Season 9 Episode 4

Enemy on the Hill

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 11, 2011 on CBS

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  • Enemy on the Hill

    I think this episode of NCIS was great. The ending was really good, and I was even a little shocked by Abby's news. Now the storyline was pretty typical. NCIS protects a man, who does not want protecting and is obviously hiding something. Classic. We've seen this kind of thing on NCIS plenty of times. I'd say it was Abby's storyline that won me over. It was nice to learn a little bit more about Abby and her family. NCIS has never really explored into Abby's backround yet. Great episode, doesnt deserve a 7.9, I gave it a 9.0
  • 904


    "Enemy on the Hill" was pretty much your average episode of NCIS, nothing more nothing less. You had the crew look into the mediocre storyline and the only thing different, maybe, is that the annoying rock/techno music hit a little bit earlier signaling Abby would play a key role in tonight's show....yeah? No.

    Another pedestrian episode of NCIS, a show sinking faster than the Titanic in terms of quality.

  • ok!


    i have been a huge fan of ncis and the last 8 seasons have just set my expectation sky high. unfortunately this season, all 4 episodes have been a bit of a let down. the stories are not riveting enough and there seems to lack the usual chemistry between the key members. even gibbs head slapping of tony seems contrived. hoping to see much better stuff ahead. having said that its not a bad watch...just not as good as it has been!

  • Big step up from last week!


    So far this season, we have started off with one awful episode, followed by a great episode, followed by a bad episode, followed by a great episode. Well, let's hope that this series ends today, as we don't need another bad one next week.

    I rather enjoyed this case. It had many interesting aspects and elements to it, ranging from Ziva following the Navy Lieutentant (?) everywhere, to the interesting ending and especially Abby's own personal case, which was very well done.

    Speaking of the latter, I really loved the storyline, although it was immensely sad. Abby's brother may not be her biological brother, her parents are certainly not her biological parents and this other guy is definitely her biological brothre! It is all very sad to watch, but definitely the kind of storyline that was needded to get NCIS back on track.

    All up, this was definitely a huge leap forward from the boring showof last wee k, and I sincerely hope that this standard is maintained into the future.

  • well-done episode, for a change -- first time this season.


    Finally, a well-rounded, good, stand-alone episode. Good mystery and detective story. Of course, good Abby background story.

    I just want to note three small things -- all unnecessary, rude incidents against people helpful to NCIS:

    (1) Gibbs was rude in the communications room (MTAC) when he got very useful information from a military investigator in Europe. Then the man started asking Gibbs if he would "put in a word" for him for an advancement, and incredibly Gibbs doesn't even look at him or say anything and has the MTAC video conference terminated.

    (2) I didn't like Tony mocking Sportelli for arresting/handcuffing [joke] the unconscious (due to pedestrian auto accident) 10-Most-Wanted fugitive. And Sportelli was nice enough to clue in NCIS about the Navy aspect of the case.

    (3) I didn't like Tony calling an apartment a "dump" in front of the landlady, and then referring to her as an old "turkey vulture" who couldn't do anything with men anyway, all within earshot of the woman.

  • Very entertainong episode with a twist


    The episode has a nice twist- Abby wants to donate a kidney as good will gesture and found to match the patient. As soon as that takes place a second identical donor is found. The scientist nature of Abby leads her to conclude that they must be closely related and even perhaps the needy patient. In this background the NCIS team manages to get the criminals with her help, as usual. I liked this episode since it shows the true dilemma that a donor faces as well as the consequence of one's decision.

  • Very enjoyable episode, finally some Abby background


    This was a great episode for Abby's character. I love that we finally get some background info on Abby and more than that as it appears through the episode. I liked that we see Abby go through these different emotions first joyful then surprised and anxious to the last scene with Gibbs.

    The Gibbs and Abby scenes particularly the labo scene and the last one were really great. It tells so much about their relationship and we get to see this real sweet side of Gibbs.

    I like the guy who plays Kyle, he seems nice and so much like Abby it's cool. + 1 for the puppy too, very cute^^

    Tony's part was nice, we get to see funny Tony after the serious Tony from the first episodes. I like how they balance his character because we love him for his two-sides personality.

    About the case, well I was more into the sidestory but anyway it was average good even if the end is kind of predictible. Oh I loved how the landlady hit on Gibbs and the faces of Tony and Mc Gee lol.

    As for Ziva I was a bit disappointed that they used her less than usual but I liked her phone conversation with Tony.

    I don't really see why they brought back Sportelli in this but why not. And Ducky was Ducky, nice and good as usual.

