Season 4 Episode 11


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Dec 12, 2006 on CBS

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  • Okay episode.

    Episode was just okay, IMO. But the best part was the Sexual Harassment class. Ziva licking Tony's ear and Palmer talking about touching dead people. LOL!
  • A robotic vehicle named Otto gets sabotaged to kill.

    This episode was very good that started with the very funny scene in the red,yellow and green light class and then the team had to investigate a robotic vehicle which Abby admires but not so much when it tries to kill her but if anyone was going to save her it would be Gibbs and luckily he came to Abby's rescue Season 4 of NCIS is just getting better.
  • I was there!

    Great story, contains a lot of insider information about the DARPA Grand Challenge series of driverless vehicle races, and inside jokes. It is a good summary of our work here at American Industrial Magic. The reason for the exhaust to cabin connection in real life was not to kill people, but to inert the atmosphere in the unmanned drivers compartment to prevent electrical fires during the 135 mile desert race. For the non-military version of the app see: "Google Car". They are up to 200,000 driverless miles now. 3 states have passed legislation allowing driverless vehicles on the road.
  • Driven

    Aw man, NCIS had the perfect opportunity to kill off Abby here with the My Mother the Car gone mad, but they had to have Gibbs save her. Talk about a missed opportunity. But getting back to the episode, it was a pretty decent one tonight with a few good twists along the way and some vintage NCIS comedy with McGee, Ziva and DiNozzo.

    They focused a bit too much on the technologically advanced car though, and that brought down the episode in my opinion. We get it, it's a 22 million dollar car: don't make it so obvious that it was involved in the murder.
  • funny, interesting and excellent character interaction! one of my favourites!

    I loved this episode even after watching it for the 5th time! McAbby were so sweet. i loved the scene where McGee was telling Abby that he figured it out, and he didn't realise that she was standing right behind him! And then she came and hugged him and said that she didn't need permission to hug him! So sweet!

    Also, it hints more and more towards Tiva. I felt Tony was being a bit mean hiding all the stuff from them. Ziva was so worried about him! And he was just making stuff up! I like Jeanne and Tony, but i like Tiva too - so hard to chose.

    And then there was the sexual harrasment seminar! It was hilarious from Ziva licking Tony's cheek to Tony asking about head slapps! Poor Jimmy, he sounded like a freak talking about touching dead naked people! You've got to love them all!

    One of my favourites, and i definitely recomend it! it'll make you laugh and make you feel emotion for TIVA and McAbby :D
  • A computer goes Red Queen on it's creator.

    They got out of the sexual harassment seminar but it was hysterical! Abby gets upset about hugging, Ziva licks Tony, Jimmy asks about touching naked dead people…

    It was a great scene where the car tried to kill Abby. Seriously cool.

    Tony goes undercover – that was brilliant! Using his 'singing' to communicate with Jenny. Michael's got a pretty good voice. This is exactly what I've been noticing – a creativity in the storytelling that wasn't there until this season. This is not the first episode like this – it's always a pleasure to see a show evolve for the better.

    It's sweet that Ziva's worried about Tony – the so-called tests at the hospital, the phone call, the hospital bracelet. McGee might not be so far off about 'Lisa's' feelings for 'Tommy'.
  • Funny and original, this episode has a lot of the attributes of a great episode, in my opinion!

    This episode is another of my favorites from this season, and I have to say, this is by far one of the funniest episodes ever, perhaps only toppled by Season Two's 'Conspiracy Theory'. The NCIS staff all attend a sexual harassment lecture, which becomes extremely hilarious to watch, all throughout the episode!

    The case investigated was also very interesting, and I really thought that it was well-constructed and original, and when you combine those things together, in my opinion, you create a terrific episode!

    I also thought that the episode was rather suspensful, and I was really scared for Abby's life when the car nearly killed her, but thankfully, Jethro to the rescue!

    Overall, I highly recommend this episode for basically every reason you can think of. Truly one of my all-time favorites!
  • hee hee hee Funny!!!

