Season 9 Episode 4

Enemy on the Hill

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 11, 2011 on CBS

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  • The case, very interesting twists and turns in this one. A Navy Lt. liaison on the Hill is the target of an assassination plot. He is skeptical at first. Abby finds important information through kidney donation screening.


    Spoilers Warning

    A hitman is killed when he stepped in front of a van. NCIS is alerted by a local homicide detective. A search of his house yields a computer, from which the team learns the hitman was targeting a Navy liaison.

    Ziva David is assigned to protection detail for the Navy Liaison. He is well respected by all, has a daughter with special needs he loves dearly, and has no enemies. NCIS learns the identity of the man who ordered the hit, and then the liaison believes the hit is for real.

    Tony follows the money and turns up a lot of interesting information about the hitman, the middle man, and the accountant handling transactions. Abby discovers more info from handwriting analysis.

    The accountant turns up dead before she can give a description of the middle man. She had many gambling debts, the team discovers after her death

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