Season 10 Episode 1

Extreme Prejudice

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 25, 2012 on CBS

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  • Overhyped premiere didn't live up to hype!

    Another poorly written overly hyped premier that didn't live up to it's promise. Am I the only one tired of the lone wolf Gibbs goes after bad guy alone scenario?! Been there, done that too many times. I kept wondering how much longer the episode had, because it was just too boring and predictable. The only decent scenes were Tony and Ziva in the elevator and Ducky and Palmer at the hospital. The rest just stunk!
  • not the greatest

    AAfter waiting so long for teh season premiere was kind of disappointing. They left a lot of things out with some of the characters, like not mentioning Cole, definitely DID NOT like all the political comments thrown in. That stinks, don't need that kind of comments. Was always one of my favorite shows but that really took it down the ladder for me
  • Quite the weak opening

    wherein we learn that everyone is basically okay, and the show will continue for another season. Season 7's opener did an excellent job of reminding us why we love the team; this episode comes across as much whining despite all the trauma.

    Characters more interesting than Harper Dearing have been put on a bus (Samantha Ryan) or killed within minutes of arrival (FBI agent "Lorraine"). There is still little explanation why Dearing knows as much about the team (especially Gibbs' assassination) as he does, why he is griefing NCIS over his son's accidental death, or why he only stuck around long enough for a cliffhanger. A better-written Dearing could have proven to be a formidable and more persistent villain.

    "Power Down" showed us how the team dealt with constraints; by the time "Extreme Prejudice" is over, NCIS HQ is practically rebuilt, taking away another opportunity to show off the team's resourcefulness, and leaving only a possible set remodeling as the summary outcome. Fortunately, the whole team seems ready to tackle season 10.
  • Dissappointed-- OK, but some problems

    I'm disappointed with the episode, as I usually am with the recent multi-episode "arcs," two recent ones coping out with suicide-by-cop. This one ended, typically, abruptly, which is just as well. Practically the only thing I liked was Gibbs, alone, doubting that Dearing was dead, having Ducky make a "guest" examination, and then Gibbs stunning Fornell and the team with the announcement that Dearing is alive after all. (Of course, all of us in TV-land knew he was alive, what with the car exploding half-way through the episode.) I won't bother to comment on all the new loney personal problems of most of the team. The following criticisms are in chronological (not importance) order:

    Jonathan Cole. -- No mention at all of Jonathan ("for the fun of it") Cole (Scott Wolf), my favorite character from the finale, who heroically died trying to defuse Dearing's bomb. And didn't Cole save Gibbs' life by telling him to leave Cole alone with the bomb?

    Palmer and Ducky. -- When heart attack-patient Ducky comes to in the hospital, his first question to Palmer is concern about the casualties at the bombing. Wrong of Palmer to respond at first with something like "the focus in on you; we can talk later." Remarks like that should really traumatize Ducky. Only next did it come out that Palmer didn't know (as though Ducky would believe that coming after the earlier remarks). It reminds me of the way Tony (I think) was so slow in giving the worried father the good news that his daughter was OK, in the "Engaged" episode.

    Elevator. -- It didn't bother me that Ziva and Tony broke protocol and took the elevator in the emergency. Bad that Eli could call Ziva from Israel, but Ziva and Tony couldn't call out to ask about their rescue. And since the two of them are the most important members of Gibbs' team, you'd think that he would cell phone them to see how they were; instead he asks McGee where they are. To me the "Thighmaster" and other comments were tacky.

    Politics. -- Producer and writer Gary Glasberg sunk to a new low (if possible) with the strident pro-Democrat Party politicization of the episode. I can see the dunce bragging to anyone in Hollywood who would listen about how he helped sway the election. REPEATEDLY there were references to the "President's" great leadership, concern, direction and visitation of NCIS during the episode. Even the title Extreme Prejudice was there to juice up Obama's toughness. There has been a lot of criticism of Abby's childishness lately; I was really disgusted when she spoke longingly about being stuck in a elevator with "Amelia Earhart, Michelle Obama (who was never proud on the USA till her husband won a primary a few years ago) and Joan of Arc," all equals!