    This was a very funny episode. The Harrasment counseler is talking to the team and Abby asks if she can hug people. Then Jimmy asks if he can touch dead naked people. Then Tony asks if it is appropriate to smack somebody on the back of the head. When the team investigates a killer car they can't stop talking about yellow, green and "red light" behavior. When Abby is attacked by the car she asks for permission to hug. The jokes were halarious and I was very pleased with how this episode played out. It is another great episode in the NCIS arsenal.
  • A great episode

    This episode opens with a computer controlled car going through a crash course. When she goes back to the garage she can't get out of the car and is subsequently killed. The NCIS team are called in due to it happening on a military base. The Team are in a sexual harassment course, all about different coloured lights and what is appropriate in the work place. They all called out due to the case. Gibbs seems to be impressed when it is learnt that the car drives itself. Abby inspects the car and gets locked inside and almost dies. Luckily Gibbs comes in and saves the day. The team learn that the car was tampered with. When she tried to unbuckle her seatbelt it trapped her inside and started the engine. The engine fumes killed her. We find out that one of her co-workers killed her. He was like a father to her. He meant to kill another person, but they switched times to drive the car. In the episode Tony lies to Ziva telling her that he has been having tests done at the hospital when she spots his hospital bracelet. She seems really upset only she doesn't know that he is wearing the bracelet for his new girlfriend who is a doctor at a hospital.
  • OMG OMG my new fav episode!

    This is such a great episode, and i absolutely love the opening, and Jimmy how he works with dead body's ahhh classic.

    Although i love when Ziva licks Tony's ear, then Tony smacks McGee over the head and then McGee smacks Tony in the Balls. Now that was a something funny to see.

    The plot line was also very good, i mean how many people would think that the car could kill who ever was in the car. Only NCIS could!

    and when Abby gets taken to Ducky and McGee thinks its all his fault that Abby nearly dies, thats just so cute. And his line strait after he cracks the code!

    McGee - "I did it Abby, I cracked it"
    Abby - "How did you know i was here"
    McGee - "Um... I didn't!"

    awww its just so cute the relationship between them!
  • This episode is a personal favourite as it makes you feel like an emotional cocktail...

    This episode is a personal favourite as it makes you feel like an emotional cocktail. The jokes are winners and it's clever how the jokes stem from the sexual harrasment class they all attended at the start of the show. The scene between Abby and McGee is sweet and shows how close those two are. It also shows how much McGee cares about Abby. This is a great inter-relational episode showing the extent of the characters love for one another. It's not everyday that someone gets killed by a car that can drive itself. Gibbs shocks both Abby and McGee by being about to understand some of their "geek speak" with is a great add on in the episode.
  • A killer robot humvee is loose in doesn't get much better than that.

    This has to be one of my top ten favorite episodes. From start to finish the writing and acting were top notch. Kudos to the writers for delivering a villain who I certainly did not expect.

    Who hasn't had to sit thru those sexual harrassment seminars at work? The banter between the characters made me wish they were able to show up at MY seminars just to lighten the mood. Palmers question about touching the naked, dead, bodies was so much the funnier because he was serious and the lecturer thought he was joking. The relief on the teams' face when the call about the dead lieutenant came thru was very believable.

    O.T.T.O. was a scream. Even though he was an inanimate object, he had a screen presence of his own. This was helped along by the obvious glee that Abby and McGee felt working on him. It was also fun to see Gibbs display some knowledge about technology, i.e. a memory card. But McGee and Abby shouldn't have seemed so surprised, he can operate a camera.

    Gibbs reaction to the humvee trying to kill Abby was classic Gibbs. He was angry with McGee for not seeing Abby's distress sooner, He was angry with the mechanic for possibly being the one who made the car do the dread deed, and most of all he was concerned for Abby. "That wasn't a request" when she protested going to see Ducky.

    The ending conversation that decided to call a situation where someone kills a co-worker a 'black light situation', was hysterical. And carried the underlying storyline about the sexual harrassment seminar right thru the end of the episode.
  • best episode of NCIS

    A humvee that contains robotic parts nicknamed OTTO automatically kills an engineer. The engineer is also a navy lieutenant, this makes NCIS investigate the strange case. When Abby and McGee tinker with the robotic humvee, the vehicle seemingly tries to murder Abby. NCIS begin to suspect that the humvee was sabotaged to trigger a murder. This episode almost went sci fi, but the writers kept it real, the humvee was programmed to murder instead of it murdering on it's own. It was an excellent episode. The writers did a really good job with this episode. It's a really exciting episode, I can't wait for the next one.
  • high-tech car?

