Season 10 Episode 23

Double Blind

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 07, 2013 on CBS

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  • Not again please

    Oh no, again. The end of the season, and the only thing the writers can think of is writing a cliff hanger for a new season. Only to put pressure on all the actors. The story in it is so silly, not worth watching it at all.
  • Spectacular penultimate episode!

    This episode was absolutely flawless and entertaining from the first second until the very end. The case was extremely interesting, topped off with investigation into the Bodnar case.

    I particularly loved the scene in Autopsy with all the team secretly discussing the events. It was a great scene!

    And now I eagerly await the season finale next week! If it continues the trend of Season 10, it might be one of our best finales yet! Here's hoping!
  • will they or won't they???

    a really good episode to build up the tension about gibbs, his team and their future. (since they signed for another season we know they'll be back, like Arnold but especially the end was like:" get on with it already, I don't want to wait another week".

    it will be interesting to see what cards gibbs has up his sleeve this time to beat the rap, so to speak. can't wait!!
  • My NCIS

    It's not an episode of NCIS or NCIS LA I hvant seen or watchd..... I even watch the marathon wen ever it's on CBS, USA n sometimes the Cloo channel Show it!!!!!
  • Goin after Gibbs O_o

    what an amazing episode after all those years. goin after Gibbs O_o

    i'm predicting a horrible cliffhanger for the season final

    but it most likely wil be more then entertaining :)

  • The knife in Tony

    Wow, I'm disappointed with the writers having Ziva sleep with a random guy. Especially after the 'shiva' episode when Tony told her at the airport that she was not alone, a very powerful moment in the season. I'm not for or against the 'Tiva' thing but just really felt bad for Tony. It really lowered the Ziva character and am not sure what the writers are doing. My initial reaction after the scene was hoping Cote in fact does not sign on for S11 and just goes away. The rest of the episode was good (Gibbs will eat Parsons for breakfast) but making Ziva into a you know what was poor after all the recent buildup between the two.
  • A great episode except for the scene between Tony and Ziva at the burn site

    First of all Colin Hanks was awesome in his role - he's the guy you love to hate. Secondly, I loved the title of this episode - it was great with Gibbs team thinking they were up on him and it was the reversal.

    I knew there was a reason no one from NCIS went to Israel with Ziva to bury her father. It didn't make sense, they were so worried about her safety and to let her go there alone without protection. Now we know why - so she could find comfort in the arms of a friend - one who took advantage of her pain. We TIVA fans can thank Glasberg for ruining all the beautiful and sweet TIVA moments this year. Tony should have gone with her and been her moral support and I don't mean sleeping with her - just being there to hold her or give her his shoulder to cry on. Glasberg is suck a jerk - letting us think we would really have them together and now this. I believe she hasn't signed a contract yet and I wouldn't blame her if she didn't. Over the last few seasons the show has made her look like a traitor and had her sleep with that ugly Rivkin guy when all the time he was using her ordered by her father. They also had her sleeping with that Michael guy in "Recoil" and probably with Ray Cruz although we never saw anything. Now we have this Adam guy. Why is that they always have her looking like a slut? It seems unfair since Tony has slept with Jeanne Benoit, EJ, Brenda Bitner and many others over the seasons and it is just the good ole boy thing. The double standard is just not fair.

    Going on from there I believed Bodnar when he said he didn't kill the Iranian. With the appearance of the that picture of Schmiel it is possible he had something to do with it. If that is true then Ziva gets hurt again because she trusts him.

    I'm anxious for the next episode to see who really is behind trying to get Gibbs but I have a feeling we will have to wait til fall to find the real culprit. Glasberg is writing the season finale and his writing leaves a lot to de desired but I truly hope I am wrong and it is a great season finale.


  • Awesome

    this episode was perfect. suspected gibbs would be the guy they were looking at, but throwing vance in was a twist, cause i actually believed it. With the info about case files all ahving to do with vance. which now makes me think that parsons may have just been playing them the whole time, because he knew dinozzo bugged his phone, so those files might have just been there to toy with the team. this episode shoed the loyalty, it was great. i dont really ship tiva, but the scene b/w tony and ziva was intense, you could feel the tension, anger, hurt, great acting. zivas car, that scene was perfect. not starting out in the bull pen was refreshing. overall a great episode.
  • Double Blind

    I never thought Parsons was after Ziva. I always suspected he was after Gibbs. Now the question is who is really after GIbbs/ There are a list of people he has crossed in one way or another.

    . Ryan's ex-husband sounded like a vindictive psycho head case.

    2. Cole the spy's spy: - was he killed in the explosion?

    3. Ziva's friend, the old Israeli gentleman, who happened to be in New York when Eli David died. He didn't like Eli and I don't think he likes Gibbs' influence on Ziva.

    At this point I don't even trust Sec Nav. Parsons is just the tool the instrument not the planner.

  • Excitin g

    The episode concentrates on the aftermath of the Eli assassination. When Ziva said "it's over" they gave us a feeling that some complications will follow which started in episode 23. The whole team is put under investigation (which happend before), wiode and will be cleared on S11 most likely. Several surprising twists make me mark this episode 10 and I can't wait for next weekll continue next epis
  • The evil McGee.

    This episode was superb I was wondering what was going to happen in the last two episodes because of Bodnar's death and now NCIS have another problem and that would be Richard Parsons who is like the evil McGee Originally I suspected him to be targeting Ziva and I was shocked when it was then believed he was going after Vance and the end Parsons reveals he is going after Gibbs who has kind of been on the outside during the Bodnar case but things don't look good for him and NCIS Hopefully the season finale can make a perfect end to a brilliant season 10.
  • surprising ending

    Did not end as most of us expected. Going after Gibbs - of all people.

    A lot of suspense, wondering, questioning, interesting, cute, Very Enjoyable. Always Great watching Gibbs' Team.

    I look forward to the next - and i think it will be the Finale............
  • Can't wait

    Wahou the scene between Tony and ziva under the rain was incredible, we truly can see how much Tony loves ziva and how he is hurt to be always pushed away. I hope there will be TIVA in the next episode and that this tension between them Will not be given up like it was after the crash! can't wait for the next episode ( i'm going to sleep, in France it is 3
  • good episode

    can not wait to see the final show
  • Nice twists

    For those who don't look for spoilers, the episode was pretty good at throwing curves and twists. You know the hot shot is trying to make a name for himself, so he won't go after Ziva because she slept with an Israeli operative since that won't put his name on anything. Vance was more credible so it got watchers to believe he was the end game. And then his game plan was revealed at the end with Gibbs.....

    And nice Tiva moments with Tony barging into the room to end the interview. Though I don't like how the writers made Ziva out to look like a you know what with that moment of weakness comment about feeling alone despite Tony saying she wasn't alone. After her reaction to that comment in Shiva, I think that was a cheap way to create drama.

    Though how many shippers this week are going to complain about the preview being misleading making them think Ziva and Tony slept together in Berlin?