Season 4 Episode 4

Faking It

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 10, 2006 on CBS

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  • Mike comes out of retirement to stop a Russian

    In this episode Gibbs becomes a probie when his boss returns to put a Russian behind bars who the NCIS team can't arrest.At the beginning it is really obvious that the Russian killed the victim but Mike comes back because he is frustrated that the NCIS team can't arrest him and he uses his own methods to catch him including knocking out Tony to get away from him after Tony was supposed to be watching him.This was a really good episode and Mike will likely be a character that will soon return later in the season.
  • A petty officer is killed

    A man is driving whilst on his cell phone and he is pulled over by police. They find a gun inside. Another car drives straight into the side of the police car. The find the driver dead and all money pouring out of his car, as they look inside they find a message written in blood "NCIS". His name is petty officer Jack Vale. The police believe that the man pulled over may have shot the petty officer. When his phone is checked the last dialled number by the petty officer was 911.
    Ziva tries he many languages on him and we learn that he is Russian. When Abby plays back the 911 call, they learn that the petty officer said that he was following a known terrorist. When Abby tracks down the real name f the Russian they learn that he is wanted by Homeland security. Gibbs rings Mickey (his old boss and friend from Mexico) and he comes back to NCIS to help the team. He is put into protective custody with Tony as his guard as a death threat has been made against him. They are moved to a safe house and Tony is hit from behind and Mike is gone. Ziva & McGee find the missing bullet, behind a dumpster in an ally. Gibbs offers the Russian a deal, and he takes it. The team go to the address they are given by him. The team learn were they have moved on to and discover the hotel room empty except for smoked cigarettes. We then see Frank in a bar meting someone. Frank then pulls a gun on him and just as he's about to shoot another shooter turns up as does Gibbs. Gibbs manages to save the day. But Frank still kills the mystery man. Frank tells Gibbs that there was no team taken Frank, it was only him acting alone. At the end Gibbs listens to the tape which Frank claimed to have as evidence. It's just a music tape. Gibbs listens to it and smiles.
  • A Russian spy who is working for Homeland Security is apprehended after a man who's been tracking him is shot and a bloody "NCIS" is scrawled into the passenger's seat...Also, Ziva knows if you've been naughty or nice...

    Overall, this episode...aside from the quality character interactions we all know and love...was lacking in a gripping storyline. I would have to say that my favourite parts were how Gibbs and his old boss interact...much in the same way as Gibbs and Tony...when Tony is supposed to keep an eye on Mike and keeps losing track of him is hilarious...Also, when Gibbs suspects Tony has gotten "cozy" with Madame Director is amusing. The bits where Ziva, Tony, and McGee quarrel about Ziva's ability to tell a liar apart from someone who's telling the truth are also funny...especially when Tony disses Ziva's bum! Also, Abby is adorable with her slightly longer hair and her kick ass boots!(She Rocks!!!) Aside from these "highlights", this episode could have used a more exciting/interesting plot.
  • Bring back Mike, old boss of Gibbs. Looking for Russin Spy which kill a Navy and catch very soon.

    This one is just ok.

    1) This should be divide to two part, there are too many thing need to be clear, such as about the old case Mike working at, what connect between dead Navy with Mike and the Homeland Secuity Guy.

    2) To easy to kill that Russin Spy in the Bar, only one Bodyguard.

    3) Escape the Abby test bullet part, maybe just cut this sense.

    THis one is really just Ok, if make it two parts, will much better. However, glad Gibbs is back and solved another old case, hope next time don\'t go back to Gibbs case again.
  • Decent, but nowhere near as good as the three previous episodes in this season.

    This episode was a pretty boring one in all honesty. I found it to be rather uninteresting for the most part, although it did have its moments. The episode was centred around a pretty dull storyline, in my opinion.

    It's not necessarily that the episode is bad, it just doesn't compare well against the other episodes so far this season, which is my major disappointment.

    I also felt that the episode wasn't too funny either, so that was another flaw, in my opinion.

