Season 8 Episode 8

Enemies Foreign

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 16, 2010 on CBS

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  • A weird scene......

    at around 24:34, a man can be seen in the background, between Ziva and Gibbs, did anyone else see him? ai first, i thought it was a shadow, but then i noticed that he was IN shadow, moving differently from both Ziva and .
  • Good, but not enough interaction btw Ziva and her father.

    Loved the episode for the most part. But I think the conversation btw Ziva and her father was way too short, considering he left her to die in the desert and she hadn't spoken to him since.
  • I must say, as much as i LOVE NCIS....and i LOVE the ziva episodes, where we get to discover more of her background...i think its time to change

    I must say, as much as i LOVE NCIS....and i LOVE the ziva episodes, where we get to discover more of her background...i think its time to change. I believe we need to see an episode change...yes we have all seen tonys diffucalties, and zivas are very mysterious, but its time to have an Abby episode or episodes...maybe even magee or ducky or even Palmer...However, this episode was amazing and i can't wait for the next, its just a shame we didn't see as many Ziva/Eli scenes as we would have wanted to... maybe in the next episode things will start to heat up.
  • This episode was suspenseful and exciting!

    This was definitely the best NCIS episode since the season premiere, 'Spider and the Fly'. It was pivtoted around Mossad Director Eli David's arrival in the United States and the NCIS team was tasked with his protection detail, along with a couple of Mossad agents.

    I really enjoyed this case. It was thorouhgly enjoyable and very suspenseful. I loved the pasrt where they got two of the three terrorists, but the third was not seen, and that automatic gun that he had assembled was quite frightening, in my opinion!

    I think that this type of episode was essential, because the eighth season has been tame so far, and this one really kicked it back into life! The ending to this episoe was great, and it leaves a million question marks everywhere, as to what will happen next!

    Pelease keep it up NCIS, and I really want more great episodes, just like this one! I would highly recommend this episode, and I advise that you watch this!
  • Great episode - reminds me of the previous end of season cliffhangers...

    Strangely enough, this week's episode is what you would expect in a season final... but we are given the pleasure of such an edge of the seat episode midway through the season.

    After a season and a half of slow-ness, ploddy storylines and annoying character developments, the show is back in full force. (following on from last week's great DiNozzo senior episode)

    I was watching an old episode the other night, where Gibbs is up against a deathrow prisoner with an agenda, thinking "we havent seen an explosive midseason episode like this for a while" (sure there are some great end of season episodes)... and Bang! Enemies:foreign comes along mid season.


    - Best scenes, the whole attack - the terrorists are pretty smart afterall... the agents were played like a chess piece... the terrorists were steps ahead, easily predicting the agents' movements and planning more deadly gunpowder. They appear to be smarter than the NCIS team! Heart stompingly great gunfire scene akin to Extreme (Season 3, ep 12)

    - Ziva vs Dad. She's a daughter afterall, hurt by her father. - Not everyone knows who NCIS still - hilarious!

    - Tony/Ziva correcting the Mossad agent's english "Tongue in ear" vs "Tongue in cheek".

    - (BTW, Tony looks much better in his long black coat than tight suits... bring back the sweater from Under Covers and chilled out checkered shirt look!)


    - How useful is McGee in the field when there are professional assasins around? He'd be and was an easy target
    - Why was secret service not involved with the protective detail? Or more NCIS people?
  • 11/16

    Let us start with the positives for this episode: the explosions and gunshots and action at the end were good. Caleb Cooney from All My Children returning as Moussad chief and Ziva's father was a nice surprise as well. And of course you cannot go wrong with ending an episode with a cliffhanger before we head off for the holiday season hiatus after next week's show.

    But as a whole the episode was a bit too slow-moving for my taste. NCIS can have some great stand-alone shows from time to time, and while this was a solid edition, it is not one I will rewatch on USA anytime soon.
  • Oh good, the israelis are back....

    Having to face her father again is something that Ziva clearly had no intention to do; but when he makes to move and crosses the ocean, she can't help but face him.
    Team Gibbs get assigne to protect Director David and Vance from a small cell of trained killers who won't lose the unique opportunity to kill the head of Mossad.
    But even the most trained agents can do much against an inside traitor...
    nice episode, many good tense moments especially between the "Davids", looks like more face to face, heart to heart moments are on their way; can't wait to see the second part!
  • I was expecting a lot from this episode and I haven't been disapointed ! huge episode

    I really loved the episode. Packed with great action, guns, shootings and so on. But that wasn't all and that's what make this episode good.

    I was wondering when they'd show us the Ziva/Eli reunion because there had to be one and it was well done. For most of the episode there is no scene between them and I thought that was brilliant. We'd expect a direct confrontation but this was better. And finally when we got to see them together we see Ziva's feelings get out as expected (good acting job from De Pablo) but also from Eli's side when he explained why he is the way he is.

    I liked Amid Adar better this episode contrary to last time we saw him. He had more complicity with Ziva. Now I would have liked more Tiva but the humour like with "great the israeli are back again" and the "spider sense" was nice. I also liked "Ziva's replacement" and the way she and Ziva compete with each other, that was fun especially with the newbie's allusion to the men's room as we know this is Ziva's favorite place for all her important talks with Tony :) . On top of that we got to see how far Ziva's experience of killing is.

    Abby's speech was short but enjoyable and seemed to reach Ziva just how Abby knows to.

    We also get a sneak peak on some background information about the director, Finally ! Hope we get more in the next episode.

    And of course, the cliffhanger was great and I can't wait to see next week's episode to see what happened to Eli and Leon and to see Ziva/Eli confrontation if there is another one, and maybe some Tiva? Girl can hope :)

    PS: sorry for any mistake, English is not my mother language.
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