Season 8 Episode 21

Dead Reflection

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 12, 2011 on CBS

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  • GibbsRules 101

    The episode started with Barrett's snob comment about her team, and a murder in pentagon. The case seemed easy at first, but then things changed. The team handled the case very good as always. Case solved. But, this week's episode is a 10 for me not because the murder took place in Pentagon, involved special ops, masks, and everything. It's solely because of the chat Gibbs and DiNozzo had in Gibbs' basement. Yes, Gibbs is bullheaded, old-fashioned and everything, but He stands by his rules and this is something not everybody can do these days. And now, DiNozzo has now an inner conflict,that's not easy to solve. He needs to decide between Gibbs and Barrett. However, as we saw Tony hasn't seen Barrett for 2 days and wants to cool the relationship down a bit. It's good sign for the future. I only hope that the writers of the show will do a good job and clean all the Barrett and Vance mess. Her face and character is not so good for NCIS. She doesn't have integrity. However, I liked her 2 team members. The big guy was awesome !
  • Brilliant episode, with a highly intricate case and detailed plot! They outdid themselves with this one!

    Being the 'continuation' in some sorts of last week, I was expecting an episode centered entirely around this P2P killer, but instead we got a super awesome, and very hard to solve case!

    I thought the case was just woven so intricately and delicately. It was precise and highly detailed, and it was difficult or even impossible to predict, until the very end!

    I thought the idea of the fake face was great, and I won't fgive away any more than that so that you can enjoy the acase!

    As for the other notable part of the episode, Barrett's team members seem very bland and lack personalities. I don't like either of E.J.'s team, but I still like Agent Barrett herself. It will be interesting to see what happens next!

    The ending was shocking, and it was a great cliffhanger, so I absolutely recommend this episode, and I can't wait to watch the next one! Great work, brilliant episode o f NCIS!
  • 821

    An okay episode of NCIS here. The first half was actually quite interesting as they presented an intriguing case about a death where the suspect had died before he committed the murder. Some amusing comedy thrown in with DiNozzo struggling to deal with the new agent. Nothing wrong with that.

    Then things got too over the top for me. They had characters wearing masks, they had awful fight scenes, Mark Harmon phoning in another performance. A promising episode of NCIS really started to get dull halfway through and considering the audience is over 80, I am guessing I wasn't the only one starting to get a little sleepy.

    Not horrible, but I know NCIS is better than this.
  • interesting plot

    Interesting episode tonight. As usual, I like the twists in the story lines of Gibbs and Barrett's. Gibbs' case is about a murder suspect who died two days before the murder incident. And for Barrett's port to port murder - the eye ball from Tony's drink from the last episode opened the M-TAC room - where only authorized people have access to it. Hmm... whose eye could that be? I like the story line of Tony and Gibbs. There is realism in the relationship - where needs for intimacy is considered. Tony has always respected Gibbs - as a boss, father-like and confidante / friend - but now, it seems Tony is in a crossroad with Gibbs regarding his relationship with Barrett. Would Tony choose Barrett over Gibbs? I hope not.
  • I really don't like Special Agent EJ Barrett!

    I don't know why but there is something very wrong about this girl. I really don't like her. And we can see a glimpse about her controlling and jealous nature when she demands to know the reason Tony didn't contact her for the last two days. And what is with "maybe you can learn something from them" in reference to her coworkers. Gibbs's team is one of the best and I don't think they treated her unfairly. But EJ does have something against Ziva. I would really like to see a fight between her and Ziva, I have no doubt that Ziva will kick her ass very badly and shut her up. I agree with Gibbs when he tells Tony that sleeping with Barrett is a bad idea. And I don't think he was referring only to rule no. 12. I think Gibbs does not trust her and there is something more to her. But I do like her coworkers Cade and Levin, they are interesting characters. Timmy is a little jealous because Abby went on a date with Cade. It was cute.

    I liked the episode. A little mystery, a little special ops and super cool toys and some intrigue and jealousy among the characters.

