Season 9 Episode 4

Enemy on the Hill

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 11, 2011 on CBS

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  • Very enjoyable episode, finally some Abby background


    This was a great episode for Abby's character. I love that we finally get some background info on Abby and more than that as it appears through the episode. I liked that we see Abby go through these different emotions first joyful then surprised and anxious to the last scene with Gibbs.

    The Gibbs and Abby scenes particularly the labo scene and the last one were really great. It tells so much about their relationship and we get to see this real sweet side of Gibbs.

    I like the guy who plays Kyle, he seems nice and so much like Abby it's cool. + 1 for the puppy too, very cute^^

    Tony's part was nice, we get to see funny Tony after the serious Tony from the first episodes. I like how they balance his character because we love him for his two-sides personality.

    About the case, well I was more into the sidestory but anyway it was average good even if the end is kind of predictible. Oh I loved how the landlady hit on Gibbs and the faces of Tony and Mc Gee lol.

    As for Ziva I was a bit disappointed that they used her less than usual but I liked her phone conversation with Tony.

    I don't really see why they brought back Sportelli in this but why not. And Ducky was Ducky, nice and good as usual.

    On the whole an enjoyable episode and a great twist for Abby's character.

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