Season 3 Episode 13


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jan 17, 2006 on CBS

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  • Decent episode.

    Episode was pretty good. Loved the double head slap!
  • Funniest episode ever.

    This episode has got to be, bar none, the funniest episode to come out of NCIS. There's a ton of hilarious moments, from Abby following Gibbs' "Don't call me sir" order with a "Yes, ma'am" to Ziva pretending to be a teenage girl getting some loving. There's a hilarious moment almost every ten seconds. I also thought the case/mystery was pretty good, wondering if they'll find the officer in time. Great episode, and pretty much my personal favorite. If you prefer your NCIS to be dramatic, then you might not like this episode. However, if you like NCIS because of the humor, either find it on a rerun or rent the DVD because, while there have been funny episode before and since, this is by far NCIS' funniest hour.
  • Deception

    Well, this episode was good until that insufferable Zac Efron popped up. That is one of the disadvantages of watching old episodes of NCIS or Law and Order, you'll see some people who are now famous stars pop up in them, whether you like it or not. And I did not like seeing Mr. Vanessa Hudgens on my TV set.

    But in all seriousness, this was yet another great episode of NCIS. Ziva was new to the show, but her brilliance was already seen in the early days. Best replacement ever adding Cote de Pablo and getting rid of Sasha Alexander.
  • Sometimes it is not as bad as it looks

    I did not think this episode was something major even if the start promised and I think my little problem with this episode is just that: it looked to be one of the major episodes.. the whole nuclear thing.. the way it looked like that woman was maybe part of trying to steal the nuclear rods and in the end, it was just some personal vengeance and nothing to do where she worked on military but about her other "work"... But those kids. I loved how Ziva and Tony had to deal with them and what how Ziva had problems with taking to kids.
  • Unfortunately this episode has a lot of holes and the plot is all over the place. It goes from looking big and important to really being a far smaller, and completely unrelated, case.

    There is something odd about the missing officer – how did she just happen to know the number for NCIS? This is one of those annoying plot points which is done to make something happen but makes no logical sense.

    What kind of security is this? Wilkerson is one of the very few people who know the routes and they let her go on leave?! It was quite a good twist – her co-worker kidnaps her to teach her a lesson about confronting pedophiles.

    Our little McGee is growing up – that interrogation was superb.

    I do love Gibbs – using MTAC to track the pedophile then get him arrested.
  • Not the best, but a good episode.

    'Deception' is the case of a female Lieutenant who has been abducted and trapped in a car's trunk and attempted to ask help from NCIS.

    The case is quite interesting, but at some points, it was starting to annoy me. The storyline wasn't the strongest and was a little bit predictable at times, but it was still pretty interesting.

    There were a few funny moments, but comedy wasn't this episode's strong suit, which was a little disappointing for me.

    The episode is overall, decent. An above average episode, but it was not the most interesting one. I don't recommend it too highly, but it is still quite interesting, although somewhat predictable.

    Decent episode, NCIS.
  • Another great one

    This episode opens with a woman calling NCIS from the boot of a car. She informs then that she has been abducted. The boot then opens and we see their kidnapper. The NCIS team are called into work on Sunday. They trace the number and learn that her name is Commander Wilkerson, through her cell phone used to call NCIS. Ziva & Tony go to the victim's house. No-one is home, but they manage to enter the house. Gibbs talks to the commander's boss and discovers that she was one of only few people who knew about a transportation of nuclear fire rods. Back at the victims house Tony tries to get onto the Commanders computer, when a cop is standing behind them with a gun. They tell where they are from, but he hasn't heard of them. He has them handcuff themselves, but Ziva escapes and puts the officer on the floor. Tony & Ziva go to where the Commander had a meeting and find her car is still here. She is not inside. The team discover that she was working with a company on keeping the internet safe for children (finding predators on the internet). McGee is keeping track on her cell phone when it is being used again. The team head straight there and discover a pair of teenagers are using it. They claim that they brought the phone off of someone from their school, that morning. The seller's name is Gex. McGee is able to trace the IP internet address for the predator which the Commander was tracing. It turns out to be the man whose car was stolen that morning. They find Gex and pull him in for questioning. He tells McGee where he got the cell phone from, in a parking garage. So Gibbs & the team head straight there. We see the man going back to the car and as he opens the boot, he finds Ziva inside with a gun. When the mask is pulled o we see that it isn't the fish ma from earlier, but the man who worked with the Commander to catch the predators. As the team head home for the night they are all wondering where Gibbs is. He's in MTAC watching a CCTV camera from the airport and altering the security there about the predator who is at the front of the queue. He tries to run, but they get him.
  • Liutenant(?) Wilkerson is kiddnapped and locked the truck of a car, but will be running out of air soon so the team needs to find be this happens. Who would kidnap her She is in charge of shippinf fuel rods for nuclear power stations. tied together?

    The shipment of the fuel Rods has been stopped until they can find the Liutenant. The learn that Lt. Wilkersin has been trying to catch pedophiles on the internet and was last seen making arrangements to meet someone as a young girl. Now they are looking for a pedophile instead of some sort of terrorist or terrorist group. what was so weird was how she ended up there and why. The pedophile never touched her no terrorist just an over zealous pbj (pererts brought to justice) agent trying to teach her a lesson. You think that Lafferty (the perv) has gotten away, but you know Gibbs is never going to allow that to happen. So they got a two for one bad guy count this time.
  • Great episode!