    We do see a little character development, which I felt was nice, but overall, I wouldn't recommend this one at all. You'd be better off with the three that precede it, in my opinion!
  • Can't say I'm impressed with Gibbs right now, he let Franks off the hook.

    Gibbs has lost his edge – his interrogations are weak. It's amazing how Tony has reverted from super-team-leader to his usual obnoxious self. It's as if when Gibbs was gone, Tony had to perform at his best but gets lazy when Gibbs is there.

    Poor Anthony's head! Liked Tony's slip-up over Jenny's name, makes Gibbs wonder.

    Franks is back – never liked him, no matter how much Gibbs respects him. Arrogant, reckless, loose cannon – he's dangerous. He executed the guy, guilty or not, and Gibbs just let Franks walk. I have to say I'm disgusted, I thought Gibbs was better than that.

    That mustang is gorgeous!
  • Gibbs looks the other way.

    Ziva puts her detective skills to work as she proves to McGee and Tony that all men are liars. Tony decides to put her to the test by asking her some true and false questions. As soon as Tony wants to put Ziva to the test you know Tony's going down and Ziva will prevail.

    The plotline it self wasn't very memorable. Franks chases down the russian who got away when he worked for NCIS. Actually he kills him. I can't believe Gibbs lets Frank's get away with the crime. I'm starting to believe Gibbs picks and chooses whose bad and good. From Singled out we know he doesn't always come to the right conclusions. This makes his decision to help Franks out more than a little scary.
  • excellent episode

    A man caught by the police for speeding is pulled over. When the police officers discover that the man is hiding a concealed weapon they arrest him. A car crashes into the police car with a dead man behind the wheel. NCIS detains the man when they suspect that he is involved with the death of the driver. The interrogate the guy and they figure out that he is russian. This is an excellent episode. The writers came up with a story that's got something to do with spies and international criminals. It's a really exciting episode, I really enjoyed watching this one.
  • great episode...

    A dead man behind the wheel and a Russian lead NCIS to ask Mike for help because of his knowledge of operation sunburst. I really liked this episode because of the great dynamics between Gibbs and Mike; it is amazing. This episode really added to Mike's character and made me like his character more. There were many funny moments, like usual, which made the episode even better. So, basically, I love this episode because of Mike and his character dynamics with Gibbs. Again, the case was interesting, but mainly because it brought Mike into it. I loved the ending. It was halarious. Cantina music!
  • Great episode, "shocking" finale and great character developement

    I really loved this one .. but what really pissed me of was the fact that German tv cut out 2 minutes of the finale .. not showing franks shooting the guy and most of the conversation with gibbs afterwards .. they really tipped the whole episode with that reediting and took out most of the character development of franks and gibbs which really explains a lot in later episodes (ig iceman). Can't understand how they were allowed to do that ..
  • i ejoyed watch this episode thi is why they get this score

    This is why I rated another episode with a high score, because it is different to the other episode that has been on as in the beginning of episode they already have the suspect in custody and also the weapon so this made it a bit easy for the agents to do there work, as in other episode they have to find a suspect and evidence to lock them up. At the end of the episode that was funny. As for agent Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon) it seems that he could be back to the person he used to be.
  • Another solid episode!:D

    I enjoyed the interactions between Tony and Gibbs in this episode.And i loved that scene "ok, how cozy did you two get while I was gone?"The way MW delivered the line was great. MH's half smiling while asking the question gave a great air of part messing with Tony and part curiousity.

    It may just be me, but I do think Gibbs is extending him a bit more respect this season. Even in the prior episodes where Tony would apologize for giving out orders, Gibbs seemed to humor him and understand as he didn't ever looked angry at it, more entertained. There still seems to be some tension between Ducky and Gibbs ,although not as "in your face" as the last two episodes. I do hope we get to see an on-screen encounter regarding this rather than it just disappearing all of a sudden.
  • Good episode. Still not a full return to \'Normal NCIS\', but getting there. But it falls far from flat.

