Season 4 Episode 2


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 26, 2006 on CBS

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  • Far too soon for this episode to have been made.

    The episode itself is decent, for the most part, but my main problem is that it comes far too soon in the series to have any impact. We have Gibbs retiring at the end of Season 3, yet here in the first two episodes it's like he's been on extended break.

    We have this interesting plotline at the end of Season 3 where Tony is now in charge, but we never see that. We don't see how he commands his team out in the field (because Gibbs just has to be his old pushy, control-freak self and not let Tony do much of anything worthwhile), we don't get to see the origins of the Campfire, we don't see the new girl actually join up, none of that. I would've liked to have seen Tony get the spotlight on the show and let him do his thing, and then bring Gibbs back either mid-season or during the season finale. Instead, we have the writers pushing Tony back once again. I know there's the whole future subplot about Tony doing secret work and his new girlfriend and all, but it's still a step back from him being team leader.
  • Had to be the old guy

    The old guy was the only other new person introduced in the episode. So at the end, was Gibbs back or not? I had a hard time following what exactly happened after they caught the murderer. I hate Gibbs with facial hair. Mark Harmon is so good looking he doesn't need it.
  • Interesting to see Gibbs on the outside.

    I wondered where the photo of Jenny came from – Gibbs' stuff is all still in his house. Fornell actually getting upset and calling in a favour – that's a first.

    I love Jenny – she's still hoping Gibbs will come back, not filing his retirement and instead using his leave. Ducky is really angry at Gibbs.

    There's personality bleed-through since Gibbs' departure – Ziva snapping candid photos, McGee drinking Caf-Pows and picking up Tony's terrible woman

    Lee is not only annoying but obnoxious. She's not just an outsider, she can't keep her mouth shut.

    Now that's the smart way to hide $5m, invest in antiques and first editions.
  • Just terrific! Sensational!

    The second episode of Season Four is really exciting, and in my opinion, an improvement on the first one, which was still great!

    This episode was really interesting and it brought Special Agent Gibbs out of retirement to help crack an old case!

    I felt that the episode was truly great and rather unpredictable, as I didn't see the ending coming. It had some really interesting parts and a few funny moments.

    I really recommend this one for those interested in a great case, because that is exactly what this one contains! Terrific work by NCIS, and this episode I felt, was rather original and suspenseful!

    Please keep it up!
  • Gibbs comes back!

    This episode opens with the FBI man and his daughter in a beauty salon for kids. We then see a man turn up and they have a heated discussion and we learn that the man has just escaped from prison. He claims he is innocent and wants his case re-opened, and threatens his daughter Emily if it doesn't happen. We see Gibbs who is still retired, back at home in his basement. We see that Gibbs is packing of all of his stuff and is selling his house. Gibbs goes to see Jenny to tell her he wants in on the case. But Jenny point-blank tells him no. Jenny then informs us that she never filled his retirement papers, but he is actually on leave instead, and has only 6 days left until she has to fill his retirement papers. The team go to the only person who visited him while he was in prison. They enter the house and have a phone call from the escaped man. When Gibbs goes back outside they realise that he has stolen their car. After going through all of his files the team believe that he is after someone who testified against him, Nash. The escaped man phones his own tip hotline and the team trace the call back to the building where he murdered his two accomplices. When the NCIS and the FBI teams head there, they find a crime scene. The escape man sets up a crime scene, of what happened that night. In an attempt to find him, Gibbs brings in his only visitor. Gibbs spends the night at the FBI man's house as his house is being fumigated due to termites. They talk about the case and the Terbias FBI man admits that they screwed up. The team believe that he was framed. They manage to track him the address of Nash and head straight there. When they arrive they find that he is dead, and it looks as though he jumped from the building. During the autopsy Ducky discovers that he was beaten first and interrogated before his death. He was shot three times in the back before being pushed off of the building. Abby discovers the escaped man's prints on items within Nash's apartment. Gibbs goes to see Abby and she handcuffs them together, so he can't leave. The team learn that he isn't trying to clear his name, but find the money from the robbery at the bank. They discover that Tonys Dictaphone has been bugged after it was taken along with the car that is how he knows everyone that is happening. The team pull in the lawyer from the trial and Gibbs manages to crack him, and he tells them everything that he knows. They find him at his only friend's house, with a gun. They arrest Mickey (his friend) for the bank robbery and killing Nash. At the end Jenny goes to visit Gibbs in his empty basement (apart from his boat). He tells him that NCIS needs him, but she's worried that if something happens to him (like a 3rd coma), he might not survive. The next day as Ziva, Tony & McGee arrive for work they find that Gibbs is back at his desk and so are the rest of the team. Gibbs has shaved but now has a strange looking moustache.
  • Fornell and Gibbs set things right the second time around.