    I must admit that when I saw the commercial for this episode I thought it was going to be terrible, but it turned out to be ok. The team investigates a murder that occured inside a high tech car, which also tried to kill Abby. It was pretty funny. McGee was oblivious and Gibbs came in and saved the day. Still, however, the episode was not that good. It had good humor, but the case wasn't that interesting to me. I didn't really like the whole high-tech car thing. It just wasn't something I would expect from NCIS. Oh well, overall, good episode.
  • Wow love this episode, it's so funny

    What can I say about this episode…. Love it. The person talking at the beginning was really funny, and this Abby and Jimmy asking their question. Lol, and Tony asking the person what about people hitting them on the head, and look at Gibbs, which Gibbs was giving Tony the killer eyes. That was so funny!!!

    OMG the scene where Ziva fall on top of Mcgee, that was so funny.

    Jimmy when going to the autopsy place… lol I love his face… Poor Ziva she is so worried about Tony… Mcgee feeling bad for what he nearly done and Gibbs being mad at him, not that I blame both, poor Mcgee. Abby is just so cute. Love her… Love Tony singing that was so cool!!! would have thought that he actually was singing a real song, and not talking to Jenny. lol

    Didn't expecting who the killer was, I thought it was this person and surprise to find that it was someone else.

    Thanks for this wonderful episode. Love it.
  • this episode was very interesting, since i love ncis so much now i am afraid of hummers! i thought it was a very funny episode though, other then that!

    I LOVE NCIS!!! im ncis' #1 fan! ever have a question just ask me! this episode of ncis has to be one of the best episodes ever, other then abby almost dieing, did anyone else hate mcgee for a little while after that? tony is so hott! in this episode i almost died laughing when he had to sing! i hate jen!!! do you hate jen? jen is an old porky pine smelly fish! if she were my mom or something she would die, i would soooo kill her!!!! if anyone had to die i would pick jen, cornnell hollis mann, or jimmy palmer. I LOVE NCIS!!!

    WOW! That is the only word coming to mind. Out of the jumble of words (that are usually nonesense) that flows from my mouth every day, "WOW" is the only word that seems to arise when thinking of this episode in particular. It is one of the funniest, most suspenseful, and keep-you-guess-till-the-end episodes of the series! And, of course, it would be a crime of me not to mention the moment when McGee was trying to find the glitch in the Hummer, and said "I did it, Abby. I found it." Then Abby said "How did you know I was here?" and so on. But, that had to be the sweetest moment of the season! I didn't necessarily care too much of Season Four (primarily due to the introduction of Hollis Mann), but that episode, definitely stands out as being one of the best of the season!
  • It had humor, angst, and danger. What's not to love about this NCIS episode?

    I love Driven. It had humor, angst, and danger. What's not to love about this NCIS episode?

    No matter how many times I watch the sexual harassment scene I'm still busting a gut laughing. Everyone was great in that scene. Ziva and Tony were perfect. Abby was sweet. Tim and Tony were comical together. I loved when Tony mentioned the head slapping thing. I do think that Palmer, with his crazy comments about dead naked people, stole the scene; though, he had tough competition.

    It is always exciting when one of the team is in danger. Abby makes a good target for the killer car.

    The scene with Abby and McGee after he apologizes for not noticing her was sweet. I love their relationship!
  • The episode driven was excellent and hilarious to watch and the script was well written and the actors always make every episode enjoyable to watch.

    The show had everything, a session on sexual harassment to investigating a murder. Abby and McGee have to find out how the robot “OTTO” killed the lieutenant when it almost killed Abby. When Gibbs saved Abby out of the vehicle and she hugs him and asked for permission to do so and he said you never have to ask I thought that was really nice. Having the mechanic that was accused of murder to help them out on Otto that was different. Seeing Tony on a mission and reporting what’s happening by singing to the Director that was so funny.
  • A sexual harrassment episode. A killer (literally) car. And Tony undercover singing on a street corner. What could be better (or more hilarious)?

