Season 4 Episode 2


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 26, 2006 on CBS
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Gibbs is forced to come back out of his retirement to help Fornell, who is being threatened by a convict that escaped from prison. The convict threatens both Fornell and his daughter Emily. Gibbs and the NCIS team re-open the convict's old robbery case, and question a retired sailor who is the only one who contacted the convict after he was sent to prison. The investigation will lead the NCIS team to a surprising discovery.moreless

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  • Far too soon for this episode to have been made.

    The episode itself is decent, for the most part, but my main problem is that it comes far too soon in the series to have any impact. We have Gibbs retiring at the end of Season 3, yet here in the first two episodes it's like he's been on extended break.

    We have this interesting plotline at the end of Season 3 where Tony is now in charge, but we never see that. We don't see how he commands his team out in the field (because Gibbs just has to be his old pushy, control-freak self and not let Tony do much of anything worthwhile), we don't get to see the origins of the Campfire, we don't see the new girl actually join up, none of that. I would've liked to have seen Tony get the spotlight on the show and let him do his thing, and then bring Gibbs back either mid-season or during the season finale. Instead, we have the writers pushing Tony back once again. I know there's the whole future subplot about Tony doing secret work and his new girlfriend and all, but it's still a step back from him being team leader.moreless
  • Had to be the old guy

    The old guy was the only other new person introduced in the episode. So at the end, was Gibbs back or not? I had a hard time following what exactly happened after they caught the murderer. I hate Gibbs with facial hair. Mark Harmon is so good looking he doesn't need it.
  • Interesting to see Gibbs on the outside.

    I wondered where the photo of Jenny came from – Gibbs' stuff is all still in his house. Fornell actually getting upset and calling in a favour – that's a first.

    I love Jenny – she's still hoping Gibbs will come back, not filing his retirement and instead using his leave. Ducky is really angry at Gibbs.

    There's personality bleed-through since Gibbs' departure – Ziva snapping candid photos, McGee drinking Caf-Pows and picking up Tony's terrible woman

    Lee is not only annoying but obnoxious. She's not just an outsider, she can't keep her mouth shut.

    Now that's the smart way to hide $5m, invest in antiques and first editions.moreless
  • Just terrific! Sensational!

    The second episode of Season Four is really exciting, and in my opinion, an improvement on the first one, which was still great!

    This episode was really interesting and it brought Special Agent Gibbs out of retirement to help crack an old case!

    I felt that the episode was truly great and rather unpredictable, as I didn't see the ending coming. It had some really interesting parts and a few funny moments.

    I really recommend this one for those interested in a great case, because that is exactly what this one contains! Terrific work by NCIS, and this episode I felt, was rather original and suspenseful!

    Please keep it up!moreless
  • Gibbs comes back!

    This episode opens with the FBI man and his daughter in a beauty salon for kids. We then see a man turn up and they have a heated discussion and we learn that the man has just escaped from prison. He claims he is innocent and wants his case re-opened, and threatens his daughter Emily if it doesn't happen. We see Gibbs who is still retired, back at home in his basement. We see that Gibbs is packing of all of his stuff and is selling his house. Gibbs goes to see Jenny to tell her he wants in on the case. But Jenny point-blank tells him no. Jenny then informs us that she never filled his retirement papers, but he is actually on leave instead, and has only 6 days left until she has to fill his retirement papers. The team go to the only person who visited him while he was in prison. They enter the house and have a phone call from the escaped man. When Gibbs goes back outside they realise that he has stolen their car. After going through all of his files the team believe that he is after someone who testified against him, Nash. The escaped man phones his own tip hotline and the team trace the call back to the building where he murdered his two accomplices. When the NCIS and the FBI teams head there, they find a crime scene. The escape man sets up a crime scene, of what happened that night. In an attempt to find him, Gibbs brings in his only visitor. Gibbs spends the night at the FBI man's house as his house is being fumigated due to termites. They talk about the case and the Terbias FBI man admits that they screwed up. The team believe that he was framed. They manage to track him the address of Nash and head straight there. When they arrive they find that he is dead, and it looks as though he jumped from the building. During the autopsy Ducky discovers that he was beaten first and interrogated before his death. He was shot three times in the back before being pushed off of the building. Abby discovers the escaped man's prints on items within Nash's apartment. Gibbs goes to see Abby and she handcuffs them together, so he can't leave. The team learn that he isn't trying to clear his name, but find the money from the robbery at the bank. They discover that Tonys Dictaphone has been bugged after it was taken along with the car that is how he knows everyone that is happening. The team pull in the lawyer from the trial and Gibbs manages to crack him, and he tells them everything that he knows. They find him at his only friend's house, with a gun. They arrest Mickey (his friend) for the bank robbery and killing Nash. At the end Jenny goes to visit Gibbs in his empty basement (apart from his boat). He tells him that NCIS needs him, but she's worried that if something happens to him (like a 3rd coma), he might not survive. The next day as Ziva, Tony & McGee arrive for work they find that Gibbs is back at his desk and so are the rest of the team. Gibbs has shaved but now has a strange looking moustache.moreless
Mark Harmon