    Vance. -- Vance seriously blaming himself (re: car) repeatedly for the bombing was over the top. I could see one pro forma comment, but it went on for too long. And he was not at fault.

    Formal Titles. -- I might be off here, but it seemed to me unnatural for the Navy Secretary to formally refer to "Director Vance" and "Agent Gibbs" on his first meeting with them at the bomb site when the dust hardly had time to settle -- in the excitement of the moment.

    Cliches. -- A lot of bland sugary cliche-superlatives were thrown about. Referring to Ducky's condition, Vance said 'the old man is stronger than all of us combined." When Fornell asked, "What makes you think we can get him now" (after months of trying to catch up to him), Jarvis replied, "Because the order comes from the President." Fornell referred to the dead FBI agent who posed as a hooker, "one of the best we had." Dearing's sister-in-law referred to the dead brother as a "terrific doctor." Great writing Glasberg.

    Villain. -- Acting-wise I don't think Dearing was particularly menacing, interesting, scary, dynamic, etc. Though he was running rings around everyone, he looked just sad most of the time.

    Hooker ploy. -- No need to criticize the FBI-Hooker-Hotel ploy here; it's one thing (maybe the only thing) everyone agrees on. One comment I'd like to make is that Dearing must have been surprised when the FBI-hooker approached him. They went directly to the hotel. So, did Dearing always carries a time bomb with him? Another comment: supposing the guy just looked like Dearing. Pretty embarrassing for the FBI if they shot up an innocent man in his bathroom, along with some neighbors on the other side of the wall!

    Invading a house. -- One thing I noticed (and the same thing in many other NCIS episodes) is that when about a dozen FBI and NCIS agents (including Gibbs' crew) entered the building where Dearing's sister-in-law saw him last, they went in as a group -- SWAT-like, all at once, one after the other. I think it would have been smarter to have surrounded the place and have one or two agents enter to clear the place so that if there was a bomb or shooter there, all the agents wouldn't be downed together. And, remember, earlier Dearing set off two other explosions in the episode (hotel with FBI-girl; and auto with brother's body inside).

    Music. -- I get a headache from the constant loud, sonorous, self-congratulatory music made throughout the episode every time someone makes a word of wisdom or a development occurs. Typical of most NCIS episodes.

    Assumptions and killing Dearing. -- Too many times the story is advanced by Gibbs making unsubstantiated assumptions. There is no great reason to believe Dearing would be in his kid's first home, though the case was so important I suppose they could expend resources checking it out. And Gibbs had no good reason to think Dearing wanted to die (he faked his death after all) and that he had finished his killing crusade. ... ... Anyway, I could see Gibbs wanting to be alone to kill Dearing, but Gibbs should have gone to the childhood home with other agents surrounding the place. Being alone with Dearing, Gibbs could frame the murder as self-defense. ..,......As some other poster somewhere pointed out, it was convenient for everyone that Evan's old first home was unoccupied and available for Dearing! And it was nice of Dearing not to shoot Gibbs as he casually walked in (and dumb/lucky of Gibbs).
  • Could have been better

    I was quite disappointed with the season opener of NCIS. I've watched this show for years but somehow the storylines are not that interesting anymore.

    The twists and turns were quite obvious and not unexpected, from the bomb going off after the FBI closed in on Dearing to him faking his own death. There's still too little explanation behind Dearing's motives and how he knows so much about the team. And the ending with Gibbs confronting and stabbing him felt quite anti-climatic.

    At least the team moments and interactions were fine and I hope we get to see some more interesting storylines throughout the season.
  • Good Start - could had been better

    First things first: This wasn't a bad episode.

    I don't explain the episode, so I in my opion the "the team is ok"- part was a bit to fast. I mean in the last episode of the 9th Season we had a big explosion, a near dead Ducky and noone knew "are they alright". The Producer had could make more of it. I mean I thought "Shit" when I saw McGee(k) with the wound and then they say "by the way it was just some stiches"....and Ziva and Tony? what could they bring the characters ind desperation and to the limit in the elevator.....And the hunt of Harper Dearing? It was like "we had some good time but go away we need space so die fast".....

