Season 10 Episode 1

Extreme Prejudice

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 25, 2012 on CBS

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  • Good Start - could had been better

    First things first: This wasn't a bad episode.

    I don't explain the episode, so I in my opion the "the team is ok"- part was a bit to fast. I mean in the last episode of the 9th Season we had a big explosion, a near dead Ducky and noone knew "are they alright". The Producer had could make more of it. I mean I thought "Shit" when I saw McGee(k) with the wound and then they say "by the way it was just some stiches"....and Ziva and Tony? what could they bring the characters ind desperation and to the limit in the elevator.....And the hunt of Harper Dearing? It was like "we had some good time but go away we need space so die fast".....

    But all in all a good one. To less investigation, too less drama. But okay an 8ter.

    In some shows this episode would be a 10 ;-)