    On the whole an enjoyable episode and a great twist for Abby's character.

  • a nice, solid episode


    This NCIS episode was about a contract killer who was hired to kill a Navel "something" (i dont remember), he ended up getting hit by a car and dying in the hospital . The NCIS team manged to uncover a case of money laudering along with the hit on the Navelcommanders(I Think) life.

    What i liked about this episode was the whole Abby's story on how she might have a long lost brother. This side story isdiffidentlyneeded because we dont know much about Abby's past.

    To conclude, this episode was a good solid episode. Its always a good sign when you like the episode when you cant think of anything bad about it.

  • A good solid episode showcasing one of its best features, the relationship between Gibbs and Abby


    I watch a lot of the older episodes on USA and I've often tried to follow the development of the relationship between the gruff, no-nonsense Gibb who hides himself, and the sweet puddle of adorability that is Abby. I think it is foundational to the series itself and was well established before the pilot. Still, one of m favorite things is to watch the interplay between the two. There was a lot of that on display throughout the episode last night. I must confess I didn't pay much attention to the story because I'm always so much more interested in the cast, so I was more focused on the story of Abby's new brother than the actual plot.

    I found it so sweet when Gibbs offered to go with her to meet her brother. I also loved the end when she showed up to tell him what she had discovered. He didn't try to take the pain out of her experience, but explained to her what a family really is, and reminded her that her family is the team, and that as long as he is there she will never be alone. I, like to thing that is a lesson he has learned through the years, having lost his wife and child. They can never be replaced, but he does have a family, and Abby is his cherished little girl.

    Scenes like that done well take years to establish as the audience watches and grows with the characters. Last night's ending scene was absolutely perfect.

  • Best episode of season so far...


    Season 9 of NCIS has gotten of to a decent start, but compared to usual standards this season has been a bit underwhelming so far.

    Episode 4 is definitely the best episode so far. The story was interesting enough, and all characters played a part.

    Tony was back to his best. Were his antics a bit childish? Yeah maybe, but damn it i still laughed.

    Abby side story was great tonight. She wasn't really used that well in season 8, so it was nice to have a bit of focus on her. Her interaction with Gibbs at the end was heart warming.

    Saying that i thought Ziva was ditched far to easily by the 'target'. The Ziva of 5 years ago would not have been fooled so easily.

  • Definitely the best episode for the season.


    It was pretty refreshing to see this episode, considering the past few for the season have been a little lackluster. There were extremely hilarious scenes (Very special Agent DiNozzo is back with a bang!) and some incredible touching, like Gibbs' heart to heart with Abby. Abby definitely was incredible this episode, and the casting for her brother was phenomenal. Hope there are more like this episode in season 9!

  • The case, very interesting twists and turns in this one. A Navy Lt. liaison on the Hill is the target of an assassination plot. He is skeptical at first. Abby finds important information through kidney donation screening.


    Spoilers Warning

    A hitman is killed when he stepped in front of a van. NCIS is alerted by a local homicide detective. A search of his house yields a computer, from which the team learns the hitman was targeting a Navy liaison.

    Ziva David is assigned to protection detail for the Navy Liaison. He is well respected by all, has a daughter with special needs he loves dearly, and has no enemies. NCIS learns the identity of the man who ordered the hit, and then the liaison believes the hit is for real.

    Tony follows the money and turns up a lot of interesting information about the hitman, the middle man, and the accountant handling transactions. Abby discovers more info from handwriting analysis.

    The accountant turns up dead before she can give a description of the middle man. She had many gambling debts, the team discovers after her death

  • Probably one of the sweetest endings I have seen on NCIS.


    I loved this episode!!!! The case was not the best I have ever seen, but it was still interesting. An interesting twist to the case when **spoiler** the person in protection turned out to be the criminal. The abby scenes were HUGE... a really interesting twist to her character, and the lovely scene at the end in gibbs house capped off the episode. I can't wait to find out more about Abby!!!

  • Light on Tony; Heavy on Abby


    NCIS is always fun to watch. I love the antics of Tony. He's more playful than usual in this episode, he was acting weirder, lines are funnier and even danced! The lighter side of the show by Tony was a good balance with the seriousness story line of Abby. Abby finds out in this episode that she was adopted. I like how the show portrays Gibbs. He is known to terrorize suspects, hard on his people but tonight's episode showed his fatherly side. He was there to comfort Abby like how he comforted Tony earlier in this season. I hope to see more of Gibbs' softer side for a change :)