Season 9 Episode 8

Engaged, Part I

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 08, 2011 on CBS

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  • Too mawkish, and too slow to discover a crime. Interesting lead to Part II.


    Sorry, but I didn't care for it because it was unrelentingly mawkish, wistful and politically correct. The episode is really just a long lead-in to Part II where they rescue the female Marine. For the first third of the episode we don't even know that the girl's body was not on the plane or that a crime has been committed. And then it takes another third to learn that she was kidnapped (maybe) by insurgents at the school.

    The female Marine, Flores, was just too perfect and precious in every way. Great looking. Her dad says he disappointed her somehow, yet she keeps company with him every Sunday. Everyone in contact with her loves her in some way, including the marine Commandant, her outfit leader and the military contractor boss. In Iraq she is a brave, gutsy, spunky, patriotic, humanitarian warrior, setting up school for mistreated Iraqi girls. We also get a female chaplain and teacher and ponderous music heralding her as a Saint.

    Finally we get a compact recording by Flores for dual purposes -- hearing how humanitarian she is and overhearing in the background her duplicitous school workers plotting against her. Good translating, Ziva. A real "deus ex machina." Same with the lucky tattoo discovery and with Gibbs using satellite GPS and video showing her fleeing with kids and being kidnapped.

    Other objections to the ep: (1) Gibbs meeting Flores' dad at the Tomb for the Unknowns. Why, how?; and (2) it isn't NCIS' job to find MIA's in Iraq, and others already there should be able to do it better (though the Marine Commandant seems to know Gibbs well, and probably wants the best Marine to do the job! Why?).