    A fugitive escapes prison and tracks down Fornell. It turns out he wants him to take another look into the case. Fornell brings Gibbs into the case as they were both responsible for putting him away in the first place. This episode shows both leader are human and can make mistakes.

    McGee picks up a woman at a funeral. He is becoming more and more like Tony, which I haven't decided is a bad or good thing.

    I like that we finally got to see Michelle loosen up in Abby's lab; even thouh, it was short lived. Gibbs really scares her. Her reaction was great when she ran into special agent Gibbs.
  • great episode

    Gibbs is forced to get himself reinstated at NCIS after he learns that FBI agent Fornell's daughter got to close to a convicted killer. Gibbs got his old job back, as he found out his retirement forms are still awaiting to be processed. Gibbs and his good ol team snap back to work. The convict got himself to find out clues about his case on his own. Gibbs and the ncis are somehow still not buying his claim of innocence. it's classic ncis, it's good to see gibbs back in action again. the writers surely came up with a good story to tell. it's really great.
  • good episode...

    Gibbs comes back to help Tobias track down an escape criminal. To catch the criminal, the team had to reopen his case. It turns out that the suspect was wrongfully accused and jailed. Interesting...I really liked the story in this episode. It was interesting to see the team clear a criminal when they were so sure that he was guilty at first. I liked having Gibbs back, and it's interesting to see his new personality, but I hope it doesn't stay like that. He's definately back for good, there's no doubt about that. Overall, good episode, good case, and good character development.
  • We learn a little more about Fornell

    I really like Fornells character, and am excited that they did another show that focuses a little more on him. I think that the campfire scenes were cool, but they coulda named it a little differently and it maybe would have gone off a little better. Im not sure yet if I like Agent Lee or not. She seems like a kind of know it all. I like the fact that they are getting someone from a law background, but shouldn't she have gone to JAG instead of NCIS? I really didn't like how Gibbs just threw everyones stuff back where it was. I mean I am glad he is back, but they could have done it a little differently. I know they were setting up for the next episode, but the look on Tony's face was just too much to handle *sniff*.
  • Loved this episode!:D

    I really liked the exchange between Fornell and Gibbs about his family. It was fun to watch them drink from the apple juice boxes.I thought it was interesting to see that Jenny kept Gibbs retirement package. Like Abby she was hoping he would return sooner rather than later.McGee's shiny white teeth were hilarious in that last scene, it was really a nice touch, along with poor agent Lee standing there holding all her stuff.
  • Hee! This eposide consits of Bleched teeth and Gibbs making his second return to NCIS headquarters to help catch Derek quite a fine eposide.

    Watching this on You Tube thanks to Channel Tes neglect to keep up to date with NCIS I had seen the first eposide for the season and went straight onto this one.

    I wasn't expecting this eposide to live up the first one but it did!

    From Tony wanting to see McGee's overbleached teeth to Gibbs returning to NCIS for a second time in a short amount of space.

    This eposide just got better from one fan to another LONG LIVE NCIS!

    Because this show is getting better and better as eposides go by and that's rare for a TV show to get better !
  • Gibbs is still not offical in action. Forced to come back or Gibbs is already to come back since last time save Ziva. The Guy is hard to catch, but Gibbs already catch the bad guy.

    Gibbs is doing a favor to Fornell, because need open an old case which he solved. This time is not to catch or looking the bad guy, instead, is to find turth about the reopen case. Tony is using Camp Meeting every time, too bad, this give all the information to the running guy. First time, someone monitor NCIS lab. Whatever, at end Gibbs is the only person find out showing how importan he is in the team.

    Lee can only watching cars, she is no longer in the team if Gibbs get back. Glad see Gibbs in NCIS action.
  • another cool ep

    Pivotal. why? Gibbs is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and how is this pivotal? the team will have a change of dynamics once again! lets see.. what exactly.. did i love?

    1)the flashbacks of Gibbs' daughter. those were so sweet, yet at the same time so sad, it was like we could feel Gibbs' pain at losing them! but i'm so glad for hiatus now, because if not for that i believe that they would have never had the oppotunity to dive so deep into Gibbs' past!

    2) Tony trying to fit in with Gibbs and Fornell.. that was so funny! 3) Gibbs shaved! not the mustache.. but at least his beard is gone! baby steps. 4)No shoes allowed!! Gibbs wiggling his toes was just priceless. :D

    and those are just the points that i remember at the moment!! another cool ep, love it.
  • Yay...Gibs is back for another case. But is he here to stay??

    I thought it was a mistake to send Gibbs off into retirement and maybe the writer realized that too, because they keep bringing Gibbs back for temporary missions.

    One thing is for sure, I don't care much for the beard. I liked it better when he was smoothed face and shaved his hair like a marine.

    This was a good episode, especially with Gibbs back. But now it was almost liking having to team leaders on the team, because at this point Tony was still the leader, but Gibbs was their former leader.