    And I also like the moments between Tony and Ziva. They are incredible together as a couple and they are endearing as friends. I want more moments between them.

    I am curious will this be the end of the original team? Will Gibbs make Tony chose between being part of his team or Tony being the leader of his own team. I can wait to see how the writers will develop the story from now on.

    What is it with the port to port killer? Who is he, what does he want and who's eye opened MTAC? I guess we will wait and see.
  • Now we're talking! This is a marked improvement over last week's episode!

    I am an Australian viewer. I can't wait for Tuesday to roll around the calendar so that I can watch one of my most favorite of shows, and this week I was skeptical due to last week's sudden drop in storyline quality.

    In this episode, we learn more about the relationship that Tony and Gibbs have together. We also learn further that the semblance of balance in the squad room is becoming increasingly turbulent by the occupation of the Rota team taking residence.

    The overall plot that the 'Home' team is investigating is a twist of Mission Impossible VS The Unit. The overall covert operations conducted by The Unit to clear the operators' names with the twist of the disguise masks from Mission Impossible 2 make the overall story.

    The background story of the Port-2-Port Killer is still very fresh, especially with the Rota team still actively hunting the killer down in DC. The case takes a great twist at the end. Could NCIS have another mole? Did the Port-2-Port Killer get to one of senior NCIS agents from DC and kill them? Time will tell.
  • Awsome episode !

    This was a great episode and a very interesting one.
    The case was very good with special ops, espionnage, masks and all.
    I liked the way Tony is fascinated by the Hitchcock mask lol.
    We had a few good suspects and interesting developements.

    As for the team relationship, that was awsome. first we have the meeting with the two members of EJ's team. I still don't like EJ but I like her team and how they interact with Abby, Ducky and Palmer.
    I like how McGee is jealous of the big guy and that Abby comments on it.

    I absolutely loved the talk between Tony and Gibbs inside his basement. We get insight into their relationship and the way Tony feels about it and the headslaps :) I also liked what he said about Gibbs and how he taught him a lot. But it scared me a little.
    I've been having the feeling that we have to expect some changes and I can't help but to wonder whether they will have tony leave the team or maybe Gibbs will become the director and Tony will take the lead. I hope I'm wrong..

    Anyway, I also liked the relationship between Tony and Ziva in this episode. In a way they were closer than they have been for a long time while they were talking about their respective relationship with CIRay and EJ. It felt nice! We have their chemestry back.

    Then we have some developments in the P2P case with the mysterious eye being able to open the MTAC! So the question is whose eye is this of course, but more importantly what does this mean? buy the way anyone remember someone with blue eyes entering the MTAC^^?
    I also think that because the MTAC is the heart of the NCIS office, maybe the P2P will strike at the heart of the team...

    So I'm really excited by that episode and the many different developments we had and I'll expect a lot from the next episode.
  • A great episode that not only has a interesting case but a brilliant twist in the "Port-to-Port" murder case.

    This episode successfully keeps up the momentum from last week's installment while also allowing for another "murder of the week"-type case.

    When it began, one of the first things I noticed was the lack of a funny intro scene in the squad room, though I think this has been done intentionally to reflect the seriousness of the P2P case. Though I usually like those moments, in this case it was a good decision and would have only served to have taken the impact away from the previous cliffhanger ending.

    The story itself was interesting and played out nicely, if a tad unbelievable. However, saying that Gibbs does correctly cite the case of the Asian boy who made it onto a plane in a diguise, so anything's possible, I guess! I was a little annoyed with McGee's obvious exposition about the Pentagon - as if Gibbs wouldn't already know - though, again, Tony does bring him down for it, so I suppose can let that one slip.

    I can't say I was happy to see Agent Barrett again, though I did like her team and she and Tony do seem to make a good couple. On that note, I was completely on Gibbs' side when he warned Tony about pursuing a relationship with her. Normally, I would say it's entirely Tony's business who he sleeps with, but on this occasion, I can't help but think there is something going on, and Gibbs seems to feel this too.

