Roberts looked like, so when Weseley took over, no one knew he wasn't the "real" one.

    That was the same basic concept here - Perry took over for Silvino after Silvino became incapacitated. Everyone responded with the same subserviance as they had to the "real" Silvino because no one knew he was out of action or that someone else was using his hame. With part of Perry's actions as Silvino being piracy, him not making a "Dread Pirate Roberts" reference is almost unforgivable!

    Aside from that, however, the episode was a lot of fun. I especially loved the scene where Ziva set herself up to be able to position herself so she could take out the two bad guys who were coming into the safehouse via two different doors. That was just exactly the kind of think I'd expect from Ziva (or Major Casey from "Chuck") and it was hilarious. It was also kind of fun seeing Kort again, knowing he got his chops busted for the whole "Frog" deal and trying to work his way back up the ladder. I still wonder what's in the file he gave Gibbs on Vance, though!
  • Not my favorite but it had it's moments.

    I loved watching the chess moves throughout the episode between Cort and Gibbs. They chase after the same man but taking different paths to track down their target. I found it a really creative twist that the accountant was using the "boss" medically incapacity to systemically steal his money. I loved watch Tony challenge Cort at every corner and justifiably questioning his motives given the history. I loved Ziva handling of the shoot out at the safe house. Classic take charge Ziva. I loved Abby's confession to aiding in a homicide as well as Ducky and Jimmy's shared love of music. I was surprise that I didn't see Vance with a toothpick though.
  • We have a situation at the safe house... Under control!

    Typical NCIS episode, means typical epic episode.
    Gibbs and the team has to team up with Kort to track down a most wanted criminal. Trust, is not what you would usually concede to someone like kort; but to achieve your goals, you have to run some risks.
    Our heroes investigate a series of murders that will eventually lead them to the head of the criminal organization they've been hunting for many years. CIA is not famous for its willingness to share informations with other agencies; turns out they do exceptions too.
    Great episode, as I've said before. I especially loved Ziva... Lara Croft is a rookie compared to her, this may sound as the "cliche of the year"; but seriously can you find something more sexy than a woman shooting with both hands? :D
  • Trent survives a firefight between two men and phones Gibbs so our silver fox and his dynamic team can return the favor.

    I loved this episode. Not so much for the plot but for the special scenes: Tony's harsh attitude towards Trent and love towards the Most Wanted Wall, Ziva standing up against two armed men and professionally taking them down. Gibbs and his aura dominated the episode.(Wish I'd seen more McGee though.) For some reason the scene where Tony brings the car to Gibbs in the parking lot and hops into the passenger seat was really neat to watch.
    There was also this new feeling of the team's connection to the agency. It just felt they were more apart of the building.