    It\'s good to see some of the old character coming back to Gibbs. But I\'d rather see a bit more of the case and less of his past. It\'s good background and interesting and builds a base for the character and everything, but one or two eppies every so often is enough. Three or four in a row is enough. Mike\'s a great character, and it\'s good that we see where Gibbs got some of his Gibbsisms, but *he knocked Tony out*! Not cool! And I hope to God he gets rid of that moustache soon... I want the old Gibbs back!
  • Yet again the banter & relationships between the main characters is fantastic!

    This episode just continues the trademark of NCIS, the funny, stupid, idiotic banter between the different characters. If I'm not enjoying the sniping back and forth between Ziva & Tony then I'm loving every minute of the wonderfully portrayed relationship between Gibbs & Tony. The "vomit search" had me laughing and cringing with disgust at the same time, I loved the scene where Gibbs is talking to Tony after he'd been hit on the head (especially the "crazy talk" line which just made me laugh out loud) and amongst all that we still get a more than decent plotline.

    NCIS is just what TV is about, a guaranteed 45 mins of pure enjoyment & escapism. Still hoping for a kick ass episode soon though - a real big storyline that'll define this season.
  • cool, but not the best episode.

    yep, you read right. the NCIS episode which didnt get an 'excellent' rating from me. why? i didnt think it was spectacular. it was good. yeah, sure.. but still not SPECTACULAR. thats why it just got a title of 'exciting' instead of excellent or 'exactly why i watch this series'. it was interesting, funny, at best, to watch Gibbs being called the Probie... could it be.. that the last episode was foreshadowing this one when Gibbs told McGee about his first partner still calling him Probie.. only to be followed by this episode where Gibbs was constantly being called 'Probie' by Mike? i certainly think so.

    but to me the funniest lines were by Tony... as it almost always is.. with the 'i do it once every week' line. Laundry.. thats what he was refering to. and also the 'Jenny?' part in the episode. good ep. average NCIS-wise, but brilliant if compared to CSI.

    ps.. who reads this anyway???
  • Cut-up corpses, blood galore, vomit, "good" guys getting away with murder . . . Who thought up this episode? The Marquis de Sade?

    In probably the grossest episode I've seen of NCIS, if not all of my nearly 50 years of watching TV, the display of blood and guts and other icky stuff was totally unnecessary to the story. The best horror stories and movies are those that do NOT show all the gore, but, instead, rely on the tale to scare the heck out of you (don't believe me? try reading Edgar Allen Poe, sometime! Or watch any Alfred Hitchcock flick, where you don't actually see any of the results of the physical brutality that he lead you to believe was there!)

    I watch NCIS for the repartee between the characters (which, IMHO, is getting really old at this point; how many times can you watch Gibbs slap DiNozzo around, or DeNuzzo demean "Pro-bee", or Abby being a ditz, and "Ducky" being this close to having a stroke or Alzheimer's?). I leave the blood and guts to the other shows that I tried to watch, but was disgusted by (again, if you can't tell the tale without the gore, then just show the gore, because it means you think the tale itself is worthless without it).

    As long as I'm ranting, I take great exception at the characters often seen eating and drinking in the mortuary and crime lab. Can you say, "Potential to contaminate evidence"? I know people who work in such places,
    and they tell me that it is absolutely forbidden to eat, drink, smoke, etc, in such venus! What you see on TV is just a cheap device to make the viewer squirm with nausea!
    And where was the smoke detector when Gibbs' friend - - an ex-NCIS agent - - was smoking in the lobby of NCIS? Or, for that matter, didn't any of these highly trained agents/detectives smell something burning?

    Anyway . . . Near the end, at a nearby Mexican restaurant, Gibbs' friend shoots an unarmed terrorist right in front of Gibbs, and gets away with it, with only a semi-stern look from Gibbs!!! Why didn't the other agents crash down the door when they heard the gunplay??? And, for that matter, how the heck did Gibbs get in without anyone else hearing him??? Wouldn't the terrorist have posted guards on both ends of the building??? I'm sure that writer/producer Donald Bellisario thought none of us would remember the same thing that "Magnum, P.I."'s lead character did; I wouldn't be surprised if he wrote that episode (which, BTW, was extremely well done . . . unlike this one!).