    My favorite scene in the episode is the one between Gibbs and Tony in the basement. I don't believe we have ever had a Gibbs/Tony moment like this before, but the two actors really do play it well. I have a feeling this is going to be fleshed out some more in the next episode.

    Finally, though the P2P killer storyline was relegated to a B-story as we are introduced to Barrett's team, I still enjoyed the snippets of information we did get and the excellent cliffhanger ending. Is the P2P killer an NCIS agent? We'll just have to wait and see.

    In conclusion, I really enjoyed this episode and cannot wait to find out more about the P2P killer. And after yet another non-appearance from Vance, I can't help but think something is definately going to happen with his character. Not long to go until the season finale.
  • Great episode where Gibbs' team is kicked off the Port-to-Port case and get to solve the mystery of a murder in the Pentagon, by a man who was already dead. Meanwhile, Agent Barrett and her team are still working on the Port-to-Port murders.

    I thought that the main case in this episode was a little flimsy on its own. Interesting enough on the surface, it seems paradoxical that a man was caught on film murdering a co-worker, but had been dead two days before. He was wearing a mask. Ok, a little boring, but fine. But the case itself was really irrelevant in this episode because there was so much awesome character development and foreshadowing to focus on instead. I personally love EJ Barrett, and I don't understand why so many people hate her already. As far as I can tell, she hasn't done anything to make her suspicious or untrustworthy and her chemistry with Tony is fantastic. The team is experiencing some change, but that's natural and mature adults learn to deal with it. What really bothers me is Gibbs' reaction to Tony's relationship. Tony is a full grown man and should be able to do whatever he wants with his personal life, but Gibbs is treating him like an unruly teenager. I hope that Tony has the guts to stand up for himself, and Gibbs accepts him as an independent individual. I still thought the scene in the basement was great though, and the actors were awesome. Did I see a tear in Tony's eye?
    Barrett's new team was pretty cool, though I'm going to wait a few more episodes before I suspend judgement. The Tony and Ziva scenes were great, but I get more of a sense that they're friends or like siblings more than anything flirtatious. I'm a little sad that Ziva broke up with CIRay, because it seemed like they had such a good thing going on, and it all ended over something kind of small. I think Ziva's being too sensitive. I love the pressure that the new team puts on Gibbs and his team, because they're ridiculously smart and professional. I think that it'll bring out the best in the old team and Gibb, Tony, McGee, and Ziva will definitely get a chance to strut their stuff. There were some funny Tony moments and an especially cool kick-butt Ziva moment, where she beat up the old guy, which we haven't seen in awhile, which was all good. I'm really liking the cliffhangers at the end, and can't wait until the next episode! This was really long, but I had a lot to say.
  • Well thoght and executed episode

    This episode is what NCIS is all about. I enjoyed it a great deal and I found it very exciting. Despite the very unpleasant of E J B and the "breaking" of rule # 12 the rest of her team seemed very fine and it was very funny to see McGee a bit jealous. The idea of a mask to hide the true identity was very well placed and the little side romances were done in good taste. I hope that EJ will disappear soon or perhaos they are using it as a launch of a third NCIS. Good luck
  • Don't care for a 2nd team

    This show was really good - but would have been so much better without the 'new team'
    NOT needed and really takes away from the stars of NCIS. To me it is just too much of a distraction and I really don't like that. I just do NOT feel that NCIS needed this added 'whatever the writers want to call it' - But trying to use this as a way to bring extra to NCIS - just does not work for me. AND really irritates me - and NOT in a good way.
    - Does this mean that NCIS will turn out like other detective shows with more than one 'murder' being worked on and Gibbs being taken out of the picture.
    - Cause I don't like the whole idea of that.
    The show with Gibbs team working on the murder case was well done and interesting. Did not need the distraction of the other - reminds me too much of other detective shows - which i grew tired of.
  • There is something about that girl...

