Season 11 Episode 16

Dressed to Kill

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Mar 04, 2014 on CBS

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  • Could have been great

    Over here, in Germany, we are a bit behind, so 11/16 was the latest episode that was aired.

    Honestly, I'm not really happy with the storyline of DiNozzo Sr. They could have made so much from it! In the first episode (season 7) he turned up it was still fine. Although I was wondering why everyone - excluding Tony and Gibbs - was so f*** nice to DiNozzo Sr. I mean, everyone knew that Tony never had a great childhood and was suffering from being neglected by his father. It seemed as if the actors were so happy to play with Robert Wagner that they forgot about the role. However, the interaction between Tony and his Dad, between Gibbs and the Sr. and Tony and Gibbs was great in that episode. And the bottom line was - Tony doesn't need another father because he already has one - Gibbs! (final scene!) (Even the Sr. seems to be aware of it when he told Gibbs in 11/16 that he had been the better father for Tony).

    Unfortunately, they had no other storyline afterwards, but decided to let the Sr. become a recurring role. So the episodes in season 8, 9, and 10 were - more or less - a retake of the first episode - with the unfortunate attempt of a happy end. But the original conception of the role had been a completely different one, so it never really worked (at least for me).

    It's so sad that they missed the opportunity to write a real storyline for this character. RW could have used all his skills and experience. I don't say he doesn't but it could have been so much more, so much better! What if DiNozzo Sr. really was a criminal? A real clever one? So that it would have taken a while to catch him? It would have been a real pain for Tony, but it also would have been another opportunity to make more from the relationship between Tony and Gibbs. I mean, THEY are the main characters, aren't they?

    I wonder if the writers and producers have ever noticed that the silent, simple scenes are the strongest of the show. Just think of the final scene of 9/2 (Restless). Gibbs and Tony simply sit in the car and talk. But it's one of the best scenes ever.

    However, back to 11/16. The storyline of father and son was predictable. The Sr. turns up, something happens (this time to Tony) , Tony is not very happy, the Sr. says something that hurts Tony (this time that he found a new love, his soulmate, who turns out to be the best friend of Tony's Mom) , Tony forgives him because he's so good-natured that it hurts, the Sr. claims that he loves him, Tony takes what he can get, and then the Sr. disappears for a year in which he won't care for his son at all. So far - so good (or so predictable).

    Disappointing that the Sr. didn't mention Ziva. He liked her, he knew Tony loved her and probably (hopefully) knew that he was suffering from losing her. So why he didn't ask? Because he didn't want to hurt him? I don't buy it because he never had problems to say something that would hurt him (see above). A bad try from the writers to make her forget? I guess so because when he said to that girl that she was more beautiful than Tony had told him it was like an deja-vu - "Tony never mentioned how beautiful you are". (DiNozzo Sr. in season 7 to Ziva)! Writers, did you really have to do this?? It's almost disgusting!

    Well, how to rate this episode?

    Robert Wagner great as always - storyline flat as always. 9 points for the actor minus 4 for the storyline: 5. (Sorry, Mr Wagner, it's not your bad).

    A normal Ducky-Palmer-scene (yeah!) but much too short, a bit more Abby in the usual style, Gibbs and McGee being a bit more themselves than in the last episodes, the General Inspector was an interesting character - 6 points. (I've seen that much better in the last ten seasons. Usually I would give 3 points but meanwhile I appreciate every little improvement).

    Overall storyline - flat as a plate but better than the last episodes - 3 points.

    Tony as the character in the centre - not as good as in the last ten seasons but at least much better than in the last episodes - 7 points.

    That girl ... Well ... She wasn't so awful and disturbing than in the last episodes, at least when she was just saying her lines and not trying to act. But ... I know how the other team members work but I still don't have a clue how she works. Does she get the information on a telepathic way? Does it materialize out of the air the moment she sits down on the floor? Please, teach her how to use a chair! And ... can anyone - please, please - teach her other facial impressions than "stupid horse", "dying fish", "I'm so clever although I don't have a clue what I'm doing here", and "I'm so cute although I don't know why" ?? For not annoying me completely this time - 1 point (last episodes = 0 points).

    Average: 4,5 + a half point (call it good will).
  • Again and again

    Again is Dinozzo the guy who destroy the whole episode. the only things he is good in is sexual intimidation, disobey rules and cheat all his collegues. Count that with the poor caracter of Bishop and be sure that the end of NCIS is near
  • Dressed To Kill

    Not a terrible episode here, but kind of underwhelming and a poor use of DiNozzo Sr. Fairly average by Season 11 standards though.
  • Love NCIS

    NCIS is the best show on tv and this episode was amazing...
  • great episode

    I thought the episode was good and having tonys dad back on the show. But seriously u guys, ur not giving bishop a chance at all. She may not be like ziva, but she has personality and quirkiness. Haters gonna hate so please leave bishop alone. Other than that, great episode overall and love the relationship with tony and his dad highlight of the show.
  • terrible...