    In the last few moments of the show, we're back at NCIS, and Gibbs is about to play the cassette tape that his friend had given him after the restaurant shooting. We were led to believe throughout part of the show that the tape contained the long-ago, secretly recorded, conversations between the Russians and the then-undercover Petty Officer who was killed earlier in the show. The second Gibbs put it into the tape player, I knew what we were going to hear: Mexican cantina music. In other words, there was no such undercover recording, and it was just bait to get the bad guy. How predictable!

    Too many plot holes and too much contrived gore for me,
    much less for an otherwise decent series.
  • Ziva and Tim looking for a specific pile of vomit in an alley behind a bar?! Hilarious!

    What a great episode! It had everything I have come to expect from NCIS, drama, excitement and humor. I wonder if Ziva realized she was teaching Tony how to be a better liar when she told him what he was doing wrong? My favorite part was when Gibbs sent Tim and Ziva out to find the pile of puke with the bullet in it after Ducky realized what must have happened to it. The scene when Tim was wiping off vomit that he accidentally splashed on himself and a drunk came out of the bar next door to place a new pile of vomit was a classic! Especially when Ziva says "It's going to be a long day." I was LMAO.
    One episode of NCIS a week is not enough for me.
  • That’s your problem Probe, I’ve got my guy

    Russian man in a car ( I recognized one word that I thought was Polish, but hey, close enough), notices the police behind him, makes a quick phone call and pulls over.
    The cop notices his gun when he bends to the side to get his license out of the glove compartment. Gun! And then another car crashes into them, with a “shot to death” man ( do the math) and a bag of money inside, and NCIS written in blood on the passenger chair.
    Ziva claims all men are liars, Tony wants to prove her wrong, resulting in Ziva’s smug : Three strikes, you’re out. They get called to the scene, where a hopeful McGee says : Maybe this one will be easy. As if any case ever is. They take the man in the first car over to NCIS for questioning but he’s not speaking. Ziva, how many languages do you speak ?
    I’ve heard her speak pretty accentless German before, her French sounds OK as well.
    Turns out he is Russian. The man who was shot called 911 right before – saying he was following a known terrorist called Nicolai Puchenko ( hey, is that a name used in Alias as well ?? ).
    Abby counted the money - $73,65 in pennies. And Ducky has a lot of trouble finding the bullet. It’s not showing up on any of the X-rays. Tony is trying to find someone who knows what operation Sunburst is about, turns out the CIA pulled the case file. Gibbs calls his old boss Mike Franks who gives him some info on Puchenko, and Arkady Kobach. They meet in Gibbs basement, where he is working on boat #4, not at all surprised Franks came over.
    Roy Carver from homeland security tries to get Puchenko out of NCIS’s custody, says NP is working for them, giving them information. Franks knows that when they let Puchenko go they’ll never see him again, so he gives Jenny a reason to keep him in their custody. He says he made a copy of the Sunburst file. Tony gets to watch Franks and take him to a safe house.
    Thanks to Abby ( poor, Ducky, you messed up your evidence??) Ducky knows what happened to the bullet. It got lodged in his stomach and he must have projectile vomited it out along with his durum ( kind of wheat) pasta. Ziva and McGee: go fetch !
    Gibbs looks up info on Carver online, then goes see Jenny. The CIA has a shopping list and Carver is the buyer, take him off the ‘need to know’ list. He calls Tony to warn him but it’s too late and Tony gets knocked in the head and goes out. Pretty quickly has regained consciousness and with a slight headache can talk to Gibbs, who notices Tony calling Jenny by her first name. Oops. Meanwhile McGee and Ziva finally find the right puddle of puke and fish out the bullet.
    Franks is still missing, Jenny warns Gibbs he has about one hour before all hell breaks loose. “I hope you know Franks as well as you think you do.”
    Well, Franks at that time is calling Marty Allen to make a deal with his client Kobach. The tape that can put them behind bars for money to live a nice life in Mexico with a waitress called Camilla Charo and $500.000.
    Which of course is a huge set-up, thanks to Gibbs the Russians don’t kill Franks ( maybe I am half a second slower ), but despite Kobacz dropping his gun Franks kills him.
    Gibbs knows : “There was no leak, was there ?” Franks : “That’s your problem Probe, I’ve got my guy. Is DeNozo OK?” He hands Gibbs the tape when he asks for it – there I Mexican music on it .

