Season 7 Episode 17

Double Identity

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Mar 09, 2010 on CBS

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  • After A Former Marine Is Shot In A State Park, The Team Discovers He Had Been Declared Missing In Action Years Ago. Elsewhere, Ducky Has Sad News For The Team.

    This episode was fantastic. It is a great example why I have been an "NCIS" fan from the very beginning. It was very well written and acted. It was also plausible throughout and just plain entertaining. The brief side story about Ducky's mother does not get in the way of the main story which is great because many times we see subplots get in the way or overshadow the main plot. Abby hugging Ducky at the grave of Ducky's mother was a fitting tribute to Victoria Mallard. The conclusion is not something that I saw coming and I don't think many other people saw either. Definitely one of the best "NCIS" episodes ever.
  • Double Identity

    A man with two identities? Interesting premise tonight even if it feels like something hijacked from an episode of Grey's Anatomy. The mystery was good here, easy to follow, fast-moving and just the kind of storyline NCIS excels at.

    The side storyline with Duckey was a bit unnecessary here, and I think that is one of the main problems with NCIS. They insist on forcing these sub-plots on us that are just dull time fillers.

    As long as the main case at hand is entertaining, the episode is good enough for me though, and that was the case with tonight's show.
  • Gotta love SVPR...

    Deception is a dangerous thing; it could works for years, and then suddenly dissolve in a couple of minutes. that's what a former Marine Lieutenant learns the hard way. team Gibbs hunts down the killer who apparently discovered his double life and tried to blackmail him.
    Good episode, it managed to keep my attention till the end; some good scenes between the characters and also a bit of character development for ducky.
    the case wasn't one of the best, It feels like the latest episodes are not so well structured as before, all of the features are still present, but they're not fine tuned as before.
    oh wait, something's actually missing; Tony and Ziva ren't bickering/flirting/doing something togheter anymore. that's worrisome.
  • Thoroughly interesting episode, but poor old Ducky!

    I thought this episode was quite interesting, although perhaps not as great of a case as earlier episodes this season.

    I thought Mortimer the Dog was amazing, and terribly cute, anbd I hope we see more of him in the coming episodes!

    I also thought the episode was fairly funny and interesting, and I absolutely loved that aspect of it.

    I felt really sad for Ducky, however, when his mother passed away, which was terrible, but great to see his love life is going well!

    I would highly recommend this episode, because it was funny, sad, invovled a great case and had basically ticked off all the great factors and produced an incredible episode!
  • A Marine Lieutenant who was MIA from Afghanistan shows up dead from a gun battle in a park. Two wives show up with two identities and a number of suspects show up as well. In the end some good old detective work and McGee's gadgets solves the case.

    Where last weeks episode was a little messy, this one was much more straightforward despite two wives and a number of possible motives for killing the suspect.

    We knew that the Lieutenant was killed with a weapon other than his own. Once they put the tie in from the theft in Afghanistan things seemed a little more simple. I guess the real interesting part was when his two partners who did not know he was alive regurgitated the same "exact" story that things became a little suspicious. The real victim in this episode was the second wife. As it is she probably gets nothing and she won't even get to bury her husband. The Ducky mystery was interesting and a nice twist to the story. It's was funny that Abby and Ziva were the two who really noticed the change in Ducky. All in all a pretty good story and the usual shenanigans went on between Tony and McGee. One of these times he really is going to get McGee into trouble. Let's see he interviewed a witness without proper authority, he broke into someones car without a court order, and then he broke into the same persons laptop. I'm not sure any of that evidence would be admissible in court. One of the amusing and sometime annoying ways Tony just is.

    An improvement on last week. Better plot and follow through of the story. Overall a great job by the cast made this a very entertaining episode of NCIS. Thanks for reading...
  • Mixed emotions for poor Ducky...

    ...but the Duckster will deal; and it seems he may have some younger help with his dealing??!! And I don't just mean Mortimer! Though Morty would help me deal, just fine...

    I have to admit that for most of the episode I was with Tony that it was the wife behind door number two who did the deed, just because of how non-grief stricken she seemed for a relative newlywed, and because of the way Gibbs blew her off. Even when they are a pain, he's usually more tolerant of the grieving families of marines...

    Was impressed that the Tony-induced cardiac arrest showed a correct least with the first defib anyway. Batting 500, and that's better than most shows can accomplish.

    Every time I watch one of these crime shows I get the same feeling: Is anyone else creeped out by how easily traced we all are these days?...