    But all in all a good one. To less investigation, too less drama. But okay an 8ter.

    In some shows this episode would be a 10 ;-)
  • Season 10 Ep 1 Extreme Prejudice Music

    Does anyone know the song playing when the undercover agent lures Dearing to her hotel room? She turns on the "boom box".
  • On Extreme Prejudice

    I thought it was a pretty good episode. I would probably write more on my blog.

    Here's an entry I made before watching the episode...

    I don't want it to sound like spam, but I wrote a full review on my blog.

    Anyway, what I liked about the final scene between Gibbs and Dearing was the coldness of it. I think this will carry some effect with Gibbs in the future.
  • Great show

    I thought it was a great show filled with lots of crime drama, i think the story should have continued a bit, it ended a little too soon. I guess the only thing i really didn;t like is tony saying did gibbs call ryan, i thought it did not need to be in the episode
  • The 10th Season Begins With The Team Starting Their Full-Scale Manhunt For Harper Dearing. NCIS And The FBI Partner Up To Find Him Before It's Too Late.

    WOW!!! This episode followed the best cliffhanger ending of the series and it mostly delivered but it doesn't mean it's without its flaws. It is good to see that the entire team is fine and nobody was killed. I got scared when it was revealed Tim was impaled by a piece of glass but he lives. I had some problems with Ducky's surviving. Yes, I'm glad he is not dead but it was stupid that we did not see how someone found him. The story of Harper Dearing was excellent and it's one of the most entertaining ideas that the writers gave us. The biggest problem was the final scene. Gibbs met Dearing alone but it was so anti-climatic when Gibbs just stabbed him. There were some other problems but the good acting and the very engaging storyline overcome those flaws. I hope next episode is better.
  • Great Beginning

    Extremely interesting episode concluding several episodes from last season. The simple deduction of Gibbs to find the crazy fanatic killer was brilliant and the appearance of our friend from the FBI was refreshing-it reminded me of several episodes in the past. I rate it 10 since there is no higher score
  • Worth the wait

    Great movie - Fantastic - Very tense, heartbreaking. Horrible waiting to see if all (of the main characters) survived and were ok or not. No, not perfect, But nothing is. But Well Worth WATCHING!


    Very tense when you know there is a bomb in the women's apartment - yet....

    AND worse when Gibbs goes after dearing....

    ------AND the KNIFE Gibbs had as Definitely NOT a cell phone - NOR did it look like one. -
  • I liked it!

    I thought the episide was good. I haven't been a huge fan of the whole Harper Dearing plot so I'm glad that is over. But still I think they could've used 2 episodes to finish it. It did feel a it rushed and we saw little of the effect the bombing had on the team. I guess we'll se more of that later. I'm glad they didn't let Tony and Ziva kiss. I've never been a fan of shows that let characters hook up and than spend to much time figting and making up.

    Love Palmer is a regular cast member. I hope we will see Jamie Lee Curtis and find out the story of her ex-husband. Thought she and Gibbs were good together. I like the writers put Gibbs with a strong woman his age. Looking forward to the rest of the season!
  • As incredible as it needed to be! (Potential spoilers ahead.)

    I've been dying to see the continuation of the epic Harper Dearing saga for months now, and this was a perfect and incredible conclusion.

    I really loved Dearing's plot to fake his own death. It was incredible, and it shifted the story two months forwrad.

    There was so much suspense and drama right throughout the episode, and the ending wasa great one!

    I would've been happier if this went on for a couple more episodes - simply because it was that good! But the conclusion was down right brilliant anyway!

    I truly hope that this is indicative of what is to come in Season 10! Here's hoping for an incredible season!
  • This Was Worth Waiting For

    Gibbs got Dearing good. I was so afraid they would drag the it out for weeks. I can go to bed happy now.