    I just don't like her. Shes annoying, just everything. How picky she is, how nosey she is, how she treats Gibbs and the rest of the team- like they're not good enough. She's too confident, and its not like when Ziva was intorduced to us, how she was really big and smart and tough, but EJs just... I don't know. And GIBBS! The way she thniks Gibbs is no big deal to handle with. Honestly, show some respect lady, this is the silver haired fox we're talking about, get your priorities straight. Okay I apologize. Back to the show, I actually really like the two agenst on EJ's team, they seem friendly and each have there own personality which is what I like about NCIS. I especially like Agent Cade a.k.a to Tony; the "Hulk". I liked the "McGabby" refernce made by Tony durring the stakeout. Im not a "McGabby" shipper so to speak but I like that the writers took something from the outside world adn interperated into the script to where it actually fit. Also the brother/sister maybe with a hint of something more scenes with Tony adn Ziva were nice. I guess I was expecting a little more... tension? And the Tony and Gibbs scene. I don't think I've ever wanted Tony to listen to Rule 12 so much before in my life. And I know sehs supposadly "different" but if Gibbs dosent trust her, and Ziva seems a little weary of her, and EJ doesnt seem to respect Gibbs, I expect Tony to connect the dots and choose right.

    SOrry, long review but on my last note. The eyeball, maybe the old directors? Maybe trent Kort? Lets remember in the interview with Morris, she said if the fans think the eye was from the killers latest "murder victim" we may not be looking in the right direction... Is the eye person still alive?
  • Hmm, we'll see how this plays out

    I know a lot of people aren't liking Barrett at the moment, but I think that's mostly because she's just too cocky for her own good. While I understand Ziva not liking her I don't get why Gibbs is so hostile toward every move she makes. So he doesn't trust her? Why? As for Tony dating her more power to him. Let's face it, he hasn't had anything going for him in a while and he is a grown man. That's part of why I just don't get Gibbs hostility towards the whole situation. In this episode it was made even more clear Tony admires Gibbs as a mentor and a father figure, but Gibbs just doesn't seem to reciprocate the feelings. The fact of the matter is Gibbs rules may not apply to everyone, and I actually approve of Tony stepping out of Gibbs' shadow. He certainly hasn't done it enough lately. The case itself was well enough, I don't know whether to anticipate the masks playing a part in the case of the eyeball or not though. I've been going over and over the old character lists by trying to figure out who has blue eyes and would have access to MTAC. From what I can tell Directors Morrow and Shepard had brown eyes, Jeann had green but she wouldn't have access to MTAC, and Trent Kort and DiNozzo Sr. have blue but neither would have access to MTAC. I doubt it would be Pacci who's supposed to return to the show, and Ducky has blue eyes so unless he's suddenly missing and has access to MTAC that's a no go as well. Moving on Paula Cassidy had blue eyes, but she's dead, and the man playing Tony's old partner has brown eyes. Well, Barrett has blue eyes too, but she's obviously still kicking (unless someone is wearing a mask). We'll just have to see how things play out. I love the Tony focused stories, and I love him growing up and finding his own way, but I don't want to see the team break up either. The way I figure it though, they've been playing with the Tony/Ziva thing for far too long. If they were going to do something with it they should have a long time ago before I burnt out on the idea. Besides, if Gibbs has a problem with Tony dating a coworker that's not on a different team why would he approve of it on the same team. Oh well, super psyched for the next episode that doesn't air until May :(, hopefully we'll get some more answers to the Port-to-Port Killer and that eyeball.
  • Well executed episode with a twist

    A very well executed episode along the traditional moto of NCIS that no case is an open and shut case and what one thinks he sees is not what one actually sees. A seemingly very good guy turned out to be a murderer and a con-man as well. The falsifying identity was very well presented, and I give the authors a very high mark for referring to the movie "Mission Impossible 2" where the forged identity was executed very well. Despite the statement that agent Barret is in charge of the Port-to-Port killer, I expect that in the end it will be solved by the A-team i.e. Gibbs-Abby-Docky-McGee-Denozo-Ziva time will tell if I am correct.