Season 8 Episode 21

Dead Reflection

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 12, 2011 on CBS

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  • I really don't like Special Agent EJ Barrett!

    I don't know why but there is something very wrong about this girl. I really don't like her. And we can see a glimpse about her controlling and jealous nature when she demands to know the reason Tony didn't contact her for the last two days. And what is with "maybe you can learn something from them" in reference to her coworkers. Gibbs's team is one of the best and I don't think they treated her unfairly. But EJ does have something against Ziva. I would really like to see a fight between her and Ziva, I have no doubt that Ziva will kick her ass very badly and shut her up. I agree with Gibbs when he tells Tony that sleeping with Barrett is a bad idea. And I don't think he was referring only to rule no. 12. I think Gibbs does not trust her and there is something more to her. But I do like her coworkers Cade and Levin, they are interesting characters. Timmy is a little jealous because Abby went on a date with Cade. It was cute.

    I liked the episode. A little mystery, a little special ops and super cool toys and some intrigue and jealousy among the characters.

    And I also like the moments between Tony and Ziva. They are incredible together as a couple and they are endearing as friends. I want more moments between them.

    I am curious will this be the end of the original team? Will Gibbs make Tony chose between being part of his team or Tony being the leader of his own team. I can wait to see how the writers will develop the story from now on.

    What is it with the port to port killer? Who is he, what does he want and who's eye opened MTAC? I guess we will wait and see.