Season 10 Episode 16


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 26, 2013 on CBS

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  • Horrible!

    While I liked the interaction between Ducky and Palmer, I thought the episode fell flat. The storyline was just too unbelievable. And I found it hard to believe it took so long for the others to even realize they were missing. The acting was great, but the very poor writing greatly overshadowed the performances.
  • Spectacular!

    This was a really interesting episode wit h some superb scenes, especially involving Ducky and Jimmy. The storyline was great. The beginning was OK, but the episode got somuch better as it carried on. It was subliem!

    There were some truly amazing scenes in that little hut place. The bad guys were interesting,a nd the plan to escape was superb!

    I thorouhgly enjoyed this and will definitely be watching it again!
  • Ducky and Palmer work together to get out of a life threatening situation.

    This was an enjoyable episode and I am glad to see that the episode revolved around Ducky and Palmer who haven't been left out Both of them work together to escape their captors who was holding them hostage while they did the autopsy I bet their captors never wished they had bothered with Ducky and Palmer because they did a lot more damage to them and the two of them had a good partnership.
  • cool Ducky and Jemmy

    Excellent job. I enjoyed watching this episode, It was unique with brilliant ideas in solving the case.

    Thanks NCIS for all your effort to entertain us.
  • The BOMB - The Body

    This is w/out a doubt the BEST Physiochemistry class I've ever attended! Demonstrating a uniquely vivid, acute & succinct illustration of the most flagrant USE of a decaying corpse, an emphatic "Accolades" to the 'imaginative-brains' behind this episode.

    Honorable Mention: The value & power behind cardio-rehab on an authentic trellis of anatomical physiology!

    Thanks for all the work that goes into the ongoing development of art!
  • Good stuff

    I particularly enjoyed this episode.

    This is a slight change of styles that we haven't seen before from the writers.

    Very impressive that after 10 years this show has the depth to entertain at this level.

    Just a credit to the great cast and crew of NCIS!
  • wonderful episode

    Loved this episode. It was great seeing Ducky and Jimmy outsmart those thugs. Great watching Ducky use Gibbs rules to lead the rest of the team to them and outstanding writing from Mr. it when they emptied the contents of the guys stomach and freaked the thugs out - very funny. Loved Jimmy shooting that guy and how scared he was - greating acting Mr. Palmer. This was a very entertaining episode to watch. Keep up the great work NCIS.
  • great episode

    I love when Ducky and Palmer are in the show,great episode