    *** SPOILER ***

    In the end I was glad to see Gibbs back and part of the team again!!
  • Am I the only one who thought sexual tension was running rampant in this episode?

    Call me whatever you want (over-imaginative and under-loved comes to mind) but it felt like Gibbs was feelin\' the tension with everyone in this episode. Abby, the director, heck even Fornell and Ducky were getting the dark, broody stare-down. I assume I\'m probably the only one feeling the Fornell/Ducky thing, but Abby\'s little photo alter is not only creepy, but kinky too. So is handcuffing herself to him. And the badge comment... and the lollipop thing too. Now that I think about it, Abby and Gibbs were all over this thing. And, if you swing that way, I think this very special episode provided plenty of fodder for us fan-fic addicts out there. I hate to admit it, but I frelling love this show. Always.
  • Good recovery after a poor first episode

    The wheels were put back on NCIS as episode two showed both the writing and acting talent that has made the show a must watch.

    Not sure if the new probie agent is a keeper, especially after seeing her dance to "I'm Too Sexy". I supose a new victim has to be introduced for the team to pick on now that McGee is developing into a real agent in his own right.

    At least Gibbs is back, but whatever about the beard the moustache has to go. He looks about 20 years older and as threatening as the perculiar uncle that every family has but no-one ever mentions.
  • Well, this was so good I hardly know where to start. Whoever wrote this episode, they aren't paying you enough. Everything worked: the interaction, the storyline, the drama, humour, the background, even Madame Director is doing all the right things.

    Tobias Furnell coaxes Gibbs out of retirement as an ex-Petty Officer escapes prison to protest he is innocent of the crime of which Furnell and Gibbs had him convicted. Anything with Agent Furnell is a good start. When you throw in Hal Holbrook and come up with a clever, witty and fast-paced episode like this one, I wish they could just keep this show forever because I can't get enough of it like this.
    I thought the blend of forensics and human drama was just right. The story kept me guessing right through, and I loved how the characters worked together, even Agent Lee is turning out to be funny and interesting. For the first time, the Director said and did what a Director should. Bravo. Took long enough, but let's hope it continues.
    My problem with the season so far is that I'm enjoying Gibbs in retirement far more than I thought I would, and the dynamics that this is bringing out with the rest of the team are much more fascinating than when he was boss. Not sure how they will resolve this. But it's certainly livened up the show.
  • Yay!! Gibbs!! :D

    I am glad Gibbs finally decided to come back!! I didn't want it to go through episode of him coming back to help then leaving, then coming back again, so I am happy! :D So an escaped convict comes to Fornell and threatens him to re-open his old case. The guy kind-of threatens Fornell's little girl. So Fornell has to go to Gibbs, Since they both put him away or something. The escapee takes Tony's car. He sets up the old scene in which he was accused and such.
    Good Episode!! Especially happy because Gibbs is officially back!! :D
  • Gibbs hopefully will have second thoughts!

    Frontier calls Gibbs as Gibbs is still in retirement as
    His daughter is being threatened by an ex-con who escaped
    From prison and Gibbs reluctantly helps. Abby really misses Gibbs as she was like playing with his badge. Very good show and that gives us hope and reason that Gibbs will come back and have second thoughts about retirement!
  • Gibbs is BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    An escaped convict poses as athreat to Fornell and his daughter until someone reopens his case...which leads Fornell to seek Gibbs' help causing him to be temporarily reinstated. It's amusing to watch everyone's reaction to this. Tony wants to be sure that he's still in charge and not only does he do things quite differently than Gibbs( the "campfires") but he also tries to be like him(when he listens in on people's conversations and then walks in providing the information that they were just discussing much in the fashion of Gibbs). Ducky feels somewhat betrayed by Gibbs' departure and Abby is so adorable in her version of the silent treatment and with Gibbs posted on all the computer monitors. McGee is comfortable in his newfound role as someone who's not a "probie" and the newbie, Michelle Lee, is given menial tasks such as watching the cars and she tries so hard to be profesional and seeks everyone's approval. Also, she's quick to assume that Gibbs doesn't like her. In the end, Gibbs realizes that NCIS is where he's supposed to be and so he returns as the leader of the bunch. All in all, this was a delightful episode...especially the part when McGee overwhitens his teeth(haha)!
  • Gibbs is called out of retirement to help Fornell hunt down an escaped convict who threatens his daugher.

    Across the board, an awesome episode!!! Kudos to the entire cast and crew for such an auspicious start to what is going to be a fantastic season! Funny, fresh, insightful and revealing. From Gibbs and Fornell sitting in Fornell's daughters bedroom to Abby wondering if that really was Gibbs' badge to Tony finally realizing he's missed out on two days of Fugitive riffs. And that final fade to black...with McGee's teeth. I nearly fell out of my Lazy-Boy! This one is staying on my Tivo until it's available on DVD so I can watch it again and again and again.
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