    I can't believe just how bad my beloved show has become. What in the world has happened to my another thing if I see Bishop setting cross legged on the floor anymore I am going to spit up. Oh man what a awful character. I do see this being the last season.
  • Thought it might be a good show

    OK I worked on my laptop while my sister watched this show - so I sort of watched. Was actually a decent show BUT I really did not feel that 'bishop' fit in - anywhere. She is just NOT a good fit - she is definitely NOT a part of Gibb's team. ---They really chose wrong on the new female. - when she shows up now on the show, I feel like I'm watching a little girl 'trying' to be an NCIS agent - just isn't working.

    ***I just clicked on NCIS-LA & didn't realize until now that their 3/4/14 show was titled "Fish Out Of Water" - kind of fits the new female's role in NCIS

  • A Family Affair

    Interesting use of Abby

    Mature, competent and insightful Tony

    Good case

    Bishop contained

    Yet it still felt like something was missing. The episode only really came to life when McNozzo got their snoop on and Weatherly went off into his own little world in Nic Bodine's office. The second place it seemed to sparkle was where Weatherly (again) started to ramble in the bullpen.

    The hunt for who will now play Mrs DiNozzo senior is on. I like this family they are building around Tony. And I wouldn't mind seeing Taylor again. So very glad the writers chose the Godmother as the soulmate. Even if they did try and throw you off the scent.

    It was a good episode but not special enough for a landmark. Ziva not being mentioned in this episode bothers me less than what her role was in the 200 episode. But I wouldn't mind hearing her name some time soon.

    Onwards, patiently waiting for upwards.

  • DiNozzo <3 DiNozzo

    It's good to see that tony is having his father back. First it was Gibbs now Tony...
  • Proper NCIS

    This is more like the NCIS that we know and love. Yes, my rating is 7.5, but that's what this kind of show is, a 7, maybe 8 (at best) kind of show. It's not True Detective, it just is what it is, an hour of shooty death dealing Navy legal police type stuff and that's it.

    Benefited greatly from not thrusting you know who in our faces screaming "lover her, looovvve heeeerrrrr" and we get to see how good a show like this can be when you get back to a character that you know and love. I hope that they leave her (who we shall not speak her name) in the back ground more, to just be a team member an maybe make the odd comment and revel a little more and let the established characters do the work.
  • Fun to see Robert Wagner

    I am so sick of the Bishop-hating. The constant complaining of how childish she is. Well, what about Palmer? He has worked there for 11 years and still acting so unprofessional. This is a man that is married and about to have a baby. But beacuse he has been with the show for so long, we accept and love him. Same with Abby. Sometimes she is such a just wish the Ziva lovers just could get over the fact she is gone. She left willingly, no one made her leave. The center of the show is Gibbs and DiNozzo. Bishop isn't such a big part but we notice her because she is new and the onlo female agent. I feel so bad for Emily Wickersham. She is doing such a good job and she was mede a regular character because the other actors and the crew really like her. So my advise is, if you hate her, stop watching.

    That being said, it was a bit dissapointing for an anniversary episode. But is was still a fun one. Nice to see Robert Wagner again too. He and Michael Weatherly has such good chemestry. I am so looking forward to NCIC new Oreans. That seems to be such a good cast. I don't like NCIC LA so I hope it will better.
  • great show

    Great case, I love when Robert Wagner appears.
  • Great case!

    Really enjoyed this episode - it started out rather unconventionally but I enjoyed that, and it turned out to be a really interesting storyline. Coupled with that was interesting developments in the life of Anthony DiNozzo Sr. and Tony's reaction to some big news!

    The case was good, and it was interesting how the bad guy in the end was related to tht case.

    Another thing I enjoyed was the scene with Abby coming in just to catch up with Senior in her 'church' clothes! LOL. Love Abby!

    Great episode, great case, and looking forward to more!
  • Not worthy of an anniversary episode.

    One of the worst anniversary episodes ever. Ties with the poor excuse of an anniversary episode in season 9. What is happening to what used to be a great show?! Very disappointing, but par for the course this season, the worst ever in NCIS history!
  • Another great episode!

    Enjoyed having Dinozzo's father back again. I love this show cause it deals with all the real family issues. With Tony away from the investigation, we could really see how McGee has grown and now seems ready to be a Senior Field Agent. But that could never happen for everyone to be together. As for Bishop, she's really trying to fit in. Give her time and I think she'll be alright. She's a probie afterall right?

    The part where Dinozzo was trying to explain how he knew the guy in Macau was hilarious. But obviously Gibbs would know that he actually went to investigate...

    And, who else wants to actually see the family dinner?? :)