Season 10 Episode 9

Devil's Trifecta

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Dec 11, 2012 on CBS



  • Quotes

    • (Diane puts a badge on Vance's table)
      Gibbs: Wow.
      Fornell: My breakfast burrito is about to say 'hello'.
      Vance: The IRS Deputy Commissioner called when he heard we had... one of their Agents.
      Fornell: Agents?!
      Gibbs: Wow.
      Fornell: "And the Lord wept".
      Diane: Yes, "Agent". And I was undercover when you two bumbled into the bar.
      Gibbs: Undercover on what?
      Diane: Big tax fraud case. Somebody's stealing identities, filing fake returns and making off with a boatload in fraudulent refund cheques.
      Vance: Costs the IRS billions each year.
      Diane: We had traced several identity thefts to the bar. My plan was to ID the thief and follow him back to the ring leader. I was posing as a buyer so I could interview the employees on the DL.
      Gibbs: You were posing as "Mrs. Fornell".
      Diane: Budget cuts. Fake ID is expensive. I was improvising.
      Fornell: Improvising?! Your "improvising" almost got me killed! You must've ruffled the wrong feathers Agent Fornell, and those feathers thought I was part of your op and put a hit out on me!
      Diane: Sorry?
      Fornell: Sorry??!!