Season 11 Episode 10

Devil's Triad

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Dec 10, 2013 on CBS

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  • It could have been better

    Farce was at the forefront of this episode. I really cannot understans why Diane would have married Fornell or Gibbs! Gibbs just seemed tired in this one and Bishop seemed to know it all, which is what you don't want. After so many years both Tony and McGee should be better than they are, better than Bishop anyway. I don't mind her but I hope things don't fall into her lap so easily in every episode. Gibbs also needs to be harder on her like he was with the others.
  • Devil's Triad

    If the last 15 minutes was spread out over the whole episode this would have been a good show tonight. Unfortunately, the love triangle and backstory nonsense was weak.
  • Written by the tea-boy?

    When I see an episode as poor as this I always reckon that the normal writers have given over the task of a producing teh script to the tea-boys.

    Devil's Triad was as boring an episode that I have seen in a long time. Only Juliette Angelo as Emily Fornell showed any spark in the proceedings. All of the others showed up and spoke a few lines, barely disguising their uninterest in the plot. In effect they really phoned in their performances. The writers don't appear to know yet what they are going to do with Ellie Bishop (Emily Wickersham). Unfortunately whist they are try to establish her role in the series they have completely ignored the main

    cast, who are now portrayed just as attractive (but bored) wallpaper.
  • To bad!!!

    Wow, is becomes worser and worser. Of course one of Gibbs ex wife needed some money and get a role again. And of course DiNozo had to make another mistake (as usual) and Bisschop breaks simply every rule there is.
  • Great episode!!!

    This really was a great all the drama of the season, this really upped the mood...

    I truly hid under my blanket out of shame when Gibbs burst in the hotel asecond I that then Fornell came I laughed my pants off...

    I still have a small hope in my heart that Ziva returns, as I guess most people here do, but Bishop is doing quite really hope she becomes friends with Tony, just platonic nothing strange, just someone for him to talk to, I think he needs it...
  • Felt like a flashback

    While I'm always happy to see Fornel, I'd be even happier to not see Diane again. I thought we'd seen the end of her when she married husband #3. Diane and Gibbs had already had their goodbye. Let the relationship just fade into the background.

    This episode felt like a re-run. I even had to double check previous episodes to make sure that this episode really was a first run ep.

    If you must bring back the ex-wives, why not bring back Stephanie, or better yet, ex-wife #1? Best to avoid the ex-wives altogether.
  • Light and Fornelli

    I agree with what someone above said: The show is always good with Fornel in it! Abby was not as annoying in this episode; and, I like the new girl.
  • A Little Light Relief

    Enjoyable if lightweight episode, the farce element was handled well which allowed for less grumpy Gibbs who was the straight man. As per usual the child was the responsible one in the family 'Uncle Gibbs' line of the show, a nice change of pace.

  • Back to the real NCIS

    It takes a while to reorganized after a primary character exits. But the team has made it. The rest of the season should be great.

    Loved the Uncle Gibbs line from Emily!!
  • Good.

    A pretty good episode. Not entirely sure if my rating is a little too high or not, because it felt like a thinly-veiled attempt at a comedy at times, since Diane shows up once every year around the same time dating someone who turn s out to be connected to a case.

    Nonetheless, there were a lot of positives too. I'm really liking Bishop and I think she has a lot to offer. Loved when she went alone in the field and I also think Emily was really great! Smart girl placing that watch!

    A little OTT with the Fornell/Diane sotryline, let's be real, but the case itself was great. Looking forward to more!
  • Great show

    The episode was great, like always...
  • Poor and disappointing

    I predict that keeping Bishop with deja-vu themes will take the great NCIS show to its termination. In my opinion Ziva was fine but not great. If the producer engage a less barbie-like and more mature acting agent (like agent Boren for example) the show will continue for a long time!
  • Great show

    I like the show, I liked Diane and Fornell together, and Emily being grown up, also Bishop is being a good part of the team. Great job.
  • Good

    Bishop is adjusting. She was in the episode less which helped us to see more of the other characters which I enjoyed. I always like an episode with Diane in it! Especially this one because of the last minute or so
  • so so

    Just when I was getting into the story, they had bishop doing something stupid - or trying to seem smarter than Gibbs.

    Discouraging, Disappointing, - Could have been a really good show but she ruined it.