    Nice episode. I liked the story on Franks, and Ziva/McGee/Tony had some funny moments. Ducky and Abby great as ever as well.
  • Well made episode with a heavy dose of Tony-bashing.

    I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who noticed, but this episode seemed to have a lot of Tony-bashing in it. First, Ziva constantly being better than him. Second, Gibbs joining in on that bit of fun from time to time. Third, Mike Franks slipping away continuously, probably making a fool out of Tony. By the end of this episode, I really wanted to give Tony a HUGE hug. Though, I have to say when he was complementing the director after being knocked unconscious, was pretty funny.

    I'm glad they were able to get that Russian guy, Nikolai Puchenko. lol, In the last scene befor the episode ended, I loved Gibbs' expression when he plays Franks' tape and finds music on it instead. ^^
  • Great show once again!

    Gibbs old boss and mentor is brought back from Mexico
    As a Navy man is murdered in his car with the words NCIS
    Back on the car with his blood. As the boss tries to help out Gibbs and is being guarded by Tony. We learn that Ziva speaks six languages. She really has grown on me since Kate is gone.
  • A navy man is found murdered and a Russian spy is apprehended. It all brings Gibbs' boss back from Mexico!

    This was a very good episode. It had several twists I didn't expect...well I did think a couple were coming.

    When they discover that a Russian spy they are holding was wanted for arms running, then Gibbs wants the file. However, it has "disappeared" because the CIA wanted to learn the workings of the Russian arms trade. This means that the only surviving witness to the crime was Mike Franks, Gibbs' old boss. He is being guarded by Tony when someone knocks him over the head. Franks then calls the other Russian arms dealer and offers to sell him the evidence for $500,000. When he arrives at the Cantina to pick up the evidence, Franks aims a gun at him. That is when another big guy comes in with a shotgun...who is killed by Gibbs when he enters looking for Franks. Franks then kills the arms dealer because if he had gone to trial, he would have gotten off with a stupid deal and the world would be no safer than before.

    One of the twists I didn't expect was that Ducky couldn't find the bullet. There was no exit wound, so the bullet had to be in the body somewhere....but it wasn't. I had no clue that was coming. The second twist I didn't expect was that Franks would offer to sell the evidence. It appeared that he was betraying his country, but he was really setting himself up as bait. In the end, and this I did expect, the tape with the "evidence" turned out to be Mexican music that Franks had.

    This was a great episode that I really enjoyed. I think that it is one of the best ones this season.
  • Excellent episode, but I have Tony issues....

    I really loved this episode and it's nice to have Gibbs back in full swing. I loved when he checked Tony's eye right before Director Shepard called, and Tony's "Jenny" slip was classic.

    However, my Tony issue....It seems like since Ziva joined the team she always wins. She always has the upper hand over Tony. When Kate was there, sometimes Tony got the best of her and sometimes she got the best of him. Remember their 'marriage counseling' sessions with Ducky? I like Ziva, but I miss that give and take. Ziva always being right, faster, and better sometimes makes Tony seem stupid or incompetent. And there is no way Gibbs would have someone like that on his team.
  • A man is found shot dead in his car and in blood is written NCIS

    A man is found shot dead in his car and in blood is written NCIS. Before the police stopped a man and found that he had a gun. They checked and it had been shot recently. But the only problem is, Ducky cannot find the bullet in the victim,and there was no exit wound. This was a good episode! It was twisty! I was confused for a while!