Season 11 Episode 13

Double Back

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jan 14, 2014 on CBS

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  • Double Back

    Didn't like the development with McGee because of two reasons: we know NCIS is too "safe" to have a character have a breakdown over multiple episodes, and secondly, Sean Murray is not capable of that kind of storyline anyway.
  • McGee being written out??

    Good episode. I'd hate to see McGee written out so poorly though. I've been waiting ten years for him to be in an action scene where he actually picks up more than a bruise or two and doesn't get into trouble for someone else getting hurt. Sigh, the writers for NCIS have clearly had it in for McGee all these years - they really hate geeks actually. I've never seen an episode where a geek is treated with any respect at all - especially McGee. Absolutely HATED the way Gibbs completely ignored that McGee could have potentially been badly injured - he went back to the office for coffee instead!!
  • Almost enough to make me never watch this show again.

    I'm an NCIS addict, but I am so disappointed with the direction the show is taking. I get that you can't control when actors want to move on (still, Ziva was my favorite character on the show), but I'm sure they could have come up with a better way to write McGee out. He's a kind self-less person, so he's obviously not going to leave his girlfriend, but anyone with experience with paraplegic people know that its a huge lifestyle change and his whole life is going to have to be about her and her medical needs (rehab to strengthen her arms, he's going to have to lift her legs and work the muscles manually to limit her spasms, and don't forget about leg bags, catheters and bed sores and we won't go into what it would mean for their sexual health or their plans for having children). McGee has to choose NCIS or his girlfriend, and he's not the type to think about himself and the job he loves. Without Ziva and McGee, I don't think I'd watch it again. I'll give it a few more episodes, but Tuesdays are no longer my favorite day of the week.
  • Couldn't agree more with nstewart!

    Tony is becoming sillier and sillier as the weeks go by. He and Abby are now equals in that department. I also thought McGee's response to Delilah's condition was odd. And, are we to believe a "typical" law enforcement agency has girls sitting on the floor, popping bubble gum and listening to music while hunting terrorists? I know she wasn't popping gum, but just give this show a few more weeks and she will be.
  • Great episode

    Great second part

    So sorry for Delilah and McGee, hope we can see from time to time, how they will deal with it.

    And how was Tony worried about McGee, his friendship with the considerations how he could help Tim.

    The talk with Dr. Cranston and Bishop was very moving, especially when Bishop asked Rachel, whether she knew both which were sitting on this desk before and Rachels answer.

    And what a great end, when McGee and Gibbs sat together, very moving and emotional.

    Please all Ziva-friend, I'm a fan from the begin of NCIS, I can deal with it, was her decision, let it be now! I watch NCIS not only for 1 member. Semper Fi!

  • Am I missing something?

    I thought McGee was married to a super HOTTIE so how come this ugly girl is now his girlfriend??
  • great

    Awesome McGee episode
  • Brilliant!

    NCIS was great today as the recurring storyline that we've been tracking continues. Some major developments on a personal level for McGee, which are certainly interesting and saddening at the same time. I was also very excited to see Cranston back - I love her character.

    I know a lot will disagree with me, undoubtedly, but I can't get enough of Ellie Bishop. All of her little quirks like sitting cross-legged on tables and playing her music etc. are really endearing and I am thoroughly enjoying watching her character grow and develop and slowly byt surely fit into this team. It's a massive task to replace Ziva, but Bishop is doing great!

    I'm also glad that the storyline isn't over wish - I always love storylines that carry over to the next week and Season 10 did brilliantly with that moreso thatn ever before and I am glad Season 11 is continuing in that vain!

    Looking forward to more - even if it is a while away...
  • For the first time I found the NCIS team dynamic awkward and stilted

    This was an odd episode. The team dynamic was off. Why is Bishop coming up with all the ideas and Tony acting like a new probie, looking stupid and clueless? He is my favorite character but the dialogue written for him in this episode was so weak it was embarrassing (I won't even talk about the comedy attempt). What a let down by the writers who once again allow no character progression for Tony despite constant feedback. And although it was great to see Gibbs show his concern for Tim, I found McGee's responses didn't pull at your heart strings. This could have been a great episode but it was very awkward. I still love NCIS but hope for better next time.

  • So good

    Everything about it was great
  • Loved every minute

    So good! It was not nerve racking but it kept me glued. It was a calm episode and easy to follow which I love, but it made me keep watching until the end. Cliffhanger? Maybe! I want to know more!
  • Thoroughly enjoyed it

    I have watched the show for many years now and have seen characters come and go. When Ziva left it was disappointing but I stuck with it and gave Ellie Bishop a chance. She has since grown on me. She is no Ziva but she fills the spot. I really liked what Cranston had to say to her about the desk in this episode. I also enjoyed seeing Tim McGee in a different light as well. Overall good episode.
  • Great Episode bad Bishop

    She gets on my nerves as much as Dr. Ryan. Her "strangeness" is just to much
  • A mix of every genre

    The acting was great. The Delilah part was super sad. Tony was funny trying to imitate Bishop. Dr. Cranston has come and I enjoyed her character once again. And Parsa is still out there. I NEED ANSWERS!! Ahhhhhhhhhh!
  • Bring Back Gibb's Team as a TEAM

    please get rid of the young girl - #1 that's how she acts, #2 supposedly she has all these smarts AND lo & behold she can do it all by herself - even outshines Gibbs...

    GET REAL... - Writer's U have FLUNKED this course....

    Supposedly this should be a good show BUT every time the little girl is in it - I can't stand the Harm she is doing to this showl.