Season 4 Episode 4

Faking It

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 10, 2006 on CBS

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  • A petty officer is killed

    A man is driving whilst on his cell phone and he is pulled over by police. They find a gun inside. Another car drives straight into the side of the police car. The find the driver dead and all money pouring out of his car, as they look inside they find a message written in blood "NCIS". His name is petty officer Jack Vale. The police believe that the man pulled over may have shot the petty officer. When his phone is checked the last dialled number by the petty officer was 911.
    Ziva tries he many languages on him and we learn that he is Russian. When Abby plays back the 911 call, they learn that the petty officer said that he was following a known terrorist. When Abby tracks down the real name f the Russian they learn that he is wanted by Homeland security. Gibbs rings Mickey (his old boss and friend from Mexico) and he comes back to NCIS to help the team. He is put into protective custody with Tony as his guard as a death threat has been made against him. They are moved to a safe house and Tony is hit from behind and Mike is gone. Ziva & McGee find the missing bullet, behind a dumpster in an ally. Gibbs offers the Russian a deal, and he takes it. The team go to the address they are given by him. The team learn were they have moved on to and discover the hotel room empty except for smoked cigarettes. We then see Frank in a bar meting someone. Frank then pulls a gun on him and just as he's about to shoot another shooter turns up as does Gibbs. Gibbs manages to save the day. But Frank still kills the mystery man. Frank tells Gibbs that there was no team taken Frank, it was only him acting alone. At the end Gibbs listens to the tape which Frank claimed to have as evidence. It's just a music tape. Gibbs listens to it and smiles.
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