    When a Commander in charge of a shipment of fuel rods for nuclear power stations disappears, the NCIS team is called in and must solve the case in time. I think that his episode was really well written, and I like the plot of this episode. Throughout the biggest part of this episode you think she was kidnapped because of the secret things she knew about the navy. But the further we go into this episode the more we and the NCIS team discover that there might be a whole different reason why she got kidnapped. At the end we finally know who did it and why and I must saw that I was surprised and didn't see it coming. I love it when I don't know how did ect, till the ending, that makes the whole episode more fun and exciting to watch.
  • good episode...

    I love how this episode is set on a Sunday and the whole play on the idea of seeing what the team does on their weekends. I was still wondering why Gibbs was in a suit though....Anyways, a female officer is kidnapped and the team is assigned to finding her. In the end, it was just her co-worker that wanted to scare her so that she wouldn't meet any pervs anymore. That was an interesting twist. I also liked how the episode touched on the catch-a-predator and the fact that percs don't get punished like they should. Overall, good story and more great character development.
  • great episode

    When a naval officer in charge of a shipment of nuclear fuel rods is kidnapped. The NCIS team is called in to search for her. The team scrambles to search for the naval officer. the deeper they get into solving the case, the more and more they figure out that she was kidnapped for other reasons other than the navy. It's a great episode. There's a mystery, it's action packed. The writers came up with a really good plot. I enjoyed watching this. The misdirection of the plot was really good, we think it's about something but it's about something else. It's a good one.
  • A Navy Liutenant (spelling??) Officer gets kidnapped, now the NCIS team is trying to find her before her time runs out.

    A Navy Liutenant (spelling??) Officer gets kidnapped, now the NCIS team is trying to find her before her time runs out. Using Abby's great lab and equiptment, she figures out that the Officer is in the trunk of a car. She also figures that the officer has about 12 hours before she slips into a coma and 17 before she runs out of air. The team soon finds out that the officer has bronkides (sorry about the spelling again) and that has shortened her living time by several hours. Now it is up to NCIS to fins her before she dies! Great episode! Very funny!
  • Gibbs, Tony, McGee, and Ziva try to find a missing naval officer before she runs out of air in the trunk of a car and have fun doing it.

    This episode is one of the most hillarious episodes of the whole show and that is saying something. It starts off funny when Ziva enters the office on Sunday, which is casual day at the office. Tony tries to guess what Ziva was doing before she was called in, wearing blood stained rags on her feet and hands. Another hillarious part in this episode is when McGee finally joins the team he comes in wearing an interesting choice of outfit. Tony has a fun time commenting on the outfit and making fun of McGee. Abby finally stops this, by asking if they want to move on or are they going to make out for a while. There are plenty of hillarious bits like this throughout the entire episode and the casual Sunday makes it even better.
  • I missed the ending!!!

    Fantastic episode but I missed the ending to it - can someone help me out here and write an episode recap? This is one of the best series I am watching currently. The interaction between characters is so funny - I love Gibbs\' character. Abby is fantastic and not your average blond female - all the women on this show are tough and stand up to the guys in the show. Everyone is so quick witted and all the eps are fast paced and full of dialouge to keep you interested. This story line was one of the better ones I have seen. If only someone could help me out with a recap that would be fantastic!
  • Tony and Ziva show more complicity than ever. They form a funny duet which I hope will continue to entertain us in many more episodes!

    Good episode, in which Tony and Ziva are more cronies and accomplices than Tony and Kate were ever before. Abby is also really funny in this one. I like the way she behaves when she is jealous. I agree with sg2812, I would have appreciated a bit more of Ducky who is always great and, bye the way; let’s not forget that it all happened on a Sunday, this might explain why the Director wasn’t seen! ;-)
  • It has it all!!

    It was a great episode: a delightful mix of humor, suspense... the characters seem to all have found their place with Ziva, the friendly banter is back full force and once again, the team managed to keep me wondering who did it!! It was a really well written episode, with a lot of chemistry between the characters... Only bad point is : I missed Ducky, I would have loved to see him more...
    But still questions were raised : I'm still wondering about the relationship between Abby & McGee, what WAS Gibbs doing in a suit? Where's the director of NCIS??
  • Nailbiter to the end.

    With this episode, you did not know what to believe or who the bad guy was. I mean was the Lt. Commander really in trouble, was the pedophile the one who did it, this episode kept you guessing. And to find out the guy that ran the pedophile site was the actual culprit was a nice touch. The chemistry between the characters was great as usual. Tony and Ziva in the Lt. Commanders house was funny and the way Abby treats McGee, I mean whats up with them. Is she jealous because he talks to Ziva or what.
  • Makes it to my top 10!

    This was one of my favorite eps not only because of the plot but because of the lines. The cast fit into their characters in this ep, and the chemistry between them was great.
    I recommend this episode to anyone and everyone who loves NCIS and wants a good laugh:)
  • Best episode yet from this fine series.

    I really enjoyed the humor that was throughout this episode, which I am listing as my personal favorite! The scenes with Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo were excellent. I particularly enjoyed their scene with the security guard, followed only by their interrogation scene of the high school students. The acting from all the guest actors was wonderful, as well as from the always excellent cast.