    This was one of the most hilarious episodes I have seen to date. Everyone has to go to a sexual harrassment seminar which I practically wet myself I was laughing so hard. Brilliant Abby/Tony/Ziva humor. Abby is trying to figure out how the victim died and gets in the car only to be trapped in the car and is almost killed when Gibbs rushes in and brakes the window (this scene scared me half to death). We also see more sexual harrassment humor here (and Gibbs' soft side) when Abby asks Gibbs permission to hug him and he says she never has to ask (awwwwww!). The director also asks Tony to go undercover and Tony dresses up as a hobo and sings on the street corner with a guitar. Singing all his observations to Jenny. Hilarious! I almost wet myself again. At the end of the episode we see how much Ziva cares when Tony goes to the hospital to see his girlfriend (although, he doesn't tell anyone that's why he's going). Ziva assumes the worst and is doing research on Y. Pestis at the end of the episode, and we see how worried she is. Gibbs even has a worried look when he's alone in the elevator.
  • So Good! Sexual Harrasment seminar.. Abbey, And a mad Vehicle, What beeter way to spend an evening?!:D

    The Episode Starts on a high, and stays right up there. This episode has everything any NCIS fan could want when they sit down to watch the new episode. From Abbey needing to 'ask' for hugs and DiNozzo almost getting Gibbs in trouble. Anyone who doesnt like this episode obviously doesnt like NCIS. This has quickly become a favourite of mine as i just couldnt stop watching. A mad Automated Vehicle running loose. Just backs Gibbs claims that technology is evil. To bad they couldnt just reboot it!!

    Also in the episode we see that Gibbs isnt oblivious to all things modern as he knows about SD cards. There is also something brewing with DiNozzo. Some big secret i think has to do with his run in with Ypestis is season 2. Anyway, Tune in to this Episode! As many times as you can!!
  • Three words. Best. Episode. Ever.

    This is by far the best episode I have ever seen. From the start to the very end, this was one of the funniest, most original episodes that they have had in the series so far. We saw sides of characters we haven't seen before, like Tony's jealous side and Ziva's caring side. The best part of this episode had to be the sexual harassment lecture, and the "red light, yellow light, green light" speech which was referred to throughout this episode, but without taking anything away from the storyline. This was a great episode in a great series. Well Done!
  • Fantastic episode!:D

    Love the beginning with the whole sexual harassment training.Ziva licking Tony's ear was hysterical, as was Tony's question about the headslapping. McGee whacking Tony in a seemingly painful area, Gibbs' glare and Tony's reaction to the glare were all great. Super scene. I loved Gibbs trying to fake his technoknowledge.I loved that look of concern on Gibbs' face in the elevator. Full points to Lauren Holly this season. I love her scenes with Tony. At last we're seeing her as a character rather than just someone to flirt with Gibbs.
  • Amazing episode!

    One of my favs episodes of NCIS. I loved the plot, it was cleaver enough to have me thinking 'til the end who the murderer was (I knew it had to being one of those scientist but I never guessed who exactly).

    And the interaction between the characters on this one was incredible! The first scene with the team on the Sexual harrasment seminar was one of the best that I have ever seen. Ziva licking Tony´s ear... Priceless! And Abby was the one who stole the show.

    I really loved that we got to see more about Tony´s undercovers jobs. I am really enjoying the growth that his character has been experimenting this season.

    McGee/Abby, fantastic as always. I love those two!

    So it was an incredible episode that had it all: friendship, love and great plot. Exactly why I love this series.
  • So glad we finally got to see the team go to a sexual harassment seminar!

    The sexual harassment seminar was possible the greatest thing I have ever seen. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard as when Ziva licked Tony’s ear and he screamed and jumped up right in the middle of her “green light, yellow light, red light speech” and had to cover by smacking McGee and asking if it was inappropriate. I’ve started walking around saying stuff like “defiantly a yellow light situation” or “RED LIGHT!!”. And Tony having the psych ward bracelet on was brilliant. There was just so much humor in this episode, but it was still so serious at the exact same time.
  • The episode first starts off at a sexual harresment course which is perfect for the members of NCIS. The team then goes to investigate a death a woman working for the DOD making OTTO. After the car almost kills Abby, we see a good McGee and Abby moments.