Mark Harmon

Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs

Michael Weatherly

Michael Weatherly

Special Agent Tony DiNozzo

Cote de Pablo

Cote de Pablo

Mossad Agent Ziva David

Pauley Perrette

Pauley Perrette

Forensics Specialist Abby Sciuto

Sean Murray (I)

Sean Murray (I)

Special Agent Tim McGee

Lauren Holly

Lauren Holly

Director Jenny Shepard

Hal Holbrook

Hal Holbrook

Mickey Stokes

Guest Star

Brandon Barash

Brandon Barash

Ex-P.O. Derrick Paulson

Guest Star

Courtney Gains

Courtney Gains

Gary Silverstin

Guest Star

Brian Dietzen

Brian Dietzen

Asst. M.E. Jimmy Palmer

Recurring Role

Joe Spano

Joe Spano

FBI Agent T.C. Fornell

Recurring Role

Stephanie Mello

Stephanie Mello

NCIS Tech Cynthia Sumner

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (11)

    • GOOF: At the end of the episode, Jenny tells Gibbs that he saved the former Petty Officer's life by exonerating him. However, since he escaped from federal prison, stole Tony's car, and pulled a gun on the agents, in "real life" he would still have to go back to prison for those crimes.

    • TRIVIA: We learn Ducky is getting a degree in Forensic Psychology.

    • TRIVIA: Fornell is divorced from Gibbs' second wife.

    • GOOF: In the begining of the episode, Fornell asks Gibbs for NCIS agents to protect his daughter. However, as an FBI agent, Fornell's daughter would be entitled to FBI protection, and wouldn't need NCIS's help.

      i am thinking Fornell will take as much help as he can get to protect his daughter. FBI, NCIS, Local LEO, Army with tanks. This is his daughter, in his mind the more the beter.

    • GOOF: Gibbs' mustache is a lot longer in the final scene than the rest of the episode.

    • TRIVIA: We learn that Gibbs and Jenny had been in Serbia together.

    • GOOF: When Gibbs is told that Jenny didn't put in his retirement papers, he immediately sails out of her office without getting back his credentials or weapon. Yet later when Abby hugs him, she presses up against his badge. But there was no time when he could have gotten it by then.

    • TRIVIA: When Gibbs, Tony and Ziva go to Paulson's hideout they are driving a Dodge Stratus. But in the next shot they are driving a Dodge Charger R/T. The shot of the Stratus is footage from previous seasons. Since season 3 they have been using the Dodge Charger R/T.

    • TRIVIA: Meals on Wheels was established in 1961 as a service that delivers meals to the elderly and/or disabled homes.

    • TRIVIA: Antiques Roadshow is a programme where the presenters and antique experts appraise objects brought in by the public. It first started in 1979 in UK and eventually crossed the "pond" to US in 1996. In the process of doing the appraisal, the experts teach how to spot a genuine antique and they give estimates of prices.

    • TRIVIA: Harriet Margulies, who is the audience liaison for both Donald P. Bellisario and NCIS, is seen playing Mickey's on-line date.

  • QUOTES (27)

    • Fornell: It's funny how things work out. When I was a kid, all I ever thought about was being an FBI Agent. Now, not a day goes by I don't think about being a kid.

    • (after Tony starts talking about The Fugitive)
      Ziva: What happened? We've been avoiding the word fugitive for two days.
      McGee: He made the connection himself.

    • McGee: Goon?
      Tony: Told you to stop hunching your shoulders.

    • Gibbs: (to McGee from Abby's Lab, picks up Caff-Pow) And gargle this before we all go snowblind!

    • McGee: (to Tony, about finding dates at a funeral) Well... you were right. When women are vulnerable... get right in there!

    • Jenny: (to Gibbs) When you're as good at something as you are; when you can make a difference like you can; you just don't quit.

    • (Gibbs is in the lab with Abby, he knows that Ziva, Tony and McGee are eavesdropping)
      Tony: Hey.. We were... We were just... Eavesdropping like little girls.

    • (Gibbs storms in Jenny's office)
      Jenny: Just as I was getting used to my door being treated as a door.

    • Gibbs: (to the team, after they look surprised to see that he's moved their stuff to their old desks) What?

    • Michelle: (about henna tattoo) My mother will kill me if she sees this.

    • Ziva: (looks confused) He volunteered to put meals on wheels?

    • Ziva: You know, you used to be a nice person, McGee. I think sitting at Tony's desk is affecting your personality.
      Tony: For the better! McGee picked up a girl all by himself.
      Ziva: Yeah, at a funeral!
      Tony: You didn't tell me that.

