Season 9 Episode 7

Devil's Triangle

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 01, 2011 on CBS

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  • two dominant men scared of their ex-wife (priceless)

    this is on my list of favorite ncis episodes, Spoiler....

    okay seeing Gibbs and Fornell dash to the other side of the room when their ex-wife interrupts their interrogation was very funny, I've never thought I'd see these two afraid of a little woman.

    but when Diane said Gibbs was her Shannon i kind of hoped for a kiss goodbye, something about the way she said it and the look on her face made it seem that much more powerful, but then again despite Gibbs admission that the woman he's been with (aka his ex's) hate him, with the two we've seen and jenny I'm pretty sure their all still in love with him.
  • Diane, The Ex-Wife Of Both Gibbs And Fornell, Approaches Them And Tells Her Husband Has Been Abducted. NCIS And The FBI Partner Up To Find Him.

    Incredible!!! "Devil's Triangle" is definitely one of the best episodes ever! It was excellent from beginning to end, but the most moving and emotional scene was the last. Gibbs was Diane's "Shannon", the one love she'll never replace. Diane's confrontations with Gibbs and Fornell were very funny and realistic. I liked how Victor was found almost imm Mark Harmon, Michael Weatherly, Cote de Pablo, Sean Murray and Rocky Carroll proved here why "NCIS" has the best cast in TV. The conclusion was unpredictable and I do not think many people saw it coming. The arrest scene was cool and well executed. Terrific.
  • best episode of the season

    They milked Gibbs' and Fornell's history with their ex-wife Diane for all it was worth, AND THEY SUCCEEDED, giving us the only really good NCIS episode of this season. Melinda McGraw was fine as the ex-wife, and they gave her good lines and plenty of juicy scenes. Home run. The crime-detective aspects were not great, but adequate, and a good "red herring" touch was hinting that Diane's husband, and even Diane, might be the culprit. The writers gave us a clever, sensible ploy for setting up the tale: Diane's husband doesn't come home one night. She is sure he has been kidnapped or harmed, but has to wait one or two days before the police will take the case, so she goes to her ex's (FBI and NCIS ex-hubbys) for prompt action.

    Some trivial flaws to quibble over: Tired of Tony's continual obsessing over his count of his hairs in his shower drain and his jealous comments on everyone's full head of hair. Tired of them being forced to use all the cast even if not necessary (like Ducky here). Tired of a big caper/major catastrophe plot in most of the episodes, like the plot here to kill off our top military leaders. Tired of the team always swooping down on the villains at the last second before they can do harm. And it seemed to me that there were safer and easier ways to kidnap Victor rather than killing those fast food guys, etc.
  • Another peek down Gibbs' memory lane

    Joining in rather belatedly...

    I love episodes that include Fornell. His relationship with Gibbs is so awesome (I love it when they go the "conference room." Hee.) One of my favorite scenes is Fornell coming out of hiding in Gibbs' basement. Saddest line in a long time: "You were my Shannon."

  • 907


    I am usually not a fan of the Fornell character, but I liked some of his exchanges with Gibbs tonight (TV'sbest crime-solving pair Ziva and DiNozzo also had some great lines) and they gave us yet another fresh case tonight. This season has been a bit of a rebound from a weak year in 2010-2011 and this episode was yet another solid, not great, but solid offering, from television's most-watched program.

  • Tony and Ziva!


    This was a great episode!
    I loved it when Diane told Gibbs that he was her Shannon!

    I absouletly loved the Tony and Ziva in this episode! I wish they would get together again! Was it just me or did Tony look a little bit jealous when the geeky guy was hitting on Ziva?

  • surprised me


    I honestly thought I had seen this before. The husband at the fast food, etc. and his wife - the ex-wife, etc.
    Faces were tooooo familiar for some reason. But I watched anyway & was happy I did. Very interesting show. Great watching.

    And I always loved Gibbs. (white hair & all)

  • Good episode...


    Perhaps especially because the past few weeks with NCIS have been so poor, this episode was particularly entertaining.

    A decent storyline with likable characters and reasonably believable case.

    This episode also is appears to set the tone for the rest of the season so we can perhaps expect lots of action.

    Overall, I am glad they got back to the basic of the shows format and allowed the charm of the cast to do all the work.

  • funny episode


    Good episode. Writing was good. I like the one liners in tonight's episode. I like one from Ducky - they kept the bodies cold, how considerate lol

    Another line regarding the ex-wife of both Gibbs and Fornell. She's not all that bad - you married her lol Tony's so funny trying to figure out why Diane married his boss. I guess Fornell is the one most hurt in this relationship.

    Also funny how the geek hit on Ziva, crazy.

  • Rather interesting stuff! (Possible spoilers ahead).


    This was another very interesting episode of NCIS, mainly because of the ex-wife common to both Gibbs and Fornell returning - Diane. I thought the dynamics between these three were very interesting and rather hilarious, and it created a great foundation for an interesting case.

    It was also great to develop Gibbs's storyline today, although I would like more info regarding Abby and her adoption dilemma. Regardles,, today's developements for Gibbs were really interesting. I also really loved at the end when Diane tells him that he was 'like her Shannon'. That was a really great moment, and it was very well done.

    As for the case itself, it had some stregnths and some wekanesses. I didn't like the beginnings scene at the drive-thru, but the investigation was rather interesting. There were some interesting momentsthroughout the episode, and it was quite good all up.

    I would definitely recommend this one. Not the best episode of the season, but it comes in closely - I hope that this standard is maintained.