    I LOVED this episode. I could not stop laughing at all between the interactions of Tony and Ziva. Seeing her lick his face and then fly from his seat, was priceless. I loved Abby's comments about hugging everyone. When Gibbs pulled her from the car, I had to laugh about her "permission to hug Gibbs" thing she said. It was also a great McGee and Abby moment as she basically dissed him for not saving her. You then see McGee later in the episode trying to make up for it and you can see the chemistry between McGee and Abby. Case in point, she calls him Tim. Not many of the agents call him Tim. Tony singing as part of his undercover work was too funny. Michael Weatherly didn't have a half bad voice and I think he should sing a little more. Ziva's concern for his health makes me more a human, as we usually see her as "Ziva David, NCIS Agent." I know she has feelings for Tony, but finds it hard to express them because of the shell she keeps up.
    All in all, I loved this episode. I am even going to keep in on tape and show my friends why they should watch this show!
  • Another good episode

    Did i read too much into it or is Dinozzo going to be in trouble with his newest woman soon? A meeting at a new Greek place? A red, hospital wristband on for people to easily identify him? Is his girly stringing him along while playing silly buggers behind his back with some criminal gang? I think he's being set up for a fall somewhere involving the guys he packed for when they got off the plane in a prior episode. I've bought the series 1 & 2 box sets and been keeping up with the episodes we haven't seen here in the UK yet and it never gets dull.

    Argh!! Damn good show.
  • What I thought was going to be a boring episode, ended up being one of the best!

    The opening sequence to this episode had me ready to yawn. I thought it was just going to be another installment where the NCIS Team tracks down your basic killer-by-sabotage. However, not only did the writers provide us with a number of twist and turns in the plot, but we had a great deal of character development and not a few added laughs.

    The Navy is on cooperation with a company to produced a 2nd generation A.I. vehicle for the D.O.D. against a competitor. The the vehicle, (humorously named OTTO) malfunctions and kills a naval officer by locking her in the car while filling the interior with exhaut fumes, NCIS is called in. Multiple suspects are investigated, all of them increasingly looking to be the culprit. The episode weaves back and forth between theories of motive to deduce the individual behind the murder. Ultimately Gibbs, with his limited understanding of technology, manages to catch the killer in a lie.

    While the case in this episode ended up being quite interesting after all, it was the myriad of small, intimate moments between the main cast that really made this a memoriable installment. Right before the team is contacted, we find them all struggling to keep composure in a Sexual Harrassment seminar. (Multiple members of the team subtle show the instructor that her lessons are not going to be well received) McGee accidently almost lets Abby be killed by OTTO, saved only by Gibbs at the last moment. Later, the dynamic of the relationship is once again called into question, when she (as often) referes to him as Tim as gives him a hug. Meanwhile, Tony is growing even more attached to his new girlfriend, a nurse at a local hospital. So concerned about his budding romance, he is ever vigilant to keep it a secret from Ziva. Ziva, in turn, begins to mistake Tony's strange behavior as a sign that he his ill and the viewers are treated to a softer side of the former Masad Agent. We even got to see Palmer return from another fumble with Agent Lee.

    In the end, although this was a well scripted crime episode, it really was the character interaction that made Driven a great installment in this season of NCIS. It continues to be one of the most interesting and best developed shows on prime time.
  • I couldn't have loved this episode more. All the classic appeal of NCIS was there as well as great new elements.

    First of all, the sexual harrasment training class was a brilliant circumstance to place this team in. Tony and Ziva are constantly in inappropriate work place conversations so watching their behavior during the class was so great. When Ziva licked Tony I almost fell out of my chair laughing. Abby's aborable when she finds that her innocent hugging isn't considered innocent by DOD standards, but everyone's assurance that it is, was just fabulous. I'm not sure if i liked Gibbs' new reaction to all the tech talk. I did like that he did know what McGee and Abby were talking about later.
    Tony's singing was another great moment. There aren't words for how great that scene was.
    Finally, Ziva's concern for Tony's health as well as Gibbs' was so great, it really showed how much this team is like a family to each other. All I can say is thank god for TiVo, I could watch this episode a hundred times.
  • Never have I laughed out loud.

    I have never ever laughed so hard at a show
    Just like this episode with the sexual harrassment one with poor Probe Tim getting a lot of "abuse" from mainly Tony. After a robot causes a Navy officer's death. As well as seeing Gibbs working the computer for the first time. Abby is almost killed by the robot. As we also see Ziva spying Tony at the hospital.
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