Season 2 Episode 12


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jan 18, 2005 on CBS

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  • DUH !

    @ MiffyB

    To distract him, throw him off, whatever you want to call it......

    Still have to learn a lot about women, miffy.....
  • Gibbs is so cool

    Great episode, especially the flirting between Gibbs and Karen as well as the last scene in the basement. The similarities with both the NCIS team and the police team was funny and has since been rehashed with Agent Borin and her team. Good to see Gibbs with a woman for once too.

    However why did Karen deliberately flirt with Gibbs seeing as he is investigating something she was later found herself to be involved it. That's TV for you.
  • Marvelous episode, one of the best.

    Great episode, very enjoyable. The best part of the episode, which has to do with the word "doppelgänger," concerns the local DC police team which the NCIS team works with on the case -- the DC team is practically a double of the NCIS team in makeup and mannerisms. It's a real scream, especially the reactions of Kate, who is dumbstruck by the similarities. I'll give just one of my favorite examples: the female member of the team tells the Lieutenant (the guy in charge) that his "ex-wife" called. He says, "Which one?" She says, "The nasty one." He replies, "You're going to have to be more specific!"

    ("Doppelgänger," by the way, originally had an ominous sense to it -- something like "a ghostly counterpart of a living person." Now-a-days it means any double or look-alike of a person, or a person who has the same name as another.)

    Another winning aspect of the episode was Gibb's flirtation, dating and making out with a pretty computer-team supervisor. Lots of Tony-Kate bickering. Good Tim-Abby scenes for their fans.

    The crime-detective aspects were fairly routine, but OK. NCIS started out with some false assumptions and suspects but eventually zeroed in on the culprit -- a nice surprise ending.

    Thoroughly enjoyable episode, what with the mountain of quips, I was amazed it ended so soon -- the time just flew by so quickly watching it.
  • Funny. Very, very funny

    "Doppelganger" is one of the funniest episodes I've seen so far.

    Nothing major really happens here. Sure some lady flirts with Gibbs and he ends up having a heavy make-out sesion with her but other than that, it's just an everyday episode. What really makes this episode is the humour. It's one of the funniest episodes I've ever seen.

    The episode title says it all...our NCIS team meet their doppelgangers. McGee's counterpart is especially funny. They even look almost identical. The whole coffee thing rocked. "No, mine's the one with extra foam." and Gibbs and his doppelganger are sitting there just rolling their eyes. Hilarious.

    Awesome episode. 10/10
  • Faking the murder to get murdered

    It was good case. I mean.. it is never the one who thinks logically to be the killer. It is always the one who is most innocent, most interested, most distance.. etc.. and Tony and Kate have got it wrong before but this time it is Gibbs who gets friendly with the real killer. And probably she would have not killed the petty officer when they would have not showed up on that point..

    I loved the way this episode was so multilayered. Nothing was sure until the end. There were many opportunities, many suspects, colorful suspects.. So.. I really liked it
  • A great way to get rid of a telemarketer.

    That's a very novel way to get rid of a telemarketer! I really must try that. It's pretty smart – you are about to get caught for theft so fake your own death by getting a civilian to 'overhear' your 'murder'.

    It's not often that we see Gibbs so taken with a woman – I've only seen him flirt so much once before, it's a shame, he really liked her. It's quite a jump from theft to murder, she's quite a piece of work. It was necessary to kill him though – when caught, he would have identified her. It's pretty cold that she killed him just because of that, it doesn't seem enough of a reason to kill really.

    The double team is quite funny, though the Italian guy isn't nearly as cute as Tony. It was a little overdone but still amusing.
  • Another average case, but with some great scenes!

    This case was a very unusual, as the only witness to the so-called murder was on the phone with the victim when it happened.

    With no eyewitnesses, Gibbs and his team must locate the agent who appeared to have been killed and then find a killer.

    However, the episode has many unexpected surprises that really helped it out for me. Although it did get rather boring at times, it is still a decent case, and the episode is crammed with some of the funniest scenes in NCIS.

    I would recommend watching it if you like the comedy element to it, but not if you watch for the great cases. However, it is a rather unusual case, which was great.

