Season 9 Episode 8

Engaged, Part I

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 08, 2011 on CBS

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  • Can they please deliver a little less pointless banter and a little more action? Seriously, this show is losing its touch...

    Wow, this storyline was just all takl and no walk. The only reason I rate this episode so highly is because it leasd into a spectacular Par t Two. However, Part One on its own did nothing for me.

    Seriously, there are too many NCIS episodes in Season 8 and 9 which have had no action, no suspense and have been hard to get into. Thi s is a perfect example of that. There was no action, no nothing. It was all talk about what was going on.

    Please, we need more action! Luckiyl, part two provides that, but not this one! NCIS: LA provides top notch action week in, week out, while NCIS is continuting its downward spiral.

    Please, I beg for some more actions! More chase scenes! More suspenseful moments! We really need it!!!
  • 908


    "Engaged" showcases what NCIS can do when it really tries to and that is deliver a very somber, yet entertaining episode. Tonight's broadcast showed that this is a program that cherishes the history of the Navy and does not simply use it as a backdrop for storytelling purposes like other shows might.

    It was a powerful episode, but they didn't try to make us feel sorry, they just provided an interesting investigation with a good payoff. That's all you could want.

  • Persian not Farsi Denozooooo!

    It's called Persian, not Farsi agent DiNozzo. Read, read and read!

    Love NCIS.
  • a mild return to form this season after a patchy start


    it seems like season 9 is going to be like season 7 - three orfourmaybe 5 episodes really fantastic and best yet, then humdrum for the rest. i swear there are two different writing teams on this show! anyway yes everyone back on form, very interesting scenario and can`t wait to see what happens next week.

  • Too mawkish, and too slow to discover a crime. Interesting lead to Part II.


    Sorry, but I didn't care for it because it was unrelentingly mawkish, wistful and politically correct. The episode is really just a long lead-in to Part II where they rescue the female Marine. For the first third of the episode we don't even know that the girl's body was not on the plane or that a crime has been committed. And then it takes another third to learn that she was kidnapped (maybe) by insurgents at the school.

    The female Marine, Flores, was just too perfect and precious in every way. Great looking. Her dad says he disappointed her somehow, yet she keeps company with him every Sunday. Everyone in contact with her loves her in some way, including the marine Commandant, her outfit leader and the military contractor boss. In Iraq she is a brave, gutsy, spunky, patriotic, humanitarian warrior, setting up school for mistreated Iraqi girls. We also get a female chaplain and teacher and ponderous music heralding her as a Saint.

    Finally we get a compact recording by Flores for dual purposes -- hearing how humanitarian she is and overhearing in the background her duplicitous school workers plotting against her. Good translating, Ziva. A real "deus ex machina." Same with the lucky tattoo discovery and with Gibbs using satellite GPS and video showing her fleeing with kids and being kidnapped.

    Other objections to the ep: (1) Gibbs meeting Flores' dad at the Tomb for the Unknowns. Why, how?; and (2) it isn't NCIS' job to find MIA's in Iraq, and others already there should be able to do it better (though the Marine Commandant seems to know Gibbs well, and probably wants the best Marine to do the job! Why?).

  • What's with the HEAD?


    I thought cameramen / directors were brainless zombies for using hand held shaky cam jump cut jittery images for action scenes, but NOW, we have a NEW WAY to make the visual transform into ugly radio... It's the moving camera so that a HEAD obscures the monitor screen.

    What is wrong with these people?

    Sigh x infinity.

    The scene in MTAC changes back and forth from the characters watching a screen, to the screen. But the image is constantly obscured by the silhouette of someone's HEAD. So that all you get is the audio.

    Was this some new idea to put emphasis on the audio?

    It's bad enough that NCIS is starting to drift into humdrum, but to make the visuals so annoying that they are unwatchable is just dumb.

    If this keeps up, NCIS will be dropped from another PVR, ASAP.

  • Nice with something different for a change.


    NCIS has become very predictable. Every episode is always about the same thing. But this episode was different, and very good.
    I was hooked the whole episode, and I can't wait until next week.
    I think Tony's reaction to the plane crash was brilliant. I love it when he's weird and unpredictable. And the scene with his list was so good, I live for those Tiva-scenes.
    And omg, I laughed so hard when Ziva gave him a head-slap!

    Anyway, great episode. I hope they keep it up through the rest of the season.

  • Now we're talking! Something new and original, and captures the true mission in Afghanistan.


    When I saw the intake of the episode, I was immediately captured by the intensity of the situation. Several caskets of fallen marines on board an aircraft, returning from a theatre of operations to their final resting place. Then everything goes awry, and the aircraft crashes.

    We see a side of Gibbs we have rarely seen - his intimate side, where he has a dream of being with Shannon, his slain first wife, once more, only to be awoken by Director Vance who has provided his team with the assignment of investigating the crash.

    Firstly, the team is sent in order to identify if there was any heinous attack on the aircraft to cause it to crash, and if so, to head the investigation. It turns out there wasn't, but it also turns out that the remains of a female marine officer suspected of being killed in action were completely missing from the crash site, therefore the female marine officer is considered missing in action.

    The story delves into the mission of the female marine officer (Lieutenant Flores), and shows the greater depth of why the Coalition Forces in Afghanistan are there - to reconstruct the nation and provide their people with the opportunities of education and life skills.

    Gibbs visits the Commandant of the Marine Corps in relation to the matter, who advises Gibbs that he will move mountains to get his marine back.

    After a deep analysis of Flores' mission, the team identify that the people helping build a school in which the Lieutenant has been helping develop are in fact insurgent turncoats, who initiate an attack and destroy the school.

    After looking at satellite surveillance footage of the area, it is clear that one adult and two children escaped the carnage of the attack, running away, only to be intercepted by apresumable hostile vehicle, and taken away. At this time and the evidence at hand, the Commandant of the Marine Corps has sent Gibbs, and potentially his team, to locate and rescue Lieutenant Flores.

    I myself am an Australian, and quite recently, our forces have lost four soldiers and had several wounded due to insurgent turncoats, so this episode has hit close to home.

    I think that the storyline has been well orchestrated and has some very deep meaning. I just hope that people watch and realise this is exactly why the Coalition fights in Afghanistan, to provide girls and women with the right of education and self-improvement, to create a better life for the Afghan people and their nation.

    Semper Fi, marines, and God Bless all of the Coalition Forces serving in Afghanistan.

  • Superbly crafted episode! Through DNA analysis it is concluded that Gabriela is not among the corpses. Where is she? I guess we will find out next week


    In this episode the NCIS team displays a new level of scientific sophistication concluding that despite the fact that Gabriela dog-tags are found at the attack scene Gabriela is missing. We get a hint that she is not dead and her excited father starts developing hope that she might be alive.

    The NCIS team, receiving pressure from all directions, is working as fast as they can to reach a closure of this issue, including satellite imagery DNA analysis and other devices available to them. A discovery of a strange tatoo indicates an inside job that might complicate matters as well.

    One last comment about the reviews of ZZZ: Since ZZZ seems to dislike the show as indicated by his/her consistent rating of 3, why does he/she watch the show at all? Is ZZZ a professional spoiler?