    • (Ziva gives McGee a questioning look after he rattles off the prices of several antiques)
      McGee: Antiques Roadshow.

    • Mickey: Uh... Agent Gibbs?
      Gibbs: Don't talk to me; I think he should shoot you.

    • Gibbs: I got this little girl who wants to go home to her dad, and that's not gonna happen without your help. So... please?
      Tony: Did Gibbs just say...?
      McGee: (stunned) Mm-hmm...

    • Abby: You must be Mickey.
      Mickey: I'll be whatever you want me to be.
      Gibbs: "Mickey" will do just fine.
      Mickey: (to Abby) I like your outfit.
      Abby: Thank you.
      Mickey: My dog has a collar like that.

    • Fornell: I imagine you'd rather be enjoying a nice drink at a cantina right about now.
      Gibbs: The thought had crossed my mind.
      Fornell: Mine, too.

    • Tony: He called his own tip hotline. I'm starting to like this guy.

    • Michelle: (referring to Gibbs) If you ask me, the agency's better off without him.
      Abby: (slams some evidence onto the table) I like you Michelle, so I'm just gonna pretend like you didn't say that. NCIS is lucky to have Gibbs back.
      Michelle: Except he's not staying.
      Abby: You do realize...
      Michelle: You can kill me without leaving any forensic evidence behind? Yep. You mentioned that.
      Abby: Good. Settled. Gibbs is staying. He has to.

    • Fornell: Well, I certainly wouldn't let him steal my car.
      Gibbs: I didn't. It was DiNozzo's car.

    • Tony: Okay, I've got an idea- maybe he lost his memory again and forgot he quit his job.
      McGee: Wouldn't he be sitting at his old desk, then?
      Ziva: If Gibbs wanted us to know what he was doing he would have told us.
      Tony: Oh right. Because he would never expect us to figure it out for ourselves!

    • Tony: Open up your mouth!
      McGee: No!
      Tony: Let me see the chiclets!
      McGee: No!
      Tony: Let me see 'em!
      McGee: No!
      Tony: Open your... Gibbs?

    • Tony: Agent Lee, why is Agent McGee mumbling?
      Michelle: He overbleached his teeth, sir. (McGee gives her a look; she shrugs.) Apparently he fell asleep while wearing his bleaching tray, sir.

    • Ziva: It's really not that bad, McGee. (About McGee overbleaching his teeth)
      McGee: For a spy, you're a horrible liar.

    • Gibbs: (To Fornell) First my wife, now my house?

    • Abby: You're back!
      Gibbs: I'm not back.
      Abby: Of course you are. I can feel your badge. That is your badge, right?

    • Tony: (To Gibbs) I have much to learn still, Master.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Featured Music: The song Abby plays to encourage Agent Lee and Mickey Stokes to dance is "I'm Too Sexy" by Right Said Fred; the song playing while Fornell and his daughter are at the makeover salon is "Perfect Day" by Hoku.

    • Original International Airdates:
      Denmark: October 24, 2006 on TV3
      Sweden: December 10, 2006 on TV3
      Australia: January 30, 2007 on TEN
      Belgium: February 25, 2007 on VT4
      Germany: March 11, 2007 on SAT 1
      The Netherlands: March 21, 2007 on Veronica
      United Kingdom: April 17, 2007 on FX UK
      Spain: June 14, 2007 on La Sexta
      New Zealand: July 24, 2007 on TV3
      Brazil: August 24, 2007 on AXN
      Italy: September 2, 2007 on RAI 2
      Finland: October 14, 2008 on Nelonen
      Slovakia: May 27, 2009 on Markiza
      Czech Republic: July 14, 2009 on TV Nova


    • Tony (To McGee): Let me see those Chiclets.

      Chiclets is a type of chewing gum.

    • Tony refers to the 1993 movie The Fugitive starring Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones, about an innocent man who is accused of murdering his wife, and escapes police custody to prove his innocence.

    • Mickey Stokes: The Great Oz finally give you a heart?

      Mickey refers to the 1900 L. Frank Baum story The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (and subsequent adaptions). In the story, a girl travels to a magical land and meets a Scarecrow who wants a brain, a Tin Woodsman who wants a heart, and a Cowardly Lion who wants courage.

    • One of the antique items that the team finds in Mickey's house is a first edition Huckleberry Finn, by Mark Twain. Hal Holbrook, who played Mickey, is best known for portraying Twain in a one-man show called Mark Twain Tonight.

    • Tony: (To McGee) You don't watch Friends, do you? Same thing happened to Ross. You could have learned from our Friend's mistake, but you chose to read instead!

      Tony mentions a Friends episode in which Ross made the same mistake, episode 6x08 "The One with Ross's Teeth."