    Overall, I have to say that this one was not overly enjoyable, but still great!
  • Another good one

    This episode opens with a telesales person making a phone call to a petty officer, and whilst on the phone, he hears the petty officer, being attacked. The story is leaked to the media and the NCIS team are called in to investigate the apparent death of the petty officer. When they arrive at the house and find that it has been trashed. When tests are run on the audio tape of the murder, they discover that the sounds which was someone breaking in were actually sound effects coming from his computer. This along with some other evidence convinces the team that he has faked his own death. IN his job he worked with computer in the navy and was helping to set up software about health and mescaline etc. Abby discovers that in the code, which was used for the program, for each couple of thousand painkillers order, a few of them were sent to himself. When Gibbs & Tony interview their main suspect (the petty officer's ex room mate), Gibbs gets a phone call to inform him that the petty officer, has actually been found dead. At the murder scene they discover cigarette butts and when Abby runs tests on them, she rules out both of their suspects. Gibbs has the supervisor of the petty officer, in his basement helping him with his boat. When he asks her for a smoke he realises that the cigarettes which she smokes are the same as the ones found at the crime scene. He takes her cigarette from her and places it into a plastic bag. He tells her that he hopes that it doesn't make the DNA from the crime scene and kisses her once again. It is there that the episode ends.
  • Hilarious episode.

    Though the case of this episode was interesting and entertaining was it not the best thing about this episode.

    No, the best thing about this episode had to be the team's doppelgangers, hence the name of this episode. We get to see another team, that is almost exactly like out favorite NCIS team. I mean the other Gibbs, also Gibbs-slaps his team, especially their Tony, that's just hilarious. And McGee and his double, were just great to watch.

    The fact that Gibbs got some sort of romantic thing going on, kind of bothered me, though I'm not sure why. Especially when we sort of know she was the killer and he still kissed her. It's just bothered me, but oh well.
    For the rest, awesome episode.
  • The team takes upon an unusual case when a telemarketer reports a possible murder of a petty officer With the help of the Virginia officials, the team finds out it was just a practical joke. However, the person is soon found dead.

    Brilliant, brilliant , brilliant, that’s all I can say, the mirror imaging of the two departments, coffee drinking, the 3 side kicks, right down to the slapping on the heads, brilliant. Another memorable piece was where Gibbs took McGee with him to interview the IT guys:-
    Gibbs: You speak their language.
    McGee: I get to interview them?
    Gibbs: I interview. You translate.
    As the episode progressed Gibbs met a Woman (can’t remember her name) who asked “ Do you work weekends?” well you just knew it was going to end in tears. Back at Gibbs place, he gets a call, from the team. He asks said date if he could have a cigarette, he takes one as she does, and wow, as you have never see Jethro smoke , a zippo appears and he lights up. The closing line is moving ,as is the kiss ( yes) but you are left wondering did they or didn’t they…..
  • When the NCIS team investigates the apparent death of a Navy Petty Officer they find stolen prescription drugs and a police investigation team that seems kind of familiar.

    This was a VERY entertaining episode. I loved the way they took a shot at telemarketers when the guy who heard the apparent assault of the Petty Officer asked Kate not to call him between 6 and 8 because that's when he usually eats dinner. That was priceless. It was very interesting to see Gibbs interact with a woman that he is attracted to, as well. He can be very charming. I also enjoyed the scene where Abby, Tim and Kate are argueing with each other to see who gives their news to Gibbs first. All of that with a great plot twist at the end, too. I love this show.
  • Our favourite NCIS team meets their doppelgangers.

    Though investigation of the episode was an interesting one character interactions just sparkled. The only wish I have for the writers and producers is that they would bring that detective team to work with Gibbs abd his people again. If would be interesting to see Abby's and Ducky's mirror images as well.
  • Funny and Smart!

    This episode is funny featuring another team that has the same characteristics as them. They had a Tony equivalent, a Kate one, a McGill one and of course a Gibss one! It was bizarre! BUT why wasn\'t there a \'Duckie\' and Abbey equivalent? And I wished there was more development about the other team...
    the episode name does not fit seeing that the title did not really depict the main theme of that episode.

    And it was nice seeing Special Agent Gibbs being wowed by a lady. And nice twist at the end (though somewhat predictable) where it was her who it...
    All I say is...a pity.

  • NCIS meets their virtual mirror counterparts

    This episode is special, apart from all the "Ari" episodes, this my favorite episode. One of the reasons I enjoy this show is the comical interaction of the main cast. Gibbs as the boss, Tony as the wannabe playboy and clown, Kate as the tough but nevertheless pretty girl, and McGee as the young, easily fooled "Probie". In this episode, they meet and cooperate with a police investigation team which are virtually a mirror in terms of behavior - Gibbs and the other chief investigator even have their coffee delivered by one of their assistants and drink it synchronously. Especially Tony and his counterpart are fun to watch, and Kate and her counterpart watching those two guys do their usual routine.

    The case of the week is actually pretty interesting as well, but its the doppelganger team which really makes this episode special - I hope they bring them back some time.