Season 9 Episode 7

Devil's Triangle

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 01, 2011 on CBS

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  • best episode of the season

    They milked Gibbs' and Fornell's history with their ex-wife Diane for all it was worth, AND THEY SUCCEEDED, giving us the only really good NCIS episode of this season. Melinda McGraw was fine as the ex-wife, and they gave her good lines and plenty of juicy scenes. Home run. The crime-detective aspects were not great, but adequate, and a good "red herring" touch was hinting that Diane's husband, and even Diane, might be the culprit. The writers gave us a clever, sensible ploy for setting up the tale: Diane's husband doesn't come home one night. She is sure he has been kidnapped or harmed, but has to wait one or two days before the police will take the case, so she goes to her ex's (FBI and NCIS ex-hubbys) for prompt action.

    Some trivial flaws to quibble over: Tired of Tony's continual obsessing over his count of his hairs in his shower drain and his jealous comments on everyone's full head of hair. Tired of them being forced to use all the cast even if not necessary (like Ducky here). Tired of a big caper/major catastrophe plot in most of the episodes, like the plot here to kill off our top military leaders. Tired of the team always swooping down on the villains at the last second before they can do harm. And it seemed to me that there were safer and easier ways to kidnap Victor rather